Dream about Children

Dream about Children (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

During our adulthood we tend to remember childhood moments with nostalgia and melancholy. Sometimes we come to want to go back in time since it is necessary for us to relive those sweet and special moments of the past. We even come to think of wanting to take the attitudes of childhood, regardless of the fact that we are already adults. This can lead to dreaming about children on a regular basis. All this is related, although it seems difficult to believe. Dreaming of children is not a bad thing, however, depending on the context, we may have different interpretations.

In most cases, the symbology of children is closely related to innocence or the feeling of happiness. Sometimes children also represent love, as well as other types of positive feelings.

Although dreaming about children almost always has a positive connotation, this is not applicable for all dreams since, depending on the context, the meaning of dreaming about children can be completely different. For example: the child is alone during sleep; is dirty or clean; He is blond or brown, smiles full of happiness or has an angry and displeased face or is dead or alive, these are totally different situations that retain their own meaning, so they make each dream have a completely different interpretation.

In short, we already have the knowledge that dreams with children are associated with innocence and happiness, but by taking them to a dream psychoanalysis, this will be in charge of giving the correct interpretation to the different meanings of dreams with children. Some of these meanings can reveal the suffering of fatigue or stress, along with the need to take a rest that cannot be postponed.

Dreaming of children is not necessarily related to motherhood or fatherhood, on the contrary, it corresponds to the meaning that the person gives to the sense of responsibility .

When having children it is common to worry about their well-being, therefore interpreting dreams with children in general is usually related to dangers that the person faces or with the need for protection as a duty against possible threats to their children.

Since it is normal to be anxious about children, the interpretation of this dream will be more related to the symbols that appear around them, that is, the context in which the children are in the dream.

It may then happen that this dream arises when family anguishes are haunting the subconscious, therefore the affective is causing fears that are reflected in dreams in which the figure of the children appears.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Children?

In principle, the meaning of dreaming about children is attached to the purity of the soul, innocence and constant smile. Something easy to understand since children live in an almost permanent state of happiness that infects everyone who comes close to them. When analyzed from the dream point of view, it reveals that dreaming of children It is indicative of an increase in stress in our daily routine, so our subconscious sets off an alert for us to take a break, taking situations more calmly, just like children do, who take advantage of every moment to make it unique. And certainly, the experts in dream interpretation do not fail in their predictions since, if we analyze it, children live without caring the way adults do. He likes to do his activities and share with his friends; they rarely feel sorry for what they do and are happy with a toy.

Similarly, there is the possibility that we dream of our childhood selves. Through our veins the nostalgia of that child we were at five years old ends up, wanting to return to this stage so tender and free of problems. It is a simple memory with which the subconscious makes us see that we are in the moment of our life to pursue our dreams and enjoy them as we did when we were children. This is just a general interpretation of what it means to dream of children. If we want to know in greater depth what is the meaning of dreaming about children, it is necessary to take into account a series of details that usually appear in the dream, meditate about the situation in which we find ourselves and everything that we have visualized during the dream. In this way we will achieve a correct interpretation.

What does it mean to dream of children

When you have children it is common to fear that they are in danger, therefore dreams about them are related to the fear that something bad will happen to them. If you do not have children and you dream of having them, this is a harbinger of future family disputes.

In a broad context, the dream interpretation where the representation of the child arises, concerns responsibility, obligation, projects, fears, protection, in short, commitments .

Dream of small children

Dream of small children

Dreaming of young children can be understood as the beginning of a new time full of changes for your life, depending on how young children are, a better interpretation can be achieved. But regardless of the details, all the meanings of this dream are positive. It can also indicate that it is time to mature and take the path of family independence in order to achieve success.

  • Small children in dreams can be interpreted as pride, as the presumption of having them and feeling vanity for it.
  • This dream can herald changes and new plans, joys and happiness in the very near future.
  • When it comes to baby children, it denotes innocence and the announcement of new joys in the family environment.

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Dreams of dead children

It is very likely that this dream instills some fear in us, but you should know that the meaning of dreaming of dead children varies according to the type of death: accident, malnutrition, among others. In general terms, this indicates that our project is hanging by a thread because of third parties or due to an unjustifiable error of our partner. It can also mean that our protective personality is making us live a trick and we need to protect our children at all times.

Dreams of dead children

Dreaming that a child dies is a sign of the death of a loved one. If the deceased son is a man, there is an unconscious interest in protecting someone, while if a daughter dies, it is a question of the need to give him some freedom . A dead fetus is the harbinger of job and family instability, even social.

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Dream of children playing

There is nothing wrong with dreaming of children playing, especially since children are happy while they play, which is why this type of dream symbolizes happiness. If a child laughs and is amused, then he is a happy child. This indicates that we are comfortable with our work, our romantic relationship and with our family. It is time to enjoy the moment since we are in a very sweet stage of our life. Dreaming of children playing is the best indication that we are living a great moment of happiness.

Dreams of many children

Dreaming of many children that are around us is a sign of many good things. One of them is that we may be close to receiving pleasant news regarding the economic or emotional field. Dreaming of many children who are studying is indicative of good news regarding our work environment. This is a clear message that denotes the arrival of a possible promotion or a well-deserved increase in salary, with which we can have a better life full of greater tranquility and prosperity.

Dream of unfamiliar children

When we have a dream about unknown children, this is a sign that we are hiding a very important part of our personality, preventing us from showing ourselves as we are. Dreaming of unknown children can also be indirectly interpreted as a lesson from our subconscious so that we take it into account and apply it to our lives.

Dreams of newborn children

Dreams of newborn children

A newborn baby is a vulnerable being that must protect itself from many things, so dreaming of newborn children indicates that we are vulnerable and that they see us as weak people. We feel without shelter and discover in front of people, fearing that others will realize how we are.

Dreams of my partner’s children

It means that an incident will fill the environment with happiness.

If that son is a worker, there may be bad intentions in the relationship, while if it is the daughter of the couple, there is room for mistrust and fear for a person close to her.

In general, a dream with the couple’s children can be related to interdictions, insecurity in the relationship, deceptions, lies and complex situations where intuition and intelligence must prevail to get out of them.

Dreaming of children without having them

Dreaming of children without having them

It is usually the omen of a near future with favorable situations in the company of loved ones.

Although children will always be a source of anguish and fears, dreaming of children when they do not have one means the arrival of new plans , new and favorable proposals.

Some interpret this dream as the desire to go back to childhood and to get away from the responsibilities assumed as adults.

Dream of having children

This dream is the premonition that something very important is going to happen, or that you simply want to have a child.

Sometimes this dream is the reflection of the intuition that a close woman is pregnant.

Children are important to every mother and father, therefore dreaming of having children can be interpreted as the need for changes in the course of one’s life, as the desire for new plans that lead to positive achievements.

Dream that you have children

Having a baby boy is interpreted as a lack of courage to show true feelings. This dream is related to naive and pure emotions.

While dreaming of having a girl, it is explained as the need for protection or sponsorship to undertake a project that will bring professional success and personal satisfaction.

The dreams of having children are then related to stagnant projects that must be retaken and rethought to achieve them.

Dreams of someone else’s children

Dreams of someone else's children

A dream with children or children of other people is interpreted as the memory of immature actions in the past and from which they arise

Dream of not being able to have children

It is a dream related to the feeling of hopelessness and frustration , it is about the restlessness that the subconscious processes and reflects through the dream, motivated by the difficulty not precisely of conceiving but of completing projects that have been left halfway.

It is a dream that in addition to frustration shows the need for a change in focus from negativity to optimism, while requiring greater effort, perseverance perhaps due to low esteem with fear of lack of recognition of achievement.

Dreams of twin children

It is a dream that can be interpreted in various contexts. If the twin children laugh, it is about future positive events accompanied by tranquility and inner peace, while, if the twins cry, the subconscious demands gratitude to others for their help.

Dreaming of sick children

The common interpretation of this dream is the premonition of compromising problems or circumstances, either in work or family life. On the other hand, it can be a reflection of a bad attitude that the child is assuming.

Dreams of adopted children

Dreams of adopted children

Dreaming of adoption denotes the interest in evading a reality that bothers us, adoption is the change of identity and lifestyle, so that adopting children is assuming a new role, a new responsibility, substituting another person in their work or commitments. .

Dreaming of children in danger

Heralds great losses, this dream is a bad omen, it can be related to illness , death or accidents. When the son is rescued in the dream, this is interpreted as overcoming illness or adversity.

Dream of lost children

It is a very common dream in people who feel a very heavy load of responsibilities and obligations or commitments, be it work, student or family In this dream, the subconscious reflects a doubt or lack of confidence in itself to fully comply with the acquired duties.

Other meanings of dreams with children

The interpretation of dreaming of children, many may believe that it is the desire for fatherhood or motherhood, while others come to pretend that the biological clock is announcing the need to form a family.

However, in general, it is more a dream related to the own concept of assuming responsibilities , which may not necessarily be about those family commitments to protect loved ones, but to oneself and in the work or student field.

There are endless contexts in which you could dream of children. In common this dream is related to concern, commitment, and duty.

A child is always linked to a personal project , to the fruit of an effort, therefore the general interpretation will always be focused around the child symbol, related to the sacrifice and protection of a father or mother for their creation , this being a relationship of couple, family, work.

  • When you dream that you are separated from your children by long roads or long distances, it is related to an evident fear of separating from them .
  • On the other hand, respectful children in dreams reflect their satisfaction, their pride , the feeling that they have met all the expectations placed on them.
  • To dream that you are the only child or the eldest child, means that a goal will be reached, something that has been expected for a long time at work will be achieved.
  • Illegitimate children in dreams are the harbinger of family conflicts .
  • While being surrounded by several children has been interpreted as the arrival of new job proposals , even family or partner commitments.
  • Seeing yourself as a child during childhood shows the need for rest , for a time without worries and obligations that are perhaps suffocating. It is wanting to feel again the tranquility of childhood, without major conflicts.
  • Dreaming of a group of children who smile, who celebrate is related to the arrival of a period of happiness, These children can be relatives, nephews, grandchildren, or children of friends who share joy and in a dream show a near future of happiness .

Dreams must then be understood as messages, their interpretation is an exciting topic for many that has been studied in various fields such as astrology, psychology and sociology.

The dream interpretation is then a mysterious world in which every morning upon waking many want to enter to interpret what their subconscious is warning or advising them.

Basically interpreting a dream, it is about giving meaning to the language of symbols whose definition depends on the cultures or the own interpretations that are given to objects, attitudes or even characters.

So children are, in most cases, a projection of oneself, a personal achievement, a fruit, a creation of their own that is generally accompanied by pride , satisfaction, projects and responsibilities.

Under different contexts, dreaming of children then shows plans, shows commitments, shows burdens, shows plans.

In a global way, the set of images where it is observed to be a father or mother of an existing child or not, generates an impact, since it is the message that the subconscious sends, without hiding from the conscious a reality that it evades, a responsibility to the which is seen as a personal challenge.

By deciphering the context in which that son or daughter is found, it will then be understood that the world of the unconscious wants to advise, warn or reveal.

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