Dream Of Kissing

Dream of Kissing (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Ever woken up from a dream feeling either elated or disturbed because you kissed someone in it? Well, you’re not alone. Kissing dreams are common, but deciphering them can feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube with your eyes closed. Whether it’s a forbidden smooch with a celebrity or a comforting peck from a loved one, each kiss carries its own set of symbols and meanings.

Dreams about kissing can range from signs of affection to indicators of betrayal or desire for approval. They might reflect our innermost desires for intimacy or our fears of vulnerability. Sometimes, they’re just a replay of our daily interactions, but with a twist that only our subconscious could concoct.

In this exploration of kissing dreams, we’ll dive into the myriad interpretations these dreams can hold. From the innocent kiss on the forehead to the more charged kiss with a stranger, each scenario reveals a piece of our emotional puzzle. Are you ready to unlock the secrets of your kissing dreams? Let’s get started, and remember, the answer might just be on the tip of your… lips.

Dreams where someone is kissed are very common, especially in young people. The interpretation of dreaming about kissing can be very varied, whether the person is in adulthood or not, since in that case, the meaning of the dream can take another direction.

Like kisses, dream visions with kissing often leave traces on people. These are difficult moments to forget . However, everything will depend on the situation in which the dreamer is, since these dreams can be very pleasant, but if the person is going through bad times, they can turn into nightmares , the worst in fact! So much so that they can disturb the dreamer for a long time.

Dreaming of kissing can become an experience both positive and exciting, and both negative and disturbing. Faced with this type of dream, in addition to analyzing the context of it, it is important to take into account who is kissing in it.

Do not feel ashamed if you have these types of dreams, and much less if you enjoy them, since, your subconscious only tries to tell you that you need someone by your side, or on the contrary, you are going through a moment of unpleasant sentimentality and you have to get out of it as soon as possible.

Life has no reason to be without love. Human beings are tied to a society that encourages relationships as a couple or in a group. As a consequence, it makes the kiss play a representative role in human relationships .

Whether it is a kiss or kisses, they can be taken as a demonstration of genuine love , an act that connects and deepens between the one who gives it and the one who receives it. No matter the nature of the kiss: friendly, affectionate or passionate, kisses leave marks on the skin they touch. That is why we do not give a kiss to just anyone, as this is an act of an intimate nature, but being a show of natural affection, it is common for our subconscious to lead us to dream of a kiss . From dreaming that you kiss , that they kiss you, on the cheek, hand or mouth. It is a dreamlike experience that can take your breath away, or upset you.

However, the meaning of dreaming about a kiss can vary between positive, negative, exciting or as a sign of a latent problem. This interpretation will tend to vary depending on the person you kiss in the dream. Another very important element to find a correct interpretation is the sentimental situation in which you find yourself.

You may be in love, excited, you find yourself experiencing a lack of love or lack of love, you will always be in need of kisses. Dreaming of passionate kisses is, in general, an erotic dream of those that you enjoy as if you were really kissing that person.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Kissing?

These dreams can be interpreted as alerts to an early disappointment in love. Although they may not have any meaning if the dreamer is interested in another person, and his interest is so great that he does not stop thinking about her, and only wants to always keep her in mind.

No person escapes from these types of dreams, although it is about sex, women are more likely to experience them. Dreams with kisses are synonymous with restlessness, desire and temptation. However, this may vary, if the dreamer has dream experiences where he kisses a friend, an unknown person, a woman, a famous person, or a dead person.

Depending on the situation you find yourself in, the meaning of dreaming about a kiss can be exciting or problematic, it all depends on who you are kissing. As we have said before, the sentimental situation in which you find yourself is a determining factor to find an accurate interpretation of your dream . If you dream that your partner is passionately kissing with another person , it means that your subconscious is alerting you to a possible future sentimental disappointment. On the other hand, dreaming of kissing that person that you like so much is a sign that you want that event to come true.

Almost always, dreaming of a kiss is more common in women than in men, as is also common in adolescents because at this stage the hormonal disorder leads you to need to explore new experiences and sensations in love. The dreams kisses on the mouth , neck, with strangers, depending on the context are synonymous with temptation. On the other hand, kisses on the hand are a sign of betrayal and a kiss on the forehead is an indication of a future indiscretion. Dreaming of wanting to kiss is a sign that you want to solve a misunderstanding with that person.

Dreaming of kissing a friend

This type of dream is very rewarding , don’t mistake it for some kind of attraction! Actually, it tries to tell you that, with closed eyes, you can trust that person who was present in your dream.

Dreaming of kissing a friend gives you the certainty that the people around you will not betray you, you can place all your trust in them, since they will always be present to support you in everything you need.

Don’t worry if the dream repeats itself over and over again, as this is a good sign . Faced with the dream of kissing a friend, you can be sure that the new friendship you start with that person will bring great success to both of you.

The meaning of this dream is the opposite of the previous one, since in this case the woman who is kissed is within the social circle of the dreamer, which can be interpreted as good luck.

Regardless of the sex of the person, if during the dream she kisses a friend, the bonds of friendship between those people will be strengthened. You can deal with problems together. Although, on the other hand, this type of dream may try to warn you that new changes are approaching in your life.

But do not worry! Only good things will knock on your door and you should be prepared. If you have conflicts with some friends, it is time to resolve them, leave the past behind, and if they decide, start a new stage of friendship, this without allowing others to interfere.

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Dream of kissing someone

Dreams where you kiss someone can vary their meaning if the kiss is passionate, or if that person is not your partner. If the kiss is passionate, you can be calm as this will indicate that good times will approach your relationship.

Now, if you are single, it means that someone will come into your life and you will enjoy their company. But if that person you kiss in the dream is not your partner, and you are currently in a relationship, both of you must be strong.

Difficult times are approaching that you will have to face together if you want to move forward. Avoid putting problems aside, and solve them, since they could move away, so much so that, it is very likely the presence of a third party in the relationship.

Dreaming of kissing a woman

Dreams where you kiss a woman who is not within your social circle, are a bad omen. These dreams occur when the dreamer is about to face unpleasant situations.

These situations can originate either at work or in the sentimental field. Dreaming of kissing a woman, and if in this case the dreamer is also a woman, the meaning is further aggravated.

Dreaming of kissing a woman only represents the negative side of things. The time of bad luck for the dreamer has arrived, and he must be very careful in every step he takes so as not to be harmed.

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Dreaming of kissing a man

This type of dream is one of the most pleasant. If you dream of kissing a man, good news is coming , very good actually! If you have a job, you will be promoted for sure.

If you are in a relationship, things will go better than ever, so much so that you can take the next step. There will be no problems, and they will be happy not only sentimentally but also financially.

Now, if you find yourself unemployed, and you have these kinds of dreams, an offer will come to you. You will feel happy for the reins that your life has taken. It is time to launch that project that you want to achieve so much. If you dream of kissing a man, do not refuse to change, I assure you that the results will be to your complete satisfaction.

Dream of kissing a stranger

This dream can be interpreted as the dissatisfaction felt by the dreamer. There are things that stun you and do not allow you to fall asleep and no matter how hard you try, you cannot solve the problem. Although dreaming of kissing a stranger can be a sign of betrayal, especially if the dreamer is in a relationship. It is important to clarify that betrayal can not only originate in the sentimental sphere but also in the work environment.

You are about to do something that you should not, and even if you know the consequences, you plan to move on, regardless of the people who are injured. You must change your attitude, since the situation can get out of control and the only one harmed could be only you. With this type of dream you must be careful, since your honesty is at stake.

Dreaming of making out with your ex

Dreaming of making out with your ex

This dream is one of the simplest to interpret, if you dream of kissing your ex, although this intrigues you a bit, you must accept that you miss that person , that deep down you want to return with him / her, and it is very difficult for you, accept it.

If you are in a relationship and dream that you kiss your ex, you should put your feelings in order, the idea of ​​being with the other person is still present, and the doubt of continuing or not with the current relationship could generate many problems. Although if you feel that, in reality, that person does not cause anything in you, it is the best time to focus on the person who is next to you.

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Dream of kissing another woman

The dreams where another woman is kissed, we already know that they are a bad omen.  But if in the dream you notice that the one who kisses another woman is your partner, this only shows how insecure you are.

If you do not have someone by your side, this type of dream is synonymous with bad luck, but if you are in a relationship, this is the sign you need to trust your partner more, prevent your jealousy from ruining your relationship. Stop looking for problems where there really aren’t.

Dream of kissing on the mouth

If in the dream you are the one who kisses another person on the mouth, it means that good news is approaching, and the best of all is that, trust with that person will grow, of course this will depend on the relationship that both have.

Although, if you dream of kissing on the mouth a person who has moved away from you, it is time to resume the friendship that united you. This will not be an easy job, in fact they will have to go through many obstacles to achieve it. But if in the dream it is you who is kissed, this may mean that you must improve your attitude to succeed sentimentally.

The kiss is a symbol of trust, the level of trust will depend on the place where the kiss is given. Dreaming of a kiss on the mouth is shown as an erotic dream, but it is also a sign that you need to encourage communication with that person you kiss in your dream.

Dream of kissing the person you like

This dream can have various interpretations. On the one hand, it may mean that you feel unable to show your feelings to that person you want so much. It can also be interpreted as a possible disappointment since you are giving a lot of importance to someone you have known for a short time. That person does not deserve all your trust, but you are blinded by their appearance.

Although on the other hand, dreaming of kissing the person you like can mean the arrival of great projects. But the sentimental situation that you are going through could interfere in the plans that the universe has for you. You must put order in your life.

Dreaming of kissing a coworker

Dreaming of kissing a coworker

If you dream of kissing a coworker, it means good news . Although this dream may make you a little uncomfortable for not being attracted to your coworker, don’t worry! This dream only really occurs when work relationships are going very well. This dream is common in people who enjoy their work environment. In the same way, you must be attentive since that colleague may need your help to solve some problems and does not dare to communicate his concern to you.

Dream of kissing a famous person

Dreams where a famous person is kissed, be it a singer and / or actor, generate emotion in the dreamer. These can occur when the person feels admiration for the famous, and their desire to meet him is so great that his brain includes him in his dreams. But this type of dream can also mean that the dreamer is attracted to the good life, and that he will try to the impossible to achieve it. But if during the dream you are not allowed to kiss the famous person, he tries to warn that someone very close is trying to prevent the person from fulfilling his goals.

Dreaming of kissing a dead person

As strange as this dreamlike vision may be, dreaming of kissing a dead person is actually good luck . Some people are afraid of these types of dreams, but the truth is that this is synonymous with good fortune. A change is approaching your life, and it will favor you in all aspects. You can also interpret it as the love you feel for that person who is no longer by your side.

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Dreams that give you a kiss

Dreams that give you a kiss

It is not the same to give than to receive. To dream of being kissed is a sign that you expect that person to take the initiative in communication. It can also be a sign that you feel harassed by that person.

Dreaming of a passionate kiss

Dreaming of a passionate kiss , especially if it is with that person you love, is a clear sign that you strongly want that kiss to happen. You have feelings for that person, but are afraid to express your feelings to them. The best thing is that you arm yourself with courage and take a risk. The best is what happens.

Dream of kissing my ex

Dreaming of kissing my ex can disturb and confuse you a bit, but its meaning is simple: you miss your ex, you want to be with that person again. If you are single right now, you should try looking to get in one more time with that person. If not, you miss certain characteristics of your ex that your current partner does not have.

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Dreaming of a kiss on the cheek

Dreaming of a kiss on the cheek

One of the most tender kisses that exists is the kiss on the cheek. That is why dreaming of a kiss on the cheek , whether you give the kiss or receive it, is a sign that you want a sincere friendship with that person. Try to take care of that person and cultivate a healthy friendship that can be fruitful in the future.

Dream of giving a kiss

Dreaming of giving a kiss denotes initiative to try new things. It is a recurring dream in intrepid people who want to experience and meet people, this indicates that you are quite an outgoing person.

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Dreaming of a kiss on the neck

More than the passion of a kiss on the mouth, dreaming of a kiss on the neck is a clear sign that you feel very tempted by the other sex and no matter how hard you fight, it is difficult for you to resist that feeling of lust. Be careful.

Dreams that steal a kiss from you

Dreams that steal a kiss from you

Dreaming that a kiss is stolen can have several meanings, it all depends on the context in which it takes place. First of all, something is going to happen in your life that you didn’t expect at all. On the other hand, if the stolen kiss is to your liking, you are about to receive good news in the next few days. On the contrary, if the kiss displeases you, then the next future events may bring you inconvenience.

Other Meanings of Dreams with Kissing

  • Dreams where you kiss someone on the forehead can be interpreted as the purest. These dreams only show the love and admiration you feel for the other person.
  • If you dream that you kiss a child. Your way of being so honest is demonstrated. You are a kind, sincere and trustworthy person. This type of dream also means surprises. You will receive in a short time a news that will change the course of your life, and the results will be pleasant.
  • If it is your mother that you kiss in the dream, it means a good omen, as long as her reaction is pleasant. But the interpretation can vary, if during the dream your mother’s face shows discontent, since this will make you remember the bad acts that you did in the past, and that still do not let you sleep peacefully.
  • If in the dream you kiss someone and, that person is you. You show the love you feel for yourself.

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