Dream about Jewelry

Dream about Jewelry (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dreaming of jewelry will always be a symbol of wealth and abundance, but they will not come easily. From history we have known how jewelry dreams have indicated the opportune moments to invest money, harvest and even make future trips.

Jewels are the most valuable objects that exist today. The kings considered it as a show of power and were also used to exchange for food, weapons or any object.

This monetary value evolved over time, and we turned it into paper money, however, its meaning endures with us and is a good instrument to predict our future days both economically, health and love.

Finally, dreaming of jewels will predict the good times, but each jewel will mean something different depending on its material, value or the way we see it. In addition, it determines the degree of economic ambition we have and what adversities we will have to overcome.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Jewelry?

There are different meanings as jewels. It is different to dream of gold, diamond, emerald, ruby ​​or sapphire jewelry. In general, it will depend on our culture and the value we give to each one, because while for the American continent gold is of great value, in much of Europe diamonds are considered the preferred jewel, while in Africa they are sapphires your choice.

In this way, we divide the meaning of dreaming about jewelry into several categories so that you find the most correct prediction for you and are prepared for any change in your life. Likewise, the feelings you have when finding these jewels will influence, because if it is of joy and satisfaction, it augurs positive changes, but if you’re feeling is of greed and despair, negative changes will come.

Dream about Gold Jewelry

Dreams with gold jewelry are the most common for people. The oldest books predict that dreamers prepare a path of riches and good harvests, translated into modern life, a path with job promotions and reap the fruits of the work for which we have struggled daily.

If you are going through a stage of debts, notice an economic change that will help you solve them or pay some. While, on a sentimental level, some people are interested in meeting you and seeking to be your friends, while in love relationships warns that it is the ideal time to find a new partner.

Gold always warns of positive changes, due to the fact that it never turns off its brilliance and is everyone’s favorite. So, take advantage of this moment in your life to improve your business, make investments in your home, and build better family ties.

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Dream of silver jewelry

Dream of silver jewelry

Silver is one of the jewels most desired by common society for its bright colors and figures that can be transformed into beautiful pieces. People who dream of silver jewelry seek to improve their economic income and achieve the much-desired gold, so they are not satisfied with their current economic state.

Giving silver jewelry is a bad omen for many cultures, in some cases it means threats to our job and economic stability. However, spiritually it means that full enlightenment has not been achieved and frustration can work against us.

If you are a woman who dreams of silver jewelry constantly, it predicts that you need to enhance your feminine part. Wear elegant outfits, silver jewelry, perfumes, and accessories that enhance your presence. As well as an adequate and modest language. In addition, it is one of the best stages to find a partner, since men see a light in your eyes.

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Dream about gold and jewels

As if it were a story, dreaming of gold and jewels predicts finding new goals in our life. In romantic relationships we will find a new love, a person who will love you and seek to be important to the dreamer. In the economy, it means the arrival of new job opportunities.

Gemstones have been valued as an omen of hope and change, in addition, it is rare for the dreamer to see them in their dreams. In other words, if you had a dream with precious stones and gold, it would be a practically indisputable omen and a good omen. Ideal time to start a new business.

Other predictions happen when we just change cities, because it augurs that we have made the right decision and that in the new city will be what we have wanted so much.

Dream of finding jewelry

Dreaming of finding jewelry has two meanings. In the first meaning, the dreamer finds the jewels by surprise and unexpectedly, he has feelings of joy and joy. This dream predicts that new opportunities will come through a third person who will give you a better job opportunity, a new relationship or investment in a safe business. You should be on the lookout for upcoming conversations.

In the second meaning, the dreamer finds the jewels because he was looking for them with greed and despair, he has feelings of excitement and thinks about the material at the moment of finding them. In the meaning of this dream, it predicts that you will have financial losses because of greed and will do bad business. Therefore, stay calm and analyze your future investments, so that they do not influence your pocket.

Dreaming of finding jewelry predicts abundance or poverty, it will depend on your feelings to predict the way, but in any meaning, you must be prudent in making decisions and act sensibly.

Dream About Costume Jewelry

Dream About Costume Jewelry

This dream depends on the age of the dreamer. Dreaming of costume jewelry when you are young predicts the arrival of small opportunities in your life which will not be easy to take, but with time rewards will arise for the effort you put into making your goal a reality.

If you are a mature woman and you dream of costume jewelry, it will take on two new meanings according to what it means for you to have them. If you love this jewelry, it means that challenges will come to be met that will not be duly rewarded, but that they are the first step to reach a great goal.

But, if you do not like this jewelry and you feel that you have been deceived, it means that you are becoming a materialistic person and your actions are beginning to annoy other people who will later leave your side, trying not to fall into that vanity.

Dream of stealing jewelry

Did you dream that you steal gold or silver jewelry? Predict that now is the time to step away from other people’s thoughts and intentions, meaning that you don’t allow other people to influence your decisions.

This dream means the arrival of people with good or bad intentions, but with the idea of ​​leaving your job, your family and even your own dreams to follow a new idea or goal. Dreaming of stealing jewelry warns us that it is not the time to take this step and that it is preferable to keep yourself in the place where you are, at least until you resolve the feeling of doubt and inner insecurity about this new project. Whenever possible, seek advice from people you trust to make an important decision, who are neutral and are not related to the change you are about to make.

Dream about jewels and precious stones

Dreams with jewels and precious stones portend the best time to make important changes in our lives. Jewels are a sign of abundance, while precious stones signify the human values ​​that we can develop as people.

If you are going through a slump like illness, loneliness, joblessness or depression, then opportunities to turn this slump are coming. Sleep predicts changes, but these changes will be found, and you will need to take them, therefore, you must be attentive to the signs of the day to day.

If you are unemployed or planning a work venture, dreaming of jewelry indicates the right time to start it, as long as we are ready and have the energy to do so.

Dream of gold and silver jewelry

While dreaming of gold jewelry is abundance and good luck, but dreaming of silver jewelry predicts caution and nonconformity, the meaning of dreaming of gold and silver jewelry at the same time, predicts an uncertain economy with many responsibilities on the part of the dreamer to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

That is to say, it predicts that the dreamer is in a stage of economic development where you must make decisions about the paths to follow. In the end the results will come, but while this happens there is a feeling of abandonment and the need to find quick answers, which can lead you to make mistakes. Stay in balance and watch out for any changes.

Dream of many jewels

Dream of many jewels

Did you dream of many jewels? The meaning will depend on the feelings you had during this moment. If you were cheerful, it predicts new opportunities, excellent health and accelerated spiritual growth, that is, the need to find yourself more as a person and less as a materialistic being.

If you felt sad when dreaming of many jewels, predict that the rewards you are having on a daily basis are not what you would like to receive and that you will find yourself dissatisfied.

Dreams that steal jewelry

Dreaming of jewelry being stolen predicts the intention of other people to cause you harm and try to intervene in a negative way in your projects. False testimonies and envy are the most recurrent meanings for dreamers, in this way, it predicts false friends and strangers who seek to cause harm. If you are going through a stage of love uncertainty, there are people who are influencing your partner to make you look like a bad person and achieve greater distance.

Dream of shiny jewels

If you are in a stage where you do not receive rewards for your actions and you dreamed of sparkling jewels, your situation will be about to change. You will be rewarded physically and spiritually for your frequent actions and attempts to make a difference in your life. Likewise, it promises you opportunities to properly invest your money and better works paces that will be delivered as a reward for you.

In general, sparkling jewelry is an omen of good fortune, but you will have to wait for the right moment to make investments or take the next steps in your life, such as job changes or looking for a new romantic partner.

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