Dreaming of semen represents life and fertility, but there must be conditions during sleep that really represent the good state in which the semen is, since dreaming of semen in poor condition means that fertility and life are far from your scope.

However, behind this dream with semen there are various situations where its meaning tends to be always positive and also, it is a dream frequently in men who know the texture and smell that semen emanates at the time of ejaculation.

If you are a woman and dream of semen, it means that you are about to plan to have a child with your partner and that both of you, although you are afraid, want to take the next step to achieve it. However, you think that your partner’s reaction will be negative and you sometimes prefer to hide your wishes.

Dreaming of semen augurs fertility and although it is not related to business or good luck, it is a good stage to try to do new things and that the results obtained are always positive, taking appropriate precautions.


Although dreaming of semen augurs fertility and life, it is not all the time good news for the dreamer. Sometimes, the dreamer is subjected to fertility treatments which alter their hormones and make male thinking uneasy, especially due to the fear of not having children.

In other cases, when you dream of semen and you are very young, you are only afraid of the relationships that are about to come into your life. However, in this case it is appropriate to learn about sexuality to eliminate the main fears.

Dreaming of a lot of semen

Dreaming of a lot of semen predicts anxiety in your daily routine, you want uncontrollably to solve everything quickly regardless of the consequences. You want a partner who satisfies you sexually, but you don’t want to make her fall in love, just sexual intercourse. This translates into a lack of experience in relationships and a fear of being alone.

Another aspect to identify when you dream of a lot of semen is its quality and smell, since if you see spots, a bad smell or an aspect of infection, then it predicts that diseases will come into your life due to allergies, infections or irritation. Take precautions and stay away from people with sickness syndromes.

Dreams of man’s semen

Dreaming of man’s semen has a positive meaning and predicts that the goals you have set for yourself will be close to being realized. But, it also means that you need to have sex, because you consider that the stress you feel today is due to the lack of sex. However, remember to take essential precautions to prevent any sexually transmitted disease.

If you dreamed of abundant man’s semen it means virility and fertility, so you are even willing to have a child soon. However, you must consider the willingness of your partner to take this big step, since you are only dreaming of male semen and the female state that is needed to procreate freely does not appear. Although it is not a sign of rejection, if it warns that both parties in the relationship, they must be totally in agreement.

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Dream About Candle Sperm

Dreaming of candle sperm indicates anxiety and worry, considering that your life is not going through a good time and you do not find the true path to continue in the near future. Some claim that when they dream of candle sperm they feel exhausted, but it will depend on the color of the sperm to identify what type of prediction is correct . However, this dream fills the dreamer with worries who believes that he is going through a stage of bad luck, but will be solved by looking back and returning to a state of tranquility, avoiding the anxiety of tomorrow.

Dreams with semen on the hands

Dreaming of semen on your hands has two meanings. In the first case, the semen has a good color and smell, which means that there comes a stage to meet people and have sexual encounters with them. In the second case, the semen has a bad color and odor, which indicates that he is worried about not having the necessary fertility to father a child and that he considers that his life lacks a little more excitement compared to women.

If you are a woman and you dream of semen on your hands, it augurs sexual dissatisfaction and a lack of desire to be with your current partner. If a woman dreams of having semen on her, it means that she is concerned about her reproductive health and that she also does not have a stable partner with whom she can have a child.

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Dream About Dog Semen

Dreaming of dog semen is not frequent and refers to sexual need. It is likely that you have a long time not to have sex or that you currently feel dissatisfied with your relationship. Therefore, you want to broaden your horizons a bit and add excitement to your life from a sexual point of view. Some books suggest that dreaming of dog semen is the equivalent of wishing to be dominated or dominated by your partner or another person, since monotony is considered to have caused boredom in your sex life.

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Dreams of semen and blood

Although it is not a frequent dream , dreaming of semen and blood represents total insecurity. The man believes that he is not ready to satisfy any woman and considers that trying is an act of anguish, considering not corresponding properly. In addition, the dream with semen and blood quickly turns into a nightmare, since the sensation of bleeding augurs loss and in this aspect, it is the total lack of fertility. However, it is considered a mental health problem when sleep becomes recurrent and it is recommended to seek professional help, especially with sexological psychologists.

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Dreaming of cum on your face

Dreaming of semen on the face indicates sexual desire. You go through a period of stress that you cannot tolerate adequately, seeking in sexual activity a way to relax considerably, especially if it is with a person who releases your sexual passions. However, anxiety can cause problems in your life, so it is recommended to have a little common sense before proceeding to have sex. If you dreamed of semen on your face, it only reflects your sexual fantasies and that you are with all the conditions of virility and fertility to have sex.

Dream of cum on the bed

Dreaming of semen in bed augurs the arrival of a new member to your family, although it does not directly mean that it is a child. Probably, the news will arrive that a brother or a close relative has managed to entrust a child and will soon break the news to the family. With the arrival of a new member, new challenges will come for everyone, but also blessings and good news, especially if it is a nephew. For couples trying to have a child, dreaming of semen in bed predicts that fertility treatment is working and that they will soon get positive responses at the time of the respective tests.

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Dreaming of semen on the floor

Dreaming of semen on the floor is a bad omen , since it means that your sexual relations are not progressing on the right track and that there is a possibility that your partner does not want to be with you anymore. Therefore, you interpret this dream as a sign that you prefer to leave everything behind and end your relationship, before facing a conflict of interest with your partner, especially related to the future of both in sex and in your own life. If you dream of semen on your clothes, it portends close encounters with other people that will end on bad terms and making you make sudden decisions, without analyzing them and really complicated for everyone.


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