Dream of Excrement

Dream of Excrement (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dreams with the passage of time have changed their meaning. This is because man has slowly understood that dreams are an essential part of the mind and how we connect to it. Dreams are accumulations of past and present thoughts that, according to our subconscious, come together to form dreams that reflect some behavior. These become stronger and more complex with the passing of the years and the experiences that are acquired throughout our lives.

These are part of us. They are an important part of us and our mind. Understanding dreams is the job of each person since in each one it can be different and mean something totally different, over the years and comparisons and studies of dreams we find a large amount of information about dreams and the mind. To understand about dreams we must understand a little the mind and how it works in relation to dreams. If we cannot understand a little about them it will be more difficult to find each meaning or interpretation of them but if we can understand their complexity, we will find endless doors that can be opened.

Dreams transmit information indirectly, making us often remember only fragments of them. This happens since dreams occur in the depths of our subconscious and because of them many times we dream, and we do not remember what happened in that dream, but we still have that feeling of having had a dream. Among so many of them dreaming of excrement is common. It is common to hear that someone dreams of excrement, these dreams are commonly associated with luck and the separation of bad energies that may be affecting us, but to understand this well we must be attentive to the signals that our brain tries to give us.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Excrement?

The dreams droppings are not uncommon; however, these dreams arouse in us many emotions and holds a strong meaning. On many occasions if we have these types of dreams, we can feel dirty or a feeling of having lied. Excrement is always associated with hedo and the forbidden. These dreams have many meanings in some such as expulsion of bad energies or can also have interpretations such as good luck, money in abundance and situations like that. It is also dreaming of our own feces and that would represent our attitude towards material things and the value we give them.

One of the interpretations of dreaming about excrement or filth also indicates that they are due to improper acts or bad deeds or ambition for goods or money obtained regardless of the consequences of the acts that have been taken to achieve it. Dreaming of defecating is interpreted as the expulsion of what is left over, but if defecating is difficult it is considered as stinginess and stubbornness. However, seeing oneself sitting in a well or toilet indicates that it is good luck, and we will have the possibility of receiving a good amount of money.

Dream about human excrement

The dream of human excrement talks about improvements in the workplace. It means that our own affairs will not run correctly as long as they are entrusted to someone else. It can also mean that we will find ourselves in deep loneliness and financial straits. In some cases, these dreams want to communicate to us that we are misunderstood by our friends and family.

Dream of baby poop

Generally, dreams with babies are a sign of good omen. In this case, said dream can be interpreted as that said baby will have a good life in economic terms. Also, his future will be full of successes and some stumbles that will make him stronger as time goes by.

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Dreaming of excrement on your hands

You dreamed of excrement on your hands is a bad omen and this is due to its interpretation. Which means that we will have family problems or inconveniences or fights with strangers. We can also find ourselves involved in humiliating or shameful situations or in the loss of some good.

Dream of excrement in the bathroom

Dream of excrement in the bathroom

This dream sticks to the general interpretation. Dreaming of excrement in the bathroom is considered a sign of good fortune and good luck for us. So, we must enjoy having such a bizarre dream since its interpretation bodes well and positive energies for our future.

 Other Meanings of Dreams with Excrement

  • Dreaming that you touch excrement. These dreams can be very strange but again it is about good energy and positive things. This dream is about the future and its interpretation for us is that we will soon be amassing large amounts of money.
  • Dreams of posing excrement. This dream is not to worry about since, like the previous one, its interpretation is about good fortune. Dreaming of stepping on excrement in a park, on the street or in our house is a sign of luck and good fortune.
  • Dreaming that you are pooping. This particular dream has a negative interpretation but at the same time it tells us where the problem is. This dream means that we are distressed or under stress and we want to solve that problematic situation that causes said stress as soon as possible.
  • If you ever dreamed of bloody excrement. This dream tells us that our conscience is not very clean. We have probably done something that we feel guilty about.

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