Dreaming of falling is one of the most real sensations you can have while you sleep. However, the sensation of falling when you are sleeping must be separated to a dream where emptiness is really involved and that you fall or throw yourself on purpose of a building, stairs or cliff.

When you are asleep and you feel that you fall out of bed, some relate it to a nightmare or that they dreamed that they fell, however, science has explained that this sensation is due to the fact that the body acquires an uncomfortable posture or relaxes to a point that the pulsations and the low breathing. As a defense, the brain sends a kind of electric shock to wake you up and when your body is activated, it gives the sensation that you are falling into the void. Although it is not pleasant, it is the way to stay alive, since you could die in your sleep.

Once the above is clarified, dreams of falling are frequent. In some cases only a part of our body falls out, such as the teeth , in other cases you dream of falling from known places such as stairs, balcony, bed or a building.


A dream vision with falling resembles the loss of emotional and mental control. Although this is not the only meaning, it represents mostly the problems that can come to your life as a result of stress, worries, lack of opportunities or emotional problems. However, it is a warning that comes announcing the future episodes of your life, for which you must be attentive to the signs.

Although dreams of falling generally generate a feeling of anxiety, anguish is the main factor with which you wake up. While it is a nightmare, it can lead to a premonition of even death. Next, the meanings of dreaming about falling.

Dreaming of a tooth falling out

If you had a dream of falling out a tooth portends insecurities, but with the intention of generating a change. It is a dream where you live an unpleasant experience when you lose a tooth. However, it is not entirely negative, since it indicates that you are about to start something new in your life, but you must have had a negative episode that motivated you to start over.

When you dream that a tooth falls out, it is indicating that the maturation stage has reached its point. You are ready to face the environment that surrounds you and you have all the experience not to make the same mistakes of the past. However, use your common sense and always act wisely.

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Dream of falling out a tooth

Dreams of a tooth falling out signify self-shame, which generates insecurities and a feeling of internal overwhelm. This dream is more important if you lose your tooth in public or it is someone else who tells you that a tooth has fallen out. This means that you do not have the courage to face a problem and prefer to hide.

But not everything is negative. If you dreamed that a tooth fell out , it indicates that you identified what was the mistake and the beginning of all the problems, that you are willing to overcome yourself, although you know that it will not be an easy stage to do. However, this is the best time to try and change your life.

Dreaming of falling off a building

Anxiety and stress every day are part of people’s routine, especially when they are in work situations under pressure. When you dream of falling from a building, it means that you are reaching the limit of your anxiety and you are already beginning to worry about your mental health, which is the first to suffer its own consequences.

This anxiety translates into a state of insecurity. The dreamer must take time alone to make a personal evaluation and correctly choose his own steps to take. Although a dream of falling from a building seems negative, you should take it as advice to have common sense when making important decisions.

Dream of falling out of bed

Dreams about falling out of bed are the most common and represent the fears you have for your future. However, this dream allows you to choose which path you are going to take to face the problems that will come later and also, what results you will have once you overcome them.

Dreams where you fall out of bed only indicate that you are the only one capable of overcoming adversity. If during the fall you feel pain, the problems will be great and will affect your life. But, dreamers usually wake up laughing because of the great scare, because of something so small, which means that your problems will be overcome, you will learn from the experience and you will not hear from them again.

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Dream of falling down the stairs

Dreams where you fall down some stairs warn that you must be willing to make changes in your life, but ensuring each step . That is, you cannot simply move forward without analyzing your current state, your feelings, your capabilities and abilities. If you are not sure what to do, stop for a moment and ask, maybe someone will give you the necessary help to guide you along the way.

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Dream of hair loss

If you had a dream where your hair falls out, your self-esteem is very low. It is a representation that you are worried about your present and the debts that increase every day, but also, you add the thoughts of other people towards you and question your abilities. This dream about hair loss, in addition to being descriptive, is a warning to stop these negative thoughts, since a low self-esteem leads you to make bad decisions.

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Dream of falling into the water

dream vision with falling into the water means rethinking. You are ready to rethink your life towards a better future, but you must make important decisions. If during the dream the water was very dirty, it means that the choices you are making are not the right ones and will only generate problems. If during the dream the water was clean or clear, then you are choosing the right path and it is the right time for that rethinking.

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Dream of falling off a cliff

A dream vision of falling off a cliff is a warning. The dreamer recognizes that his life is full of problems, but does not do enough to solve them. You are in a stage of emotional confusion, where you think that everything goes wrong, but really it is only indecisions between continuing or stopping. However, this dream invites you to evolve as a person, since you are about to fall over the economic and emotional precipice.

Dream of falling to the ground

Dreams where you fall to the ground are related to your strength. Your interior wants to achieve great success, but your exterior seems to run out of strength to achieve it. This dream suggests that you should try a little harder to achieve your goals and believe in yourself. Do not limit yourself and do not accept advice from people who are not a role model. Go ahead with your plans and get up every time you hit the ground. Remember to always be a grateful person and do not look for problems where you have not been invited to participate.

Dream about falling out of an elevator

This dream depends on the situation you were in in the elevator. If during the dream of falling from an elevator it goes up again, it means that the following days will have good and bad moments. If the elevator only goes down, it means that you have low energy and a lot of laziness to try to achieve something. If you dream of falling from an elevator and get trapped, it means that you have no control over your life and you are very quickly influenced by feelings and not by common sense.

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Dream of falling into the void

Anxiety is part of this dream. At present or during the following days, you will go through a stage where you have negative thoughts, you think something is going to go wrong and you do not dare to make important decisions. At this time, you are thinking of staying very far from the changes, which indicates that you will soon fall into an emotional void because you do not know what decisions to make. However, dreams of falling into the void represent the opportunity to do a self-analysis and improve the conditions of your life, from common sense.

Dream of falling off a balcony

Dreams where you fall from a balcony portend betrayal and loss of confidence. He finds himself surrounded by people who pretend to be his friend, while trying to gain something from him. This dream is common in bosses or leaders who direct people, since you see yourself on a balcony to be admired or observed by others, but when you fall you simply get betrayals. Some dreamers state that the greater the fall and pain from the blow, the closer the betrayal you will experience.

Dream of falling off the motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle requires confidence and security. When you dream of falling off the motorcycle, it suggests that you lose emotional stability and all the confidence that you felt for a project, partner or objective is being involved in problems that you mentally enlarge due to the lack of security. In addition, you are looking for constant explanations, when it is really you who should stay away from problems, gossip and hypocrisy.

Dream of falling off a boat

Dreams of falling off a ship portend radical changes. You were in a stage of work or sentimental comfort, something that progressed slowly but surely. However, as a result of some events, you decided to move away from this rhythm a bit and discovered that you would never reach a good port. In this case, take advantage of the dreamlike vision of falling off a boat to understand that you can find moments in your life where you really need to swim to escape that comfort and live the true reality.

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Dream of falling into a river

Dreaming of falling into a river portends stress and low self-esteem. The greater the strength of the river and its color is turbulent, it means that you are really exhausted and your self-esteem does not help you overcome problems. Now, if during your dream of falling into the river you drowned, this means that you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown and you should seek help very soon. However, if you dreamed of falling into a crystalline and calm river, it means that all your problems were in the past.

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Dream of falling into a well

Dreams of falling into a well portend accidents. Take precautions in your life, especially protecting your physical integrity, however, these accidents can be occupational and cause damage that must be paid for. To avoid these episodes, you need to stay focused on your work, don’t get distracted by talking to your colleagues, and focus on your goals. If you are careless, dreaming of falling into a well will mean that you will get caught in trouble and it will be difficult for you to escape.


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