Dream Of Lemons

Dream Of Lemons (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Since ancient times people have had dreams, so the fact that we are immersed in a world interested in interpreting them is not unusual. Each dream is a different world, we can dream of thousands of different things and spend all day thinking about what our dream can mean or even start conversations with our friends or family about what we dream about. Many times dreams seem completely real to the point of leaving us completely amazed, dismayed, and even terrified. And it is not something to be surprised, that dreams are as complex as the mind is, since dreams are messages from our subconscious, and we must learn to read each one of those messages, although no matter how hard we try, the subject will never cease to be controversial.

Some people claim that dreams do not indicate anything , that dreams are just empty “visions”, but scientifically dreams occur through a brain process (in the hippocampus to be precise) in which memories are involved, that is say that when someone tells you that the solution may be in your dreams , it could be true, since your brain may be analyzing what you have been thinking about and trying to tell you something through the dream world, so pay more attention next time so that your search for meaning can be more successful.

This time we will see what it means to dream of lemons,  but there are different ways to dream about them, so it is important that you learn to read between the lines the messages of your subconscious. Among the variety of dreams we can find green, yellow, rotten lemons, many lemons, few lemons, large or small lemons, and even a lemon tree! And each of them has a different meaning according to its characteristics.

What does it mean to dream of lemons?

When dreaming of lemons , many people may think that it is about prosperity, since throughout history, dreaming of fruits or fields is linked to well-being or harmony, but classifying fruits a little more we see that not necessarily the dreaming of lemons should be associated with prosperity. Some experts in the world of sleep generically assure that dreaming of lemons has to do with decisions, the ones you have made like the ones you have to make or that there are certain things in your current life that are leaving you with a certain “acid taste in the mouth ”which makes sense if we think about the taste of lemon. For example, if a child drops a plate and it breaks, the child may dream of lemons., since the child will go through a moment of anguish, and although this moment may be brief, it will be marked in the hippocampus (the brain zone of memories) and through this experience the dream originates.

Another valid example is when a student must decide an important specialization, it is an important decision that he will be thinking about for a large part of the day, most likely he has these types of dreams . Remember that the meaning of dreams can vary for each person depending on the situation they are experiencing.

Dream About Green Lemons

Dream About Green Lemons

Dreaming of green lemons , portends new hopes to reach or complete your goals. You probably see life from a more optimistic perspective. It can also mean that you have to face certain decisions in a slightly more mature way than you are doing now. In other areas, it may mean that someone around you is of a bad character.

Dream of a lemon tree

This is a very interesting mix, since when in the dream of a lemon tree, or an entire forest of lemons, the dream is heralding a very good future in the businesses in which we are venturing, even in other areas such as health. or the social sphere, if we dream this our subconscious tells us that we will have prosperity.

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Dream About Yellow Lemons

Dreaming of yellow lemons , here things change a bit since its color (so cheerful and vibrant) means that riches, joy, happiness or happiness will come, it seems very good, doesn’t it? But it can also mean that you are an arrogant and self-centered person and you think that the world should revolve around you.

Dream of rotten lemons

Dream of rotten lemons

dreaming of rotten lemons, you are probably focused on things that you should not and that is why you are missing the best opportunities of your life, you are wasting your potential on the wrong things, you are going through various problems, you have to trust yourself more and leave behind the fear that they stalk you, you still have time!

Dreaming of lemons on the tree

As I already mentioned, if the lemons are on the tree, a great stage of prosperity is approaching for you and your family, but if in the dream that the lemons fall from the tree it means that you are going through or will go through moments of great sadness, don’t let yourself fall, things will get better.

Dream of many lemons

Attention !, dreaming of many lemons This means that you are being very jealous with your partner, and he will end up getting tired of you, give him a little space and confidence, otherwise you will lose it. Remember that people are where they want to be and a relationship without trust is easily broken, be very careful.

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