Dream of Wind

Dream of Wind (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Probably sometime in your life you have dreamed of winds, in some lucid dream that you have been present it seemed real and you have ever sat down to inquire what it will mean. It is said that dreams are desires of the sub-conscious, which you do not want to accept, this is presented in your dreams in a symbolic way.

Also, there are people who have dreamed of strong hurricane winds that when waking up cannot get out of their head, but, when we dream of wind , it is a brief message that positive changes are coming for your life, you should be prepared for it, because changes are coming to your life that you will have to face.

It may have happened to you that, when sleeping with the window open or if you left the air on, you feel the sound of it, interpreting that you can have a dream with the wind, unconsciously, even if you do not believe it, this causes you to have dream visions with the wind. The subconscious tries to send you a message for your new turn of life.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Wind?

For various cultures of, the fact that we are dreaming about wind and its meaning, symbolizes the power of creation and enormous control, but, depending on the function of how it is presented, it can have a simple meaning. A dream with wind can mean about a control towards ourselves or some situation that worries us when sleeping.

The wind is also a spiritual symbol, many cultures associate dreaming with a breeze for the movement of different souls, especially if that soul belongs to someone who recently died in our environment and wants to bring us a spiritual message or take care of us.

Dream of a lot of wind

Dream of a lot of wind

The dream quite windy, symbolizes the energy in your life and vigor, announcing that soon will have positive changes in your life. Depending on the type of wind, since, if the wind is very strong, it is because we are concerned about your work activity.

When you feel this breeze in your dreams, it would be interpreted that we are thinking of a person who is not present and brings us positive changes. The fact of dreaming with a lot of wind is the reflection of good things that will happen, in this way, the mind takes us back to the present in which we are.

Dreams of strong wind

When dreaming of a strong wind, it is also associated with the fact that you do not feel very safe in your work area, this may be associating stress, physical and mental exhaustion. This will lead to you generally feeling very tired.

You must be prepared for any setback, some unexpected change in your job is approaching, this can generate constant uncomfortable dreams that we are facing a strong wind, a radical change is approaching us and we will not know how to deal with it when it is arisen.

Dream about windstorm

Dreaming of a windstorm, represents your creative force and production. If this is accompanied by thunder and lightning, it could be heralding some destruction in your life.

This would mean a negative aspect, if that whirlwind of wind is accompanied by thunder, and symbolizes hostile situations. Let’s not just see its negative aspect, it may vary depending on the situation and turn that is on the road.

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Dreams with swirling wind

To dream that we see a swirl of wind, announces that positive changes are coming in the future in your life, or that it could also lead to an agitated situation, restlessness or that we could lose something important in your life.

This could also mean the fact of facing new changes in thoughts that you have suppressed and must be discarded with that whirlwind of wind. So it is good to prepare from this moment for that fundamental change that is taking place.

Dream about wind tornadoes

Dream about wind tornadoes

Dreaming of wind tornadoes could lead us to despair and have a bad day, due to the destructive power that this has as a natural phenomenon. Generally, this dream is associated with some news that we do not expect, and an uncomfortable anxiety is transformed.

But, we must learn not to take dreams with wind hurricanes literally, because it is also to announce the radical change that is approaching in your life, although it leads to emotional imbalances and depressive behaviors.

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Dreams of wind and rain

A dreamlike vision with wind and rain, perfectly symbolizes productivity and cleanliness, this is interpreted both emotionally and physically, although by representing ourselves as a symbol of productivity, a positive change is approaching.

In a negative way, a dream with wind and rain could be due to negative behaviors that you are about to have, leading to emotional destruction, therefore, you have to know if that wind was soft or with great violence.

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Dreaming of a windstorm

It is the case that we dream of a windstorm, it is a wind that brings positive changes to your life and tests that you are soon to overcome and face. This change will bring productivity to your economic, mental and physical life.

Dreams of wind and earth

Dreams with wind and earth have different variants. This means abundant financial gains in your life, if in any case, the land is abandoned, it will mean failures and difficulties, and if the wind is very strong it is because you are currently worried about your work situation.

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Dream of wind at home

Feeling that we dream of wind at home means that you fear losing everything you have and achieved with so much effort, currently you may be going through a situation that you fear will absorb all those problems and you should overcome as soon as possible.

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Dreams of hurricane wind

Dreams of hurricane wind

It means that you have some anguish or fear, you are allowing this to overcome you and you are not fighting to improve on the contrary, if you fought with that wind in your dream with stormy wind, it is because within you there is a great force, and you have to get out ahead.

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Dreaming of the wind coming through the window

Dreaming of a current that enters through the window , manifests itself so that, before it is too late, we make a change in your life, for your own well-being to transmit to your loved ones and they feel lucky to have us in their lives.

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Other Meanings of Windy Dreams

  • If you dreamed that the wind takes someone, it means that you must be alert to the situations that are about to approach in your life and we are doing absolutely nothing to avoid it. Only you are the person to control this and always have beneficial results.
  • Dreams where you feel a gentle breeze can be interpreted in two ways, because if the breeze brushes your face and you are with a person who is not part of your life, it is associated with positive emotions and happy moments that we currently miss.
  • To dream that the wind that brings money is interpreted that success and prosperity can be achieved, for this we must prepare ourselves. In dreams it is usually associated with self-confidence, courage, self-esteem and success.
  • If you have dreamed of the wind that steals money from you, it is the loss of a friend or material that a disease approaches us where we will have to pay. If in the dream you have stolen an object, you are in danger of something happening to it.
  • Dreams of a wind that knocks down a house has many interpretations, normally dreaming of a home represents you. If you have rooms, it is interpreted as different aspects that approach you as a person, and if you have doors, it is because new opportunities are approaching.
  • A dream vision with wind and dead is because we are going through a drastic emotional change in your life. You could wake up nervous and very anxious about this nightmare, especially if a close friend or family member recently passed away; partner or someone you know. It is likely that this type of dream with winds and deaths , is due to the fact that you are sensitive and affective, if the dream usually repeats itself to the point that you feel worried, it is preferable that you go to a psychologist as soon as possible.

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