At a certain point in my life, I felt the call to discover beyond the routine, material life, and physical. Many paths followed, studies, experiences, discoveries, challenges, masters—gratitude to each.

Self-knowledge, spirituality, quantum physics, the universe, yoga, Buddhism, doctrines, meditation, retreats, silence, body, mind, soul, the Being, the Greater Love.

To be free from the external world and Maya’s suffering, the illusion.

It becomes the co-creator of reality itself.

Put into practice the Dharma, the gift and resources received for the benefit of society, privilege the Whole, work, study, share, love, and evolve, without attachment or aversion.

Transform knowledge into wisdom.

Hard work, but many people are vibrating in the same vein and willing to share what they know, and in this new era where the collective rules over the individual, I am professional in synergy with my project to bring together all the good and all the good here in this portal.

Learn to forgive, forgive yourself, free ourselves from negative feelings, hurts, guilt, and everything that generates a negative pattern. There are many ways and tools, but it takes work and confrontation.

The greater the critical mass vibrating positively in universal love, the faster the transformation of this planet.