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Dream About Bats (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dream About Bats

The dreams are messages encrypted in our subconscious that our brain sends us at night when you walk into what is commonly called as the “dream”. Or in other words, when we sleep. Many times you have heard that humans do not use even 10% of their mental capacity, and there are people who argue that one of the powers that man could have would be to predict the future.

There are hundreds of legends including stories known worldwide in which people from the past through their dreams could see what could happen in the future and thus avoid it, as an example is the biblical character “Joseph of Egypt” who according to the book was an expert in dream interpretation . And the first American Indians who wove “dream catchers” to protect their dreams so that their enemies could not get into their mind and see what they dreamed of. Since then there are stories that have evolved and today new stories about dream interpretation continue to be born. There are different types of dreams , but today we will specifically talk about the meaning of dreaming about bats .

The bats are small nocturnal animals that most people get scared because they are still a mystery to the world of science in several respects and also because in the world of arts audio visual have used these mysterious animals as symbols of death, and is closely related to vampires. So most people associate these seductive and fascinating animals with death for all the ancient stories in which they appeared right in moments of catastrophe and panic as well as for the films that generate terror among their audiences. what makes us dream of bats ? Or why do I dream of bats? Read on to find out.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Bats?

Just like in the movies, dreaming of bats portends misfortune and death along with great situations that will come into your life and change it. But to know the true meaning of dreams, the dreamer must be as detailed as possible since everything that is seen in the dream could be a key piece to decipher that message that our brain sends us. The meaning of a dream may change depending on the context or the situations the dreamer is going through. The dreamer will have to analyze his life context and thus proceed to the meaning of the dream.

The meaning of dreaming about bats can vary depending on what you feel while you are in this dream since if you feel panic and terror it means that you are or will be in a situation of your life in which you will not feel safe. But if instead of feeling panic or terror you feel fascination and live with them, it means that you are a person without insecurities and adventurer.

Dreaming of bats and tying them

Dreaming of bats and tying them means that you are giving solutions to the difficulties that were in your life. You are a person without fear who faces life situations with a cold mind to find a solution to everything.

Dream of bats flying

Dream of bats flying

Dreaming of bats flying this type of dream turns out to be negative since it is a premonition that you will have problems at work, financially and even with your partner. It is not recommended that you start any type of negotiation if you have recently had this dream. Be careful as it can also mean the loss of a loved one. Stay low-key for a while to avoid more things, but prepare for problems that are already on the way.

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Dreaming of bats inside the house

Dreaming of bats inside the house this type of dream has a negative meaning since it announces death within the family. You must be careful with those members of your family who have family illnesses. Prepare for their physical disappearance as it is inevitable.

Dream of bats that bite you

Dream of bats that bite you

Dreaming of bats that bite you this dream has 3 different interpretations, but all negative . The first interpretation is that in the immediate future you could be diagnosed with a serious illness. The second augurs death for a loved one. But it can also reveal that you feel that there is someone deceiving you, you are in a state of alert without lowering your guard to defend yourself from any type of deception. Be careful around your friends or co-workers, even your family members. The people you least suspect are those who cheat on you, take care of whom you give your complete trust.

Dreaming of bats attacking you

Dreaming of bats attacking you is associated with the previous dream since this means that there is someone who tries to deceive or scam you without you noticing. The meaning of this dream is usually more accurate for the professional field, take care of your business and the people that are around each movement you make. Do not let them manage to scam you, you already have an advantage because you realized it, you should be more cautious from now on.

Dream of many bats

Dreaming of many bats is a dream with a positive meaning as it augurs your personal maturity. It means that you are learning from every lesson you have had in life and have begun to mature. If the bats are white it means that you will acquire knowledge and purity. But if they are gray you will get a more basic knowledge.

Other Meanings Of Dreams With Bats

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