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Dream about Black Rats (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dream about Black Rats

Some animals are very unpleasant both in dreams and in real life. Such is the case of dreaming about black rats, which has a meaning of betrayal because someone will soon deceive you. Also, these animals represent that you are trying to hide some thoughts such as feelings of envy or guilt.

In spiritual or mystical terms, black rats in dreams indicate an enemy. This person shows you a facet of sincere friendship, but deep down they are envious of you. You should be on the lookout for any attempted betrayal by him or her. If you saw two black rats in your dream this indicates double deception. Although Chinese culture venerates these animals, deep down they are representative of bad omens.

We know that rats in general are considered parasites or pests and it is not hygienic to keep a rat as a pet. For that reason, in dreams black rats have many meanings. Even positive depending on the context. Where they can point to development, success and happiness in various aspects of life.

Perhaps, this vision could denote that you feel that someone is taking advantage of you. Although this can be quite alarming, the dream itself becomes a warning to you. This is because you feel like you are walking through a maze that you cannot escape from. However, rats can survive incredible situations and environments, and that is a quality of these dreamers.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Black Rats?

Dreams with black rats mean your ability to jump from one situation to another. You are lying to yourself that everything is fine when in reality it is not. Your progress will be slow but steady. This dream suggests a sense of security and belonging. You may feel desperate. According to the ancient tradition of dreams, it is usually a bad omen and can mean several things.

One of them is your need for spiritual food. You are looking to regain that carefree side of your personality. Perhaps you are expressing a desire to go unnoticed by people. However, this vision can acquire other nuances depending on the analysis of other elements. Like for example, if the black rats were alive, dead, big or small. So read on and find out the details.

Dreaming of dead black rats

Dreaming of dead black rats

The interpretation of dreams with dead black rats denotes your defensive posture about some situation. You need to stop looking only superficially and get to the bottom of some event. Only good things can happen if you analyze things taking into account emotions. This dream expresses your tendency to control or manipulate someone or some situation. You are making false judgments or ideas.

The dream of dead black rats is evidence of greed, corruption and temptation. You don’t want commitments to anyone. You’re walking around and you’re not going anywhere. This vision suggests some tips and messages that your subconscious is trying to convey. Days are coming soon when you will be ready to shine, but no one will offer you the stage! So, you must be brave, and yourself build the experiences that will lead you to achieve it.

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Dream of big black rats

Dreams with big black rats are a harbinger of jealousy or envy, and of people who betray you. In a way, this vision warns you to be cautious and watch out for those who want to see you fall and hurt you. You are having a lot of success lately and that is not frowned upon by others. For that reason, you should be careful of who they claim to be your co-workers.

Spiritually speaking, according to the ancient dream tradition, dreaming of a big black rat if you are pregnant is a positive omen that indicates a new beginning and a safe delivery. If you see more than one big black rat in the dream, it is equally good. But if the rat was stealing something from you or eating in your vision, it may mean that you need to be on the lookout for upcoming difficulties.

Dream about black and white rats

Dream about black and white rats

Having a dream vision with black and white rats means that your problems will be solved soon. If you eat the rats, it is a sign that you want to hurt someone or that you already have. Also, it predicts that you will receive illegal money. If one of the rats bites your feet, it is a good sign because it denotes that you will be traveling to an exotic place.

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Other Meanings of Dreams with Black Rats

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