Dream About Dragonflies

Dream about Dragonflies (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Many dreams have our most impossible desires to achieve. This is the particular case of dreaming about dragonflies. This vision tells us about feeling young again , it talks about illusions and moments full of magic and fantasy. Remember that this animal is characterized by being enigmatic and mysterious. It has even been associated with myths of good luck.

Most dreams that contain flying animals must be interpreted from the symbolism of each one in order to find their meaning. Dragonflies are insects that differ from others because they do not cause rejection, but inspire us with illusions, magic, desires and vitality. Everything will be possible when dreaming of dragonflies.

This dragonfly dream comes loaded with fantasy. In it, there can be a thousand and one interpretations, it only corresponds to the magic and the context that they give off. But generally speaking, dragonflies in dreams tell us about the current state of mind that we possess . In addition to creativity, the illusions that we maintain and the vitality that we feel.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Dragonflies?

Youth is involved in dreams of dragonflies . This means that you maintain your youth while reflecting the illusion of it in your dreams. While you feel that you have the strength to be able to achieve the impossible, and the more you believe in your dreams they will come true.

In other contexts, you are at a good time in your life where lack of confidence is affecting you and disappointment is an everyday occurrence. Dragonflies in dreams are heralds of changes . So this period of sadness will soon be over. Changes are for the better and you can always start over.

Dream about dragonflies

Dream about dragonflies

Dreaming of dragonflies can reflect feelings of instability and insecurity , and you may need to defend yourself. In other contexts, this dream denotes that you should know how to put someone in their place without worrying about their feelings or what they think. Maybe you should consider softening your outlook on life for better results.

Dream of stinging dragonflies

Dreaming of stinging dragonflies means that you are in a problematic situation . Which you are seeing from the wrong angle, either due to lack of information or because of your prejudices that do not allow you to appreciate some facts with objectivity.

Running away from those dragonflies that try to sting you can be interpreted as a lack of confidence when it comes to your abilities. This dream invites you to seek your own voice and to start thinking about yourself. You must work on your self-esteem and be brave to face things.

If in your dream the dragonfly manages to sting you, it is a symbol that you are having problems to be able to maintain a balance between your personal life and your professional life. Which could be causing you stress problems and possibly depression and high levels of anxiety.

Dreaming of colored dragonflies

Dreaming of colored dragonflies indicates that you have a great lack of perseverance and a lot of disinterest. Above all, due to certain responsibilities that will bring you many inconveniences and great losses in the economic sphere. Therefore, you need to take action to avoid these results.

We often let the great colors of life distract us from our goals. But no matter how beautiful the dream with colored dragonflies is , it is necessary to have both feet on the ground . In order to continue with the course of our lives, without neglecting our happiness and without damaging our being.

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Dream of attacking dragonflies

If you have dreamed of attacking dragonflies, it may mean that someone has hurt you in a cold and ruthless way, leaving you with a wound that is difficult to overcome. Or it may mean that you have been insensitive in your actions towards another. Who has hurt you? Who frustrates you to the point of no return? Why do you feel insecure?

Dream about giant dragonflies

If you dreamed of giant dragonflies it means that you have some problems that you have not yet been able to solve and they are beginning to get complicated. Any outstanding debt? Children who throw bigger and bigger tantrums to the point that you don’t think you can control? Whatever your concern, these dreams warn you that you must take corrective action or worse situations will come.

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Dream of blue dragonflies

Dream of blue dragonflies

Dreaming of blue dragonflies means that your life requires willpower and some discipline to be able to take advantage of all your talents and make the most of your potential. Maybe you feel stuck, and you don’t know what else to do in order to progress and this could be your answer.

Dream about dead dragonflies

Having a dream vision with dead dragonflies or that are dying or killing them has the meaning that you are exceeding the disciplinary line. In other words, that little by little you are letting your passion die. Working applying discipline is fine, but not if as a result of it, you start to forget your dreams and all that fun that brings color to your life.

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Dreams of white dragonflies

The meaning of dreams with white dragonflies indicates that you can enjoy your happy moments in the situations that you need them most. You don’t need to have to go through a bad time to remember these situations that once made you happy. Remember to be grateful for everything that those good moments have made you achieve in life.

Dream about brown dragonflies

Dreaming of brown dragonflies  symbolizes the danger of manipulating other people , with your talents, against their will. These actions generally do not have good endings. So, it is time for you to start analyzing those acts of war that you have decided to carry out and do something to amend them before they get out of control.

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Dream of baby dragonflies

Seeing baby dragonflies in dreams represents an enormous excess of complications in your life . If the baby dragonflies are on green leaves, it means that you will find happiness although everything seemed to point to the opposite. Dreaming that you see baby dragonflies at night represents a possibility where you may suffer some problems or some disease.

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Dreaming of dragonflies in your hands

Dreaming of dragonflies in your hands is a sign of good luck , so you don’t have to worry. It means that you must get rid of your illusions and get rid of all your helplessness. It is necessary to break illusions and be free in order to achieve the maximum happiness that you have worked so hard to have.

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Dream of dragonflies at home

If you dreamed of dragonflies at home it may mean that you have to be cautious . Something may be hidden from you, so you cannot see the truth. Maybe some people hide the truth about you, or there is someone hidden in the shadows who wants to hurt you either for pleasure or for their own benefit.

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Dream about gray dragonflies

Dreaming of gray dragonflies means that a quick and deep transformation is needed in your life. This is because the path you are taking is not the right one, or deep down you know that there is another option that will lead to a much more successful result. It may be risky, but it is up to you to analyze it well because you may be overlooking something important.

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