Dreaming of journalists is related to information, and in many cases to the data that we can obtain for our benefit. Or on the contrary, if someone wants to disclose information to harm us. Soon you will discover very valuable news in your work from which you will benefit greatly, perhaps it is related to a promotion in your job and that makes you feel very proud, try to do things well in such a way that others have nothing bad to talk about you.


When this dream vision is presented, it is indicating that someone is very aware of everything you do, and that makes you set off the alarms since you do not know what the intentions of that person who is very close to your social environment are. In order to understand more fully what this dream means, below, you will find different meanings through the context in which they are presented.

Dream of a journalist

Very important information reaches you that will bring you many benefits, but it is very important that you verify very well the source from which it comes as it may be a malicious person who only wants to hurt you. In the sentimental field, the relationship flows in a positive way since there is very good communication with your partner and that makes for a lot of trust and respect that is the basis for a solid relationship. Do not believe in comments from third parties you should always clarify things directly with the other party involved is what it means when dreaming of a journalist.

Dream of being a journalist

If you dreamed of being a journalist it means that you like to know things in depth. You do not care much about what others think, since you feel prepared for what is to come and you like to face things without fear of anything. You get very valuable and important information that you can use to resolve a conflict in which you are involved in the wrong way, and you want to solve things peacefully without getting older. And that is why you have given yourself the task of investigating very thoroughly on this subject.

Dreaming of journalists interviewing you

This dream means that you are a very nervous person and that you care a lot about the opinion of others . On the other hand, it indicates that you feel very comfortable and that you have important things to say and you should not deprive yourself of expressing them. You feel like an important person and you believe that everything revolves around you. You must be very careful and put your feet on the ground you do not know when you will go through difficult times and it may be a bit difficult for you to get support due to your arrogance.

Dreaming of journalists chasing me

When you dream that a journalist is chasing you, it suggests a lot of fear in you, because you don’t want them to find out about something that you prefer to keep secret. You must be very cautious and be very careful around prying people. You will tell a secret that will leave you very well standing before the opinion of others, in the workplace an unexpected trip may open the doors to the success that you have been waiting for so long.

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