Dream About Table

Dream About Table (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

The common objects that we find in any home, restaurant or even shopping center, have generic meanings. Dreaming of a table, for example, immediately refers us to other symbols associated with family, food, etc. Therefore, its meaning has to do with those aspects and variants that each dreamer may have.

According to semiotics, each sign is capable of reflecting a mental image in our subconscious. Thus dreams with tables will denote stability, prosperity and strength . This is because its archetype is related to wood as a crafting element.

In real life, tables are usually located in the kitchen of our home. In them we put the food, and we sat down as a family to share moments. For that reason, those who dream of a table are usually a very familiar person who enjoys those occasions where they are reunited with the people they love.

What Does It Mean to Dream of A Table?

To see a table or dining room in your dream can refer to loyalty, tradition, virtue , merit and respect. This object predicts a good start. Also, it means that some events will end positively, and that you will have power.

However, there are, as in all dreams, variants that bring different interpretations to the vision. For example, if the table is square, round, had food, was broken, had a tablecloth or even the people with whom you shared it. For that reason, we define below the most common possibilities of this dream .

Dream About Wooden Table

Dream About Wooden Table

Wood is a resistant element of nature, but it also burns easily due to its high combustion. So if you see a wooden table in your dreams, it indicates an exciting encounter that you will not forget . Such a meeting will make you experience emotions that will awaken your senses. This vision indicates that you should not be afraid to express your most intimate desires and emotions.

In this way, wooden table dreams predict that you will enjoy the experience to the fullest and reciprocate in the same way to your partner. Also, this symbol is associated with the ability to become a recipient of the kindness and generosity of other people.

Finally, having a dreamlike vision with a wooden table could also mean an increase in your wealth and a life of peace and prosperity. If the wood is broken in the dream, it indicates the possibility of engaging in a verbal conflict or disagreement with people close to you. As members of your family and circle of friends, or people you deal with on a daily basis, like your co-workers.

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Dream of a round table

If we talk about esotericism and its symbols, the legend of King Arthur tells us about his emblematic round table where he met with his knights. Therefore, this dream image is very important in the world of dreams. Firstly, because it can represent taking responsibility for crucial matters in our lives .

Second, those who dream of a round table are brave, hard-working and mature people. Therefore, it reflects the overcoming of some deep-seated fear or anxiety . Regarding the interaction with new and unfamiliar people, or the feeling of expectation for the beginning of a new romantic relationship

Dream about board games

If you dreamed of board games it is because rumors, hoaxes and scandals are about to happen . These fast-spreading gossip and lies would be caused by others around you. Furthermore, such malicious activity will greatly and negatively affect your daily life.

Dream of a table full of food

Having a dreamlike vision with a table full of food can be a sign that you will receive many visitors in your house . In addition, it predicts the need to prepare for some complicated actions that require a responsible approach. It can also signify a possible illness.

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Dream of a large table

Regardless of the color of the table and how large it is, it is interpreted as a sign of good news and outstanding success in work or business relationships. However, the specific meaning of this symbol could be extremely different depending on additional details, such as who you were sharing that table with.

Dream of a long table

If you dreamed of a long table, it may reveal that your current job or career field is not what it was meant to be. Continuing to take blind steps in a job that has no future, or pretending that you are someone you are not could kill your spirit, cause depression and leave you uninspired and dissatisfied with such life. This vision signals that now is the time to seek something more in line with your true goals and ambitions .

Dream About Rectangular Table

A rectangular table in dreams, denotes hidden fears in the subconscious. Because of these fears probably lived in past experiences, memories of previous trial and error arrive. This vision is a message from the subconscious that indicates that the time has come to overcome these feelings. And also, give other people a chance before doubting them and yourself.

Dream of a table full of people

If you dreamed of a table full of people, it is a good sign because positive news about a distant relative is coming . Also, it predicts new additions to your family or the rapid recovery of a relative affected by illness or health problems. Definitely, this is a dream that predicts that joy and happiness will come to your life.

Dream About Glass Table

Dream About Glass Table

Glass is a material that can be easily broken. For that reason, if you dreamed of a glass table it signals the end of one period of life and the beginning of another . Although good things can happen after seeing this symbol, it is likely that an end is coming to some other part or period of your life.

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Dream of dining table

Dreaming of a dining table predicts an important event or milestone that will occur in reality. In many cases, this symbol has positive connotations , although it is given a neutral interpretation. This is due to the versatile nature of its functionality.

Dream table cutlery

Cutlery arranged on a table in your dreams, predict that you may find a job opportunity that will challenge you more or offer you better compensation and benefits. In other words, silverware represents the potential to improve your current job status.

Billiard table dreams

This dreamlike vision of the pool table is a positive symbol . Specifically, it could be an allusion to a possible promotion or an opportunity for professional recognition. Perhaps your boss will finally value your valuable contributions and reward you with a more comfortable position at work.

Dream of setting the table

Setting or preparing a table in your dream indicates that you will behave as your elders want and they will appreciate you . In addition, you will improve yourself and you will be respected, you will be taken as a role model or reference for others. Your new “me” will bring you many benefits and public recognition. If after you finish eating you clear the table, it refers to an upcoming vacation, relaxation and business trips.

Dream of square table

Square shapes according to Chinese tradition are associated with justice. For that reason, if you have dreamed of a table in this way, it predicts that in the near future you will finally reach a state of peace and inner balance after an unpleasant period of discord and fiery disagreements in your own home.

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