Elevators began as a luxury, and today they have become a necessity to be able to reach the highest places in a building in a short time. You probably have to take at least one elevator every day. This makes it very normal for you to dream of an elevator and you see that you have been locked in with no one to come for you, despite the fact that you touch the emergency button. As a consequence, this may produce a phobia in you, fill you with nerves or irritate you, affecting your moment of rest. Similarly, if you are claustrophobic, you are much more likely to have a nightmare in this context. However, when this dream appears for no apparent reason, it is important that you pay attention because your subconscious seeks to give you a message.

Since their invention, elevators have been an instrument of mobility, loading and ascending or descending transport. So from a general perspective, dreaming of an elevator indicates the arrival of changes , movement, growth or regression, in any area of ​​your life. Seeing elevators in dreams is closely related to activity. Almost always it is accompanied by a company, an entity, job, relationship or other specific situation. You must pay attention to the movement of the elevator since depending on whether it goes up or down, you will know if it is positive or negative.

On the other hand, dreaming of an elevator indicates that you find yourself thinking about the ups and downs that you have experienced in life and how they have influenced you. Your family, your relationships, your business or work may be involved in this dream. That is why it is very important that you pay close attention to every detail of your dream.

Similarly, an elevator in your dreams also speaks about a level of social status and wealth. It can be the representation of a state of consciousness, especially if in the dream the elevator is made of glass and you can see what is below you. You have the ability to observe the world from a very high perspective. For a more precise meaning it is important that you analyze in detail the context of this, its details and your current personal situation.


The first impression of this dream with an elevator is very easy to interpret since knowing that your elevator goes up is a clear sign of success , and if you see that it descends then you must prepare yourself because you will have to face failure. However, this is only a general interpretation. In case this dream experience appears at a time in your life where you have to make an important decision, this dream will help you decide correctly . If you see that the elevator goes up, it is a sign of good decisions, on the other hand, if it takes the opposite direction, you should know that that decision might not be the most successful.

Similarly, this dream tells you which path you are following in life. For this it is important that once again you pay attention to the direction of the elevator, since it will reveal how good the course you have taken is. This is a dream experience that allows you to reflect on the path you follow and how it fits into your life. It can be confusing to make a decision, but you will solve everything depending on how you react when you wake up, you will immediately know what is best for you.

Dreaming of an uncontrolled elevator

Dreaming of an uncontrolled elevator and that this crash against the ceiling indicates that you are taking a new elevated position which you feel that you are not ready to face and fulfill these new responsibilities. If you notice that the elevator collapses, this reflects that you are afraid of losing control or you feel unable to reach the level you are looking for.

Dream of an elevator that goes up fast

Dreaming of an elevator that goes up fast and takes flight towards the sky shows you that everything flows naturally and at ultrasonic speeds. Reveal that you will soon reap the fruit of your business , and you will be rewarded with good relationships.

Dreaming of an elevator falling

Dreaming of an elevator falling without being able to stop is usually a frequent dream experience in those who suffer from vertigo or claustrophobia. However, it is also a recurring dream in those who are not in control of their life , cannot choose their own path or fear the uncertainty that the future holds.

Dreams that you get locked in an elevator

To dream that you are locked in an elevator shows that you are in a moment of stagnation . All that need to achieve your dreams and goals, that desire to rise and move forward to make a place for yourself in the world, all of it has become stagnant.

Dreaming of an elevator that goes up and does not stop

Dreaming of an elevator that goes up and does not stop shows that in your conscious life you begin to catapult yourself into a position of power that you still cannot deal with. You are probably very afraid of assuming these new responsibilities because your life is going out of control.


  • Dreams of a panoramic elevator can be interpreted according to your feeling during sleep. If you feel uncomfortable during the experience because you are being observed from the outside, it means that you have many insecurities that do not allow you to be completely comfortable in what you do. In case you feel good observing everyone and also greet those who are below you, it means that you are a confident person, full of charisma who knows well where his place is.
  • Dreaming of going with people in the elevator means that you are a person who likes to share your achievements with others . You are a good companion whose plan is to make his friends go up with him in life. In case the elevator is going down, you should know that the people who accompany you are influencing your descent.
  • To dream that the elevator falls, but you manage to hold on to one of its ropes while it falls, reveals that you feel a great fear that your plans will come to an end and therefore you are looking for a way to hold on to something that gives you security.
  • Dreams of a damaged elevator and going up stairs shows that you are not trying one hundred percent to achieve your goals.
  • Dreaming of an elevator out of order is the way your subconscious shows you that your emotions are out of control . It can refer to your life or your career. You feel trapped in a specific area of ​​your life. If during sleep the elevator goes from being immobile and begins to move sideways, it indicates that your efforts will not bring you good results, both in your work, as well as in your personal relationships.
  • Dreaming of an empty or crowded elevator is a dream experience that indicates that, in the first place, you feel lonely. You may need to go out for a bit to make human contact, as well as you may be afraid to cut yourself off from those who really matter to you . If the elevator is full of people, it indicates that you are afraid of the competition around you. You find yourself in the middle of a situation where competition is constant and you fear failure.
  • Dreaming of an elevator in a basement is a little peculiar but interesting dream which tells you that, in case you cannot leave, you should pay attention to what happens in your life because there is a situation or a person in your life that is secret. and that needs to be investigated. Something is happening and it is necessary that you investigate the matter because you do not know how it can affect you.
  • Dreaming of an elevator going up shows that you are a person whose priority is to achieve good social status and earn a lot of money. It can also indicate that you have reached a new level of ability to understand things better and have much more maturity to face the challenges that arise in your life.

Dreams related to dreaming about an elevator

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