Dreaming of farewell augurs positive and negative times. It is a dreamlike vision that depends on the setting and the feelings of the dreamer to find the correct interpretation. Farewells for many people are usually bitter and sad, since they will probably be absent for a few days due to a pending commitment, change cities, fire your children from university or give the last goodbye to a loved one who has just died.

In other dreams with goodbye there is crying or happiness, but also worry. The interpretations of dreams with old bachelor, believed that this was the signal to start a new trip or change course for a better tomorrow, although the concept has changed a bit, still portends a new direction.

However, if you dream of farewell, warn about new news that will come soon. It should be noted that the meaning of your dreams depends on the type of farewell , but generally they are situations that will not get out of control.

Goodbye dreams have several meanings. It is generally interpreted that if you are saying goodbye to someone it is because you will receive bad news, on the other hand, if this person from whom you are saying goodbye has not seen them for many months, then you will receive good news. The above is an example of how the details in which the dream unfolds will depend on its meaning.

Feelings play an important role when dreaming of saying goodbye to someone or perhaps your pet, each detail has a different meaning, therefore, it is important to recognize the scenarios. Next, the different meanings of dreaming of a farewell. 

Dream about a bachelorette party

If you dreamed of a bachelorette party, it means that you are ready for the wedding, but you hide secrets that you do not want to be revealed. It usually hints at questions about taking the next step and that your emotions want to be more organized. This dream is very common in women about to get married and fears are common about the next step. Now, if you dream of a bachelorette party and you are not getting married, it means that you have emotional secrets that are invading your head, which can turn into strong emotional stress.

Dream of a bachelor party

If you dream of a bachelor party and you observe many men, it means that you have several unfinished business in your life and you do not fully trust your partner. Regardless of whether or not you will get married, it is a way of warning you that your trust is very weak and tends to break down quickly. If you are a man and you dream of a bachelor party, it means that you are ready to take on new responsibilities in your life, leaving your history in the past.

Dream of parting and crying

Did you dream of parting and crying? Then negative changes are coming to your life, especially sentimental ones. Probably your plans with a particular person did not go as expected and you are also uneasy with your emotions. If you dream of farewell and your partner crying, it means that your friendships are false and very hypocritical, taking advantage of you in the moments that only they need.

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Dreams of my farewell

Dreaming of my farewell to someone and going in the opposite direction means that bad news will come to your life, especially sentimental ones. Now, dreaming that you say goodbye to someone and the other person does not care if you leave, it means that your love relationship does not make sense and there is no true love between the two of you. If you dream of my farewell shaking hands with another person, it means that you will break relationships with someone, but it will be momentarily and for the good of both. Dreaming of your farewell and that everyone seems sad means that your economic and sentimental situation will not improve soon.

Dreaming of farewell to relatives

A dream with a family farewell means that you are looking for independence, with the aim of improving your own life. It is a time where you are very calm of your abilities and want to explore the world on your own. In recent weeks, you have considered making a very strong personal change, but you are worried about your family. Whether it is a new job in another city or a trip to seek job opportunities, this dream saying goodbye to family members is the signal to start your new path.

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Dreams about farewell to an ex

If you dream of saying goodbye to an ex, it means new positive changes, especially when you want to get rid of toxic people in your life. Your quest to improve your economy and social status will be on the right track in the following days. Now, if you dream of farewell to an ex who is your current lover, it means that situations will come where your loyalty will be tested especially with your current partner.

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Dreaming of farewell for a trip

Did you dream of farewell for a trip? A positive change in your life is coming soon, especially if you are going through a rough patch. In some moments it will mean all the success you want summarized in an upcoming job. Also, it is the opportunity for you to set new goals if your life is not oriented properly.

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Dreams of farewell to a relative

A dream vision with a family member farewell can augur illnesses or worries if the farewell was sad or very serious. It is a sign that warns you of unfavorable circumstances in the life of your family. Now, if it was a dream with a family member farewell, it quietly means that some people will momentarily withdraw from your life, but they will not lose contact and will always remain on your side.

Dreaming of a happy farewell

If you dream of a happy farewell it means that it is time to close cycles and that everything will begin to change in your life. It is time to heal old wounds, apologize to those who deserve it, and accept apologies from those we did not think would apologize. When you dream of a happy farewell, interpret it as the signal to begin to improve your environment, evolve as a person, seek new opportunities and finally close that bad cycle of your life.


  • To dream that you say goodbye to your home augurs next trips or vacations, as long as the farewell is calm or happy. In the opposite case, it means that you must necessarily change the city.
  • To dream that you say goodbye to many people means that you are not satisfied with your actions and want to start taking a new direction in your life, eliminating all those people who only cause problems or do not contribute anything new in your life.
  • Dreaming of a farewell to a distant friend heralds the arrival of good news and moments of happiness, especially the proposal of new business.
  • A dream about farewell to a pet means a reunion with someone special from the past, who will arrive with good news. Show your attention to future calls.
  • If you dream of saying goodbye to your country, it means that you want to escape your problems, but you can’t find the right way to do it. Asking for advice from people you consider important in your life is a good start.
  • Dreaming of saying goodbye to your sad parents portends illness due to your stress level and emotional problems. You should dedicate time to your leisure activities to reduce your stress.
  • Dreaming of saying goodbye to an enemy means that you are distancing yourself from people who at some point betrayed you, but kept their friendship. It is a major change to make in your life.

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