Dream of Heights

Dream of Heights (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dreaming of heights can be interpreted in a positive or negative way depending on the period we are going through. The generality of the times indicates tenacity and belief in overcoming difficult moments. Regardless of whether we feel fear or not while we are up, these dream visions have to do with the things and goals that we want to achieve in life.

When you dream of heights, it generally represents your mood, self  esteem or the psychological environment of the moment, rarely being a reference to personal situations. Also, it can represent situations of power where self-confidence is decisive, taking the positive and negative to face the present situation.

If you dream that you observe the city from the top of a statue, it indicates that you enjoy reputation and respect within the family , friends or work group. It is important to remember the type of material, with which the structure on which we are suspended was manufactured, to understand what stage we are going through and how urgent it must be overcome.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Heights?

To determine the meaning of dreaming of heights, we must carefully study the characteristics of the place and time that we are at the height. As well as if it is high or low elevation to which we are. In the same way, dreaming of heights is a premonition that indicates success in achieving our goals, with our achievement being greater and more evident at a higher altitude.

Dreaming of heights often represents leadership, respect, power, which will depend on the place and how high you are. Likewise, when these dreams are negative, they show us that we are being egotistical, overvalue our ability and imagine that we are above others, that is, they are indicating that we may suffer falls due to our behavior.

Dreaming of fear of heights

Dreaming of fear of heights means that you are reflecting your current situation (acrophobia), but you can also dream of heights without feeling fear. At that precise moment is when you need to decipher the revealing meaning of those hidden emotions that we don’t even realize in real life.

The fear of heights is a defense method, in the dream representation it can be described as good news that will surprise us and make a great impression. As it is the birth of a new member of the family or a puppy, it can also be interpreted as the return of someone. Also, it can signal the arrival of a dream business or job.

If you dreamed that you have a fear of heights, this represents the fear you feel for the stage you are going through and that you may fall. This means, lack of self-confidence. Likewise, if when you dream that you are in the heights you feel fear and your heart beats strong, it is a symptom that we should share our problems with people who love and support us.

Dreams of heights and vertigo

Dreams of heights and vertigo

If you dream of heights and it gives you vertigo, it can be interpreted that you are not prepared to face adverse stages that occur in your life. The reason for dreaming with vertigo indicates that you are going very fast in your life, and you have lost control of it. If in your dream of heights, you feel vertigo, it indicates a lack of confidence in yourself and causes you anguish and a lack of inner security. In the same way, it tells us that we are struggling to achieve the goal and that we will most likely obtain it.

Dreaming of heights and feeling vertigo can also mean sadness, loss of family happiness, and that you are a cautious person in dangerous situations, since you act conservatively, protectively and defensively. However, in conflictive contexts it can be interpreted as a lack of self-control.

Dream of heights and be afraid

Dreaming of heights and being afraid is associated with the ability to face a problem. However, we have all the tools and skills within us to do so. Basically, it is a matter of lack of confidence and self-esteem. Fear and feeling paralyzed in the heights, is the subconscious response to this situation.

Dream of heights and stairs

Those who dream of heights and stairs have a reluctance to leave a situation behind, even if it is not leading them where they want to go. That’s perfectly understandable, as we often decide to stay for years in a bad situation because it’s better than nothing. However, the invitation of the subconscious is to lose fear and make drastic changes once and for all.

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Dream of heights and precipices

Heights and cliffs represent a sense of accomplishment. You may feel superior to others in some way. Also, it symbolizes that you have overcome a huge challenge or that you have worked very hard to get where you are. Reaching the peak of success or a challenge. Heights next to cliffs in dreams can also reflect inner knowledge or feel smarter than others.

Dream of heights and not being able to go down.

On the contrary, when we have dreamed that we reach a certain height and cannot go down, it means that we have feelings of danger or risk as we are getting closer to our goal or achievement. Fear of losing what we have achieved so far while we continue to progress, is the meaning of dreaming of heights and not being able to go down.

Dream of heights and water

Dream of heights and water

Seeing ourselves up high and looking down and seeing water can reflect a fear of success or that you are not believing in yourself enough. Feeling that you are not as good as others think you are. Fear that you cannot maintain your success or that you are not qualified to perform a task. Dreaming of heights and water is insecurity in yourself.

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Dreams of heights and sea

Dreaming of heights and the sea has to do with an obstacle in your life . A struggle to reach a goal. The higher you are from sea level, it will reflect how big the challenge you are facing. If in addition to this you feel fear of height, it represents your attempt to fight against that obstacle. Feeling the difficulty of a situation or that something is becoming more difficult, is the interpretation of this dream.

Dream of dangerous heights

If you dreamed of dangerous heights, it represents that a problem is too much for you, that is, you cannot deal with that situation. You may also be experiencing a huge challenge or pressure to complete a project. You feel like fighting the odds. Dangerous heights are a sign that you have to “hang on . ” Patience and dedication are the keys to working in your life.

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