Dream Of Stones

Dream of Stones (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Whether they are large rocks or simple stones, their relationship is always weight, hardness, firmness, constancy, since they generally endure in shape, size or at least in their nature.

Dreaming of stones obviously rules out vulnerability, on the contrary, rocks and stones represent for the unconscious, a strong, imposing personality that defends and maintains its position.

To give an interpretation of dreaming about stones, as it happens in all dreams, the context of the image must be taken into account, the environment, the place, the size of the stone and even the position or location must be related. circumstance in which the interaction between the individual and the stone arises.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Stones?

Considering that the interpretation of a dream is somewhat complex, it depends on symbols and in turn also depends on how each person perceives or gives meaning to that symbol to that object or even to a place.

In most circumstances dreams are messages that the same person sends to try to “remember” a truth that he is denying himself. In the case of stones, it is common for people to associate them with obstacles, with weight, with hardness, a strong temperament or achievement in difficult goals.

Dream about precious stones

Dream about precious stones

Precious stones are interpreted as interior work, a work that seeks a change from dark to bright, from opaque to bright, from what is disliked to what is pleasing, or perhaps the arrival of wishes for surprises. Gemstones are a gift from life, they are interpreted as the scope of a dream.

Agate is a violet colored stone and dreaming about it means the premonition of a short and curable disease. The pearl means marriage and to wear a pearl necklace is to feel the respect and trust of others. Diamonds signify the desire to dominate a situation, a circumstance, marry, or achieve the stability of a love relationship

Dream of big stones

Stones are a gift of nature, so that dreaming of them cannot claim to be related in any way to a creation or modernism.
The stones are unique, none is identical to another, so a stone represents by itself, authenticity and superiority. The unconscious of those who dream of rocks, relates it to weight, to load, to foundations, to origins, to immobility, to strength, to something difficult to bend or overcome.

Large stones are power, they have been used as defense mechanisms and as obstacles to overcome, they are also the basis of great strengths, so that it is impossible that the unconscious does not relate a rock, with dominance and authority.

Dream of small stones

Generally, people who dream of stones, are people with firm visions and positions, or at least want to be people to make and defend their decisions, they base each of their opinions without room for change.

However, dreaming of small stones reflects a somewhat self-conscious personality that is susceptible for the moment to criticism. Small stones or stones that are breaking into smaller ones, suggests that complex events, illnesses, deaths, difficult situations will occur that will bring changes in some aspect of life.

Dream of colored stones

Dream of colored stones

In this case, the basic concept of firmness and hardness with which dreaming of stones is interpreted is maintained, however the color adds certain meanings. Each of them represents different emotional vibrations.

The yellow stone reaffirms the meaning of an obstacle that can be overcome with intelligence and agility, while a gray stone means that the immobility of feelings should bring tranquility, while a violet stone means spiritual and physical changes, on the other hand, the brown stone is interpreted as success.

Dream about river stones

Dreaming of stones emerging from the water, predicts happy situations that are based on solid feelings, family or couple relationships that improve and that refresh on solid foundations, just as a river refreshes the immovable stone.

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Dream of white stones

The white stones are interpreted as self-confidence, in the certainty of being moving or defending positions. Keeping the context that stone is hardness and white is energy and vitality, a white stone confirms the strength and energy with which a belief or decision is protected and preserved.

Perfection and dignity protected by firmness and immobility in own criteria, in dogmas and feelings or positions that are considered pure, moral and even wise, with defined values ​​without intention of harming someone, despite this, the white stones also reflect a personality prone to betrayal or scams.

Dreaming of falling stones

Stones that come from a volcano can be interpreted as the change of feelings, morals or beliefs that have been gradually transforming or disappearing over the years.

Dream of a stone path

Roads laden with stones, in a dream are the description of a change of feelings, a change to detachment, a change to colder feelings.

Dream of rain of stones

A stone that falls from the sky or as a meteorite, is interpreted as the premonition that something will happen and that it will bring about transformations in one’s life.

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Dream of throwing stones

Dreaming of lazar pointing a stone at another person, means that you will be in the near future, criticizing or slandering him. It is interpreted as the desire to judge others.

Dreaming of stones in your mouth

It means that there is an inner suffocation, a weight, a burden from which you want to release, remove a responsibility, express opinions or annoyances that are being endured, it can even predict family disputes.

Dream of spitting stones

Spitting stones in a dream, means difficulty, clashes for work or love rivalries, this dream augurs conflicts and the need for a lot of strength to get out of them in the near future.

Dream about blue stones

It means inner peace, serenity, empathy with the environment, with family, friends and partner. It reflects that there is inner harmony regardless of adversity.

Dreams of quartz stones

Quartz in dreams signify changes, novelties, creativity, new paths, positive energy in the face of new proposals.

Dream about black stones

It means a great loss or a worry, the black stones are interpreted as the constant presence of an idea or belief that disturbs and that is interfering with the tranquility.

Dreams of gold stones

It is important to understand that it is not the same to dream of precious stones than to dream of a treasure, precious stones are colored gems and great value, which individually represent sensations, while a gold stone means the loss of an opportunity, a obstacle that is presented preventing a very desirable achievement.

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Dream about green stones

Dream about green stones

Dreaming of an emerald is interpreted as a desire to learn, to know, to decipher a complex solution, although this dream can also mean the fear of discovering something painful.

Dream of red stones

The ruby ​​is a red gemstone and dreaming about it is related to love and passion, it is interpreted as the search for an intense love, while if you dream of losing the ruby, you fear losing the perfect love that is consider having. On the other hand, the hyacinth is also a reddish gemstone of various shapes, which is interpreted in dreams as birth.

Dream about water and stones

When dreaming of stones in water, you must interpret the state of the water, because if it is crystal clear and clean, the meaning predicts joy, while calm water defines correct decisions, on the contrary, stones in cloudy, dirty water, is related to conflicts and worries or failed projects.

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Other Meanings Of Dreams With Stones

Since the stones store energy, since they receive lunar and solar reflections, they are related to powers, to charges, to stories. The rocks, despite being hard, are caressed by the light, by the wind, they are bathed in the rivers, being opaque or shiny, they do not stop being part of the foundations, they do not stop being bases and support.

  • Dreaming of a backpack loaded with stones. Carrying a bag of stones means carrying a heavy economic or moral burden, it is interpreted as the feeling that one is dealing with a responsibility of ethics and example that generates a burden for the person.
  • Dreaming of resting on stones. Being at rest on a stone base is interpreted as firmness and constancy in an opinion or position in a situation.
  • Dreams of broken stones. Seeing them cracked or showing perforations is interpreted as aggression, deceit, betrayal means the sensation of being hurt or hurting another person.
  • Dreaming about throwing a stone. To receive a stone is to dream that you will be judged and criticized, that you will be in the middle of a controversy.
  • Dreaming that you are carving stones. Seeing yourself carving stones represents the unconscious desire to excel in some aspect of life, be it work, student, family or social.

Although dreaming of rocks or stones can be interpreted in different ways, the different types of contact with them can also have different meanings.
Dreams then are messages sent to the conscious, they are loaded with metaphors and parables of one’s own life, which is why it is interesting to know how to decipher them, since psychologists and astrologers have for centuries interpreted them as warnings and advice from the unconscious towards the conscious.

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