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Dream that You Fly (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dream that You Fly

Did you know that dreaming that you fly is one of the most common and recurring dreams among the world’s population? For most it is one of the most incredible and delicious sensations that exist. The meaning of this dream has to do with the desire for freedom . Although it is not strictly that you feel trapped, but rather that you want to live new experiences that nurture you. You need a little more happiness and daring in your life , so you feel like flying will help you.

The dreams where you fly have different interpretations of dreams. Of course, if you are a person used to airplanes or who lives near an airport, these chimeras will not surprise you. However, you should always pay attention to the details of the dream. Thus, it is one of the dreams that has been explained the most by renowned experts in psychoanalysis. As is the case of Sigmund Freud , who believed that these visions of flying are directly linked to sexuality. How the individual interprets sex and if he is opening up to new experiences in this area. Instead, the English psychologist Ian Wallace expresses that these dreams indicate that you have freed yourself from a great burden.

It is not possible to dismiss either of these two great thinkers, but it is valid to choose your own theory. And although they may be right, we must not forget that dreams are private moments, different for everyone . So you must take into consideration, before taking a theory that there are specific details for each person. That is, it may be that you and your best friend have dreamed of flying on an airplane the same night. This does not mean that it has the same interpretation for both.

What Does it Mean to Dream that You Fly?

Dreaming that you fly is a very good sign. Because it occurs when you are going through a period of spiritual renewal and growth in all aspects, it is interpreted as having total clarity regarding your goals. And the determination or need to fight for them, going over adversities and obstacles. If your goals are clear, it is equivalent to future success. That is why you should not fear anything, because even if things seem impossible, you will be able to overcome everything.

Being able to fly is a great indication of autonomy . To want to know more and more of the world at all times and to know more than what you already know. It represents the need to expand and open new paths, to wish to be able to improve yourself personally. Most dream visions about flying have to do with this. However, you have to be careful with the negative part. For example, wanting to risk so much that you get carried away by the libertine side of life . With the help of this article, you can have a more concrete idea of ​​the meaning of dreams .

Dreaming that you fly by plane

Dreaming that you fly by plane

To tell the truth, dreaming of flying in an airplane is quite typical for most of the people . Especially if they are about to embark on a trip, also if they are pilots, flight attendants or cabin crew. If any of these fit your case, then you don’t have to think about it any more. This dream simply reflects your daily life or your fear or desire to make that trip.

However, if none of this has to do with you, it may be a sign that you are looking for freedom . Airplanes in dreams are a sign of liberation; so seeing yourself flying in one means that’s what you need. Your life may seem very exhausting and overwhelming right now, and you want to take some time for yourself. It would be good if you listen to your subconscious, since excess stress can make you sick.

You also have to detail what the weather was like during the vision and how you were flying. That is, if you were just a simple passenger or you were flying as a pilot. In the latter case, it is interpreted as that you want to take control of your life , make your own decisions. It is possible that you depend a lot on someone (a family member, your boss, your job) and this no longer satisfies you. Also focus on knowing if the plane is on a fixed heading or you have no idea where it is going. Maybe you need more adventures in your reality.

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Dreams that you fly or float

This dream really has quite positive connotations. It is normal to dream that you float when you have eliminated loads from the past. Since it represents a positive change of mentality ; you have come to discover yourself as a new being. You have gone through difficult times and you have had to hit yourself hard, but you have grown and now you are stronger.

Similarly, having this vision reflects that you are a creative person, with a lot of imagination . You are someone who solves problems gracefully and without discussion. You have reached the point of feeling great well-being in your life. Characteristic that you will notice when you wake up: a much lighter body. You are at peace with yourself, even though you have not achieved all of your goals. However, you have not stopped fighting for it, only now you do it in a relaxed way without becoming obsessed.

But be careful if you have this dream very often . It could be a warning that your reality does not complete you and you feel like you must escape to another world . Always remember that you must step on the ground and be mature enough to face the facts.

Dreaming that you fly and they chase you

If you have this kind of dream it is because you are unhappy with your life . Whether you are fighting for your freedom or wish to fight to be free, there will always be something holding you back. Analyze what the dream tells you, that in the air you can do whatever you want but there is someone or something that does not allow it. And that is exactly what it means.

It is likely that you have a very routine reality , without surprises or surprises. And the truth is that you are not like that, and you did not think that your life would transform into this. It is also common in people who are forced to carry a sick loved one . Somehow they feel trapped and want to escape, although it surely will not reveal this desire.

The important thing is that you find a way to get away and clear your mind a little, if not completely. This will help you; otherwise you will not be able to progress in certain areas. Although it can also be a warning that you need an urgent change .

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Dreams that you fly in the air

Dreams that you fly in the air

When you dream that you are flying through the air, your subconscious is crying out for a little freedom. You are trapped in a tiring day to day. What you do (work or study) is not what you want or like. You want to escape and go very far, where no one will judge you or tell you what to do. If you are a young person remember that you still have a lot of time to decide and you should not force yourself to choose what you do not like to please someone else. If you are an older person, it is time for a change. Better late than never.

On the other hand, if a person in a couple has this dream, it indicates unhappiness in love . Especially if you feel good about yourself and feel good about your work life. The current partner may not have turned out to be what you expected, or they may have fallen into a routine and you no longer like them. Whatever the case, keep in mind that only you are responsible for your joys.

Dreaming that you fly without wings

This dream bodes very well . Dreaming that you can fly without wings is excellent, since it is interpreted as that you do not need anything other than yourself to be happy. You are able to use yourself to achieve your dreams and achieve peace of mind.

On the other hand, it can indicate that in the near future things will improve for you. Your job will give you a raise, you will have a good romantic relationship, even if this means ending the current one. If you go through any ailment or a family member of yours does, rest assured that it will heal. Many joys and fortune will come to your hands. So if you are going through a season of sadness and restlessness, stop worrying. Rest assured that everything will be solved and you will be better than ever.

Dreams that you fly very high

To dream that you are flying very high in the air , practically touching the sky, is a dream that reflects your personality. On the one hand, it tells you that you are a determined , responsible person and that you are not afraid to fight for your goals. Your goals come before everything. So if you get something between your eyebrows, you will not leave it until it is real. This is quite a positive feature. On the other hand, it means that you are very controlling with your life and want things to be done only your way.

For people who are married or in a relationship, it can indicate that they feel a bit bored in their relationship. This is not necessarily a bad thing in the meaning of dreams. Rather, you should take it as a wake-up call . The two of you need to wake up and do something fun that rekindles your relationship. And it is better to take it into account, before it is too late and they fall into monotony.

Dreaming that you fly over the sea

Dreaming that you fly over the sea

Dreams where you fly over the sea, oceansz, rivers or lakes are dreams that indicate hope . This chimera is very common in those who suffer from a major illness. Or whose loved one suffers from some almost incurable disease. However, you don’t lose hope that things will change in the future . If the water is calm it is because you are mature enough to accept this situation. If, on the contrary, it is strong, it is that you feel despair inside .

This kind of vision has to do with wanting to solve a large-scale problem . Even if it is something that does not correspond directly to you, but you think you have a solution. In the same way, it can be a reflection of the worries that overwhelm you every day . Remember that the mind can function as a storehouse for thoughts and memories. And sometimes it can even show you things that you thought you had forgotten.

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Dreams that you fly with someone

This dream has a lot to do with wanting to make an impression on someone . It does not matter if you fly in his arms, by the hands or each one next to the other. The point is that there is a person that you care too much, and you want him to take you more into account. It may very well be on the romantic level, but not necessarily. It could refer to a friendship, which you think has abandoned you a bit. Or a family member, with whom you don’t feel much connection. You can’t find a way to get paid attention and your subconscious shows it while you sleep.

Dreaming that you fly and fall

Dreaming that you fly and fall

The most accurate interpretation of dreaming that you fly and fall suddenly, is that you should be cautious . While you take things on the sidelines at the moment, you should not neglect yourself, as they can get out of control. You are a fairly organized and pragmatic person ; almost nothing takes you by surprise, because you always have one foot forward. However, things will not be this way all the time. This dream expresses to you that you should be less confident. And to accept that there are risks even though you think you have everything very well planned . It is one of the most frequent dreams, there are even those who can induce it voluntarily through lucid dreams.

Dreams that you fly with your arms

Dreaming that you must wave your arms to fly reveals that you are not a person who gives up easily. You are able to fight with your whole body to make your dreams come true. You have a lot of determination and when you really want something you get it. You never allow others to lower you from your heights. Many times, you end up exhausted, however you do not think to give up, you are persistent.

Other Meanings of Dreams in which You Fly

Dreams related to dreaming that you fly.

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