Dreaming of Heels

Dreaming of Heels (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

There are dreams whose interpretation should be used for personal benefit or to improve certain aspects that are related to our personality. This is the case of  dreaming about heels , a vision that is capable of highlighting most of your qualities and your virtues .

It is very common to have dreams with this type of shoes. For that reason, you must take its interpretation as being an object which enables you to walk through life. Thanks to this information, you will be able to determine the importance and meaning of dreams with heels or related to them.

The heels in real life serve the function of enhancing the female figure, and give the illusion of being taller and sexier. In some way, this type of footwear has the function of highlighting your virtues , in addition to your qualities and this is something that falls wonderfully when it comes to self-esteem. However, we must be careful not to fall into appearances and as a consequence lose our authenticity.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Heels?

When dreaming of heels you feel in a certain way a little superior to the rest . Being a few centimeters taller, we can say that dreams with heels denote that we are narcissistic people. We only think about our well-being and our happiness, forgetting those around us. However, it is important to analyze if we take firm steps, the heels are broken or have any damage.

In real life, wearing heels gives us the opportunity to take confident steps otherwise we would fall. As it happens in the dream visions of dreaming with heels. Since, although you could wear much more comfortable footwear, you have chosen the high ones. This indicates that you are a person of challenges , that you are safe in life and that you will reach very high

Dream of high heels

Dreaming of high heels means vulnerability, loneliness and oppression . It also indicates that you need time for a physical or emotional recovery. If you dreamed of wearing very high heels, it represents glamor and your feminine part. You are someone sure of yourself. It could also mean that you feel limited at times due to social pressures. You cannot express everything.

If your dream focuses on wearing or seeing designer high heels, it shows that you will be working abroad to find your riches. You will have a future abroad and you will be able to close several businesses of great importance for you and your company. Even business trips.

If you were wearing stilettos in your dream, reveal your sexuality and sexual attraction towards a new person in real life. You will want a person of the opposite sex, you can enjoy intimate moments together, since all the meetings you plan with that person will take place, in addition these meetings will help you to know yourself better in the sexual sphere.

Dream of broken heels

Dreaming of broken heels means that you will not be able to conquer the man you are interested in . Since he will know your cunning tricks. Also, a similar vision in a dream warns, according to the dream book, of unplanned difficulties where previously everything was going well. You must mobilize the willpower and continue the path to the goal.

If you see a man wearing broken heels, talk about dominance in sex . A dream, in which you broke your heels and started walking, recalls the recent misfortune in sexual intercourse, which causes emotional stress and self-doubt. In this situation, it is necessary not to concentrate and try to recover your intimate life again.

Dreaming of black heels

Dreaming of black heels

If you have dreamed of black heels it has a very ambitious meaning , more than that of other dreams related to shoes. The reason? It symbolizes the beginning of a quest for power but in a crazy way. You seek dominance along with supremacy at any rate, either personally or professionally.

Dreams in white heels

The interpretation of dreams with white heels  symbolizes the illusion of having a child or the nerves for the arrival of someone. Maybe you are nervous about a date with a man whom you really like, and you fear ruining everything. But also, it may be that you feel nervous about not being ready for motherhood and are afraid of being pregnant.

Dreaming of walking in heels

The meaning of dreams of walking in heels depends on what we feel. According to the dream book it can have several meanings but it all depends on the details. If you feel comfortable: you will successfully complete a responsible business, you will achieve the goal. But in other cases where the use of heels makes you feel uncomfortable, it means a vision that warns of problems.

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Dreams that a man wears heels

To dream that a man wears heels has the meaning that your pride is seriously injured , but attempts to rectify the situation fail. Don’t worry too much – everyone has a tough time. You just need to move on, find new activities.

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Dreaming of red heels

Having a dream vision in red heels suggests that others will turn to you for advice . Seeing red heels in a dream also suggests that your decisions within the workplace will be required to solve a problem. Wearing red shoes indicates that through your own efforts you will be successful.

Dreams in pink heels

Dreams with pink heels show that you are a person with a loving and kind personality , who needs love in your day to day life. You are a person who is constantly offering your support and love to the people around you. And that is why many people come to you when they feel somewhat sad. The good news is that you will have many people to turn to when you are the one who is feeling sad.

Dream of yellow heels

If you have dreamed of  yellow heels, it  means that you are glimpsing the approach of a certain person who has a certain interest in you. Also, it indicates that you must pursue your goals with great optimism and courage. This means that you must live comfortably in order to take advantage of all the opportunities that life presents.

Dream of new heels

Dream of new heels

Dreaming of new heels indicates that you are ready for important changes in life . Unconsciously you want to start a new business, and spread your wings in search of financial stability. And also, to be a self-sufficient person to be able to be calm in the future.

Dream of blue heels

A dreamlike manifestation with blue heels  means that inside you are not hiding secrets , but it is very likely that they are hiding them from you. If broken blue heels appear in your dreams, this means that you do keep a great secret that is tormenting you.

Dreams in golden heels

Dreaming of golden heels indicates that you are very likely to find prosperity and riches. If you are wearing gold heels in your dream, this means that there will be a possible promotion within your job. Dreaming of seeing gold heels is associated with earnings within the financial world.

Dreaming of women’s heels

If you dreamed of women’s heels it means that in real life you are overwhelmed. Either because of the uncertainty or laziness, which you are trying to get rid of. You would like to have all the information of a certain aspect that does not allow you to continue, because there are many risks that you still do not know.

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