Dream About Dragons

Dream About Dragons (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Magic and fantasy can become great protagonists in dreams, there is a lot of magic in a dream with dragons . When we talk about magic we immediately think of all the mythical animals that are in magic, and it is impossible to miss the great and majestic dragons. Dragons are wonderful animals that belong to mythology, in most legends about these animals it can be noted that they are almost invincible. According to each region of the world, the appearance that the dragon is believed to have may vary, some say that it has wings while others think that they are like snakes, but despite the different opinions we always find a common characteristic: dragons breathe fire.

We must be aware that in most cases dreams are elements of great importance, they are coded messages that our subconscious sends us. These hidden messages can be related to our personality, the situation that we go through in our life, or situations that we will face in the future, that is why it is extremely important to be attentive to our dream visions and their symbols since in this way we can be prepared for any change in our life.

Dreaming of dragons is not a very common dream but it is very controversial since the meaning of this dream can vary a lot, some people think that dragons are a sign of disaster and desolation while other people tend to think that they are symbols of fortune and prosperity . You must discern which of the two explanations clings more to what you believe in order to continue in the search for the meaning of dreaming about dragons.

The dragons usually appear in dreams to people with a great economic prosperity but are wasteful, just as dreams can occur in people with a more open mind to the theme of magic and fantasy . If you have had a dream about dragons or you are a fan of magic and dragons, we invite you to continue reading to reveal the secret that lies behind these great fire-breathing animals.

What does it mean to dream of dragons?

The dragons are mythical animals that surely will take your breath away. Since ancient times there are people who ensure their existence while others deny it, the only sure thing is that at least in our dreams they exist and have great power over them, they hide great mysticisms behind them. In the most general sense of dreams with dragons it means that a great adversity will present itself to your life but that if you manage to overcome it you will triumph and you will achieve your goal. The dragons in mythology are the guardians of temples and treasures, which is why we can deduce that after defeating the dragon representing adversity you can get a lot of value to your life.

It is not necessary that you have seen game of thrones or  the hobbit and the curse of smaug to dream of dragons , but in short, if you have recently seen audiovisual material of this type it can be the cause of seeing fantastic creatures such as dragons in your dreams. If, on the other hand, you have not seen this type of series recently, you should be attentive to the details that are hidden in your dream since the meaning of dreaming about dragons depends precisely on them , remember that the meaning may vary according to the stage of your life you’re going through, which is why dreams have different meanings for each person.

Dreaming of dragons flying

Dreaming of dragons flying

If you have had dreams with dragons flying, it means that right now you need new experiences, something great that is different from everything you have done so far, at first you will feel fear when you look at the magnitude of the adventure you are about to undertake but surely later you You will love the idea, encourage yourself to change your routine and get out of the pattern, if you wish, destiny will be in your favor and the occasions to carry out your adventures will present themselves.

Also know what it means to dream of flying .

Dream of little dragons

Dreaming of small dragons symbolizes that in the immediate future you will achieve small successes that will make you feel proud of yourself, do not give up on the effort you make now because success depends on that.

Dream About Chinese Dragons

The fact of dreaming about Chinese dragons refers a little to the oriental culture where knowledge and wisdom are well appreciated. If you dream that you are a Chinese dragon, it means that you are a person of great knowledge and that you appreciate everything that surrounds you. If you dream that you see a Chinese dragon it means that around you you will be able to find wise people willing to advise you on situations that you will live, but if you dream that a Chinese dragon speaks to you, it means that you will need one of those people willing to advise you.

Dream of green dragons

Dream of green dragons

Next we will reveal the meaning of dreaming about green dragons . Color is a very important detail in this type of dream since each color represents something different, the green color specifically symbolizes your hard work personality, you are a person who likes to work for your goals and obtain great successes.

Dream about white dragons

Dreaming of dragons reflects that you are in the middle of a moment in which you feel full of serenity and peace. Take advantage of making important decisions as feeling at peace will help you choose correctly whatever you need.

Dream of red dragons

Dream of red dragons

If it comes to problems, let’s talk about dreaming of red dragons. Having dreams where red dragons appear tells us that turbulent times are coming for you and your family loaded with a lot of anger, you must control any small problem that is surrounding your family before it becomes a big problem that you can not stop. It is important to note that the family is your nucleus and that is why you must take care of it, this type of dreams serve as a warning so be careful with everything that may happen in your family circle.

Other meanings of dreams with dragons

  • Dreaming of riding a dragon means that you must or are taking the reins of your life, many important decisions will arise, be strong with your will and do not let anyone force you to act in a way contrary to what you think is right.
  • Dreams with dragons fighting symbolizes the fact that you are having a lot of problems with a member of your family or your circle of friends and your subconscious reflects it in this way, solve the problem as soon as possible so that it does not become a problem that does not you can control.
  • Dreaming of black dragons reflects that a terrifying moment is approaching in your life, big problems will appear in your life that can change it abruptly. You must be prepared for everything that will come to you, try to grow as a person and mature certain aspects of your life so that at the right moment you can react correctly.

Dreams related to dreaming about dragons

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