Dreaming of school is usually very common since it is a very controversial stage in our lives. A period in which we think we know everything, but in reality we still don’t know anything. A stage loved by many but hated by others. But that undoubtedly marks us personal, academic and intellectual growth. Therefore, when we go back to school in dreams it means that we long for certain things from the past.

Since we began to have reason at about 5 or 6 years we already find ourselves attending daily to study. School dreams tell us about an uncertain but exciting future . Certainly many of us have found the best and most lasting friendships here, for that reason it is a vision that fills us with joy and at the same time with nostalgia.

So if you have dreamed of school, it can have different meanings. Generally, all of them are usually related to experiences that generated an impact in our lives. And that perhaps, we should analyze in order to continue with other stages of growth.


What is certain is that when we dream of school we relive memories of unforgettable moments. This denotes that we must act with great calm and prudence in life, since impulsivity could be a catalyst factor to take an action that we may regret in the future.

If you have dreamed of school, it is very likely that it is related to some experience that we have had within that institution. Something that could be interpreted in many ways. Since, depending on the case, the vision will have a specific meaning. So below, we present the elements that can affect sleep.

Dream of going back to school

Dreaming of going back to school can be related to many positive things. Since this stage is related to a before and after and the subconscious reminds us how we live these experiences. Hanging out with your friends, feeling extremely productive and being very sociable is exactly what you would like to experience right now.

On the contrary, if we did not have a good experience at school, this dream does not mean something positive. Those who dream of going back to school are afraid , but they must start finding solutions to problems once and for all. You must regain friendships that you feel should have been lost, apologize to those who feel you have hurt, or forgive and release those people or events that somehow hurt you.

Dream about school friends

Dreaming of friends from school denotes that you feel lonely. If you had many friends in your school period, this vision symbolizes that you feel isolated, empty, alone and that you need to share with some people. On the contrary, if you were a lonely person at school, this vision tells you that you need to return to that refuge that student life meant.

So, having a dream vision with friends from school could be interpreted as missing people who may no longer be in your life. It would not be a bad idea to try to reconnect, to make amends if you hurt someone. Well, if your school life is a pleasant memory, it would be even more pleasant to be able to feel those emotions again as an adult.

Dream about schoolmates

Schoolmates do not usually carry the same weight as friends, but they also play an important role in our development. Since they were part of our daily coexistence. So a dream about them could mean that you would like to feel part of a group of friends. Feeling loved, accepted and that in good times and bad you can count on someone.

Dreaming of a school uniform

The uniform is usually related to order, discipline and good image. So if you just dreamed of a school uniform, we could say that you are at a stage in your life where you feel that you should start to be disciplined. You need to make changes to a new style with healthy and serious habits.

Dream of a school

If you dream of a school and it is not necessarily yours, this could mean that you are in a disoriented situation, in which you do not know which way to go. The recommendation in these cases is usually that you take it easy, evaluate the pros and cons of the alternatives that are presented to you to move forward. Then make a decision so that you can take the right path.

Dreaming that I am at school

If you find yourself living a dream where you are back in school, it could be said that you miss that time in your life. Don’t worry, don’t be scared! missing certain times in the past is not bad. So if maybe you miss your friends, the guidance of your teachers or the routine of going to class every day, it is because you currently have many obligations.

Dreaming of studying at school

Dreaming studying at school, denotes that you are currently going through a stage in which you need a lot of concentration. The one that you used to apply to your studies in student days, excellent! This may mean that you are spending your time on something positive. The recommendation in these cases is that you apply the same concentration methods that you used in college, because if they worked for you before, it is very likely that you will be successful again.

Dream about childhood school

The time of childhood is usually related to laughter and good memories. So if you have dreamed of childhood school, it is very likely that you need to start taking life in a relaxed way. It is time for you to take care of being happy, and work on recovering that joy that is usually related to that time.

Dreaming of many school children

Children are always synonymous with innocence, joy and carefree. So dreaming about school children speaks that perhaps you are worrying too much and that you need a break . Always remember that life must be enjoyed, and that worrying never leaves good things. The correct way to do things is to take care of them, not worry.

Dream of a big school

If you dream of a big school, that can symbolize that things may be starting to grow in your life. It may be that you are developing an enterprise or business project, and it is beginning to grow. Or that your family is growing. In general, this is always synonymous with good things.

Dreaming of a ruined school

Dreaming of a ruined school portends a broken spirit . Perhaps the interpretation is that you are going through a negative situation in your life such as a relationship breakdown, dismissal from a job or something like that. The advice in these cases is to keep your mind and an always positive attitude. Always remember, if a door closes a window opens.

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