Dream about Worms

Dream about Worms (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

The worms are creatures that instinctively cause in us reactions of disgust or revulsion and disgust. These can be found in different ways since there is a great variety of worms. However, earthworms are also creatures that help the fertility of the earth, so they are also of great use and necessity. The worms are like worms and dreaming of worms generalizing, has its own meaning that we must also talk about. Worms are animals that move by crawling, the characteristics of their body make it a phallic symbol in the same way that happens when dreaming of snakes, these animals can be related in our dream with the penis.

It is not something very common but nevertheless, dreaming about worms is a very interesting dream at the moment that we know what it means but it happens that dreams about worms have many variables such as dreaming that they enter and leave our body or that they are in our food. , even found in our head. If we have had any of these dreams and we feel identified with them, you should know that there are many meanings for the interpretation of dreams with worms but nevertheless, this type of dream is commonly related to problems or conflicts and does not bring good news.

As we well know, earthworms are small invertebrates that live on the earth and move through the ground by crawling, normally they can be found in some food or animal that is in a state of decomposition. This is why dreaming about worms can usually be related to personal insecurity and personal complexes. These are not pleasant dreams and that is why we notice that the interpretations of this dream are surrounded by negative situations that affect our day to day that will cost to solve these situations.

Dreaming of worms is a bit unpleasant. Worms appear when everything is rotten, weak or dying. They are a sign that something really bad happened and now only death awaits. However, this dream does not predict that you or someone close will die, but it warns of all the dangers that are approaching.

Believe it or not, worms are part of the balance of life. When you die you are eaten by your own parasites, becoming a cycle that must come as part of death. Therefore, dreams with these small invertebrate animals are important to interpret. They should not be taken lightly or believe that the event described will never happen in your life, as it is a highly premonitory dream .

If you dreamed of worms and you are looking for their meaning, you must take into account the details that surrounded the dream. These dream visions are always accompanied by specific places, colors or even if they came out of your body. However, each interpretation, although similar, keeps specific details of what will happen in your life.

In ancient times, if you dreamed of worms, you had to purge yourself. This was a way to eliminate problems that were coming, but were actually happening. This is because the interpretation refers to mental and emotional problems, which is far from any purgative and is related to your intention to change.

What Does it Mean to Dream about Worms?

These small animals, although they are harmless and do not affect us on a daily basis, are creatures that generate repulsion. Dreaming about worms normally has a negative meaning since they are related to problems that can appear, disappear or be continuously present. To understand the meaning of dreaming about worms we must take into account the characteristics of these animals. We have on one side the sensation of repulsion that they cause us. To understand what it means to dream about worms, it is necessary to understand that their physical characteristics influence, on the one hand they are related to worms and the disgust they cause on the other are the benefits that they bring to the earth and plants.

As we can know, worms feed on dirt and therefore are in places with mud and places with a lot of dirt, worms in our dreams are viewed with disgust and reflect a part of us that we do not like, even if we show our better face to society inside, we are not well at all. What makes dreaming about worms very interesting is that meaning, worms are underground just like we keep those problems hidden under our happy faces.

Dreams with worms are negative. In general, it refers to problems and situations that you live or will soon come into your life. Normally they are economic problems that can lead you to poverty, but it is important to remember that it depends on your emotions and mental capacities to overcome any inconvenience.

As we mentioned, dreams with these animals are varied and appear in different settings. Every dream can represent a threat, but it is also a warning. Here is a list of interpretations of dreams with worms.

Dreams of colored worms:

When you dream of colored worms it means intensity in your life. You are a person full of emotions and it seems that whatever happens in your life makes you explode. This behavior is negative in your life, try to be calm and think before acting. It is a way of warning you that you cannot decide when you are upset and that it probably caused problems in your life. Remedying everything is possible, you just need to start changing your thoughts.

Here we interpret the most common colors of worms:

Dreaming of white worms

In some cases of these dreams, it may be presented that we are dreaming of white worms. The meaning of this dream has to do particularly with attitudes or personal aspects. In itself it speaks of an evaluation that we must do to solve certain aspects of our life.

Dreams with white worms portend emotional crisis, but what will you solve if you perform a self-analysis. It is time to sit down and think about your way of acting, the results you get and what kind of people you benefit. Self-analysis will prevent you from entering an emotional crisis, from which it will be difficult to escape.

Another interpretation of dreaming about white worms is related to the result that you are obtaining in your projects. Apparently, not everything is going as you expected, but it may be part of an improvement that is coming over time. That is, you found the mistakes that cause damage to your goals, but you must start correcting them or it will become a vicious cycle.

Finally, dreams with white worms describe your attitude. Although you are not at your best, your environment should not pay the consequences. The family, your partner and children should know that they are counting on you to overcome obstacles and not that you will take it out on them for the problems you have.

Dream about black worms

In dreams with worms, you have to take into account the color since this is an important characteristic in the dream since with it a certain part of the meaning is determined. In some cases, it can be said that black does not represent a positive meaning because it is contrary to white and many of us associate it with something negative. Bearing this in mind, dreaming of black worms can mean stressful situations and possible betrayals since black is a color linked to suspense and fear.

Have you dreamed of black worms? You have a great fear of failure. This fear escapes the rational, as when a person opens his new business. This fear is really becoming a way of life, accepting that everything can go wrong, that things will get worse, and that every move you make will be negative.

When you dream of these black invertebrate animals, rethink your life in a positive way. It’s about becoming someone who recognizes danger and anguish, but doesn’t feed off of it. It is a way of accepting that your problems are serious, but they should not be a lifestyle. Although it sounds difficult to do, the first step is to accept that everything in your life has a solution.

Dream about Yellow worms

Have you dreamed of yellow worms? It means that you are a materialistic person, far from the spiritual and family moments. You are concentrating too much on your work, making money and buying material things. This extreme behavior becomes a real problem, since other people follow their life and will easily forget you. When you try to seek help or friends, it may be too late.

Dream about Green worms

Dreaming of seeing green worms augurs that you must understand something that happens to your environment. It is a way of warning you that you overlook things, do not pay attention to them and then the consequences will be greater. Green worms are in their natural environment, so they warn that you are not paying attention when others try to warn you of your problems.

The more green worms you find, the bigger the problem that is growing. You are probably having an overconfidence and the consequences will not be long in coming. Start by listening to the advice of people you consider important to you and end by believing that things can go wrong.

Dream about pink worms

Pinks grow on cotton causing large pests in crops when they reach adults. When you dream of pink worms, describe a little about the people around you. That is, it is a warning that someone accompanies you everywhere trying to feed on you but waiting for an opportunity to destroy you. Do not expect this parasite to attack you, you must eradicate it at its roots.

Dream About Red Worms

Dream About Red Worms

Dreaming of red worms is usually a dream very similar to dreaming of white worms since in these dreams we must be attentive to the color of the worms because it is an element that is significant for its interpretation, in addition to this we must take into account that like the other meanings to dream of worms these are mostly negative. But basically, dreaming of red worms talks about bad aspects of the person that appears in said dream as it can also be related to a problem in our love life.

Dream about earthworms

Dreaming of earthworms, like other dreams of worms, also has its negative meaning and it is about the fact that we can come to live possible circumstances unexpectedly. We must also be careful with such circumstances as we can aggravate the situation.

If you dreamed of earthworms, you must analyze each movement that you will make in the next few days. This dream warns that your behavior can soon trigger a series of uncomfortable situations, especially for not measuring your words. It is advisable to analyze, self-suggest and seek advice, especially if you have to deliver a work report or discuss a sensitive issue with your partner.

Dream about Pinworms

This is also a dream with a negative meaning since if this happens it is a symptom of diseases that have not yet appeared. The worms act in the body as parasites and it makes sense that they are inside the body, but this can also cause fears and phobias. The meaning is closer to feeling an upcoming betrayal or fear of being harmed.

Dreaming of worms in our body:

Below we interpret dreams with worms in the most common areas of the body:

With worms on the skin

Did you dream of worms on your skin? Then your life is in negative changes for you. Generally, these dreams are associated with worries, however, this specific dream details your nonconformity. Nowadays everything bothers you, it seems to you that it is not going well and you lose patience quickly and even with those you love.

Dreaming of worms on the skin relates to the bad results that you are currently having. Nothing has been going your way for a while, especially in the economic fields. However, this dream warns you that to change the results you must change the way you act.

You cannot allow yourself to remain angry about something you do not understand. It’s like trying to explain multiplication tables to a child when they can’t add yet. If you are considering a change, first study your own life, your problems and what is preventing you from moving forward.

Dreams of worms in the body

When you dream of worms in the body, it portends changes of thought, since you understand your problems and the way to solve them. However, you understand that it is not an easy path to travel and that sometimes patience will be your best ally. However, you worry that things will turn out badly, although this feeling is general in all people who are looking for a change.

Another interpretation of dreams with these small animals in the body is related to your materialistic way of life. You do not give away time, emotions, smiles, a drink or a meal, things created by your hands that show your affection for someone. In this interpretation of dreams, the invitation is to be more human and get away from the material.

If you dream of worms in the body, but you were not afraid, it means that you accept emotional charges from other people, although this you know will affect you in the long run. It is a way of warning you not to accept negative emotions from others in yourself, as this can cause your emotions and thoughts to collapse.

Worms in the head

A dream vision with worms in your head describes your problems. You understand the origin of your problems, but you cannot find the possible solutions. You are someone who begins to despair about not finding the right path, which triggers episodes of a lot of stress. In this case, asking for advice or getting advice from someone you trust is the best way.

Another interpretation of dreams with worms in the head invites you to stay in peace and quiet. That is, you are sabotaging your own life with excessive work and little financial gain. However, you recognize that you need peace and quiet, but it is what you least try to look for, believing that at some point it will come by itself.

In general, if they are in the head in dreams they mean restlessness. Regardless of the reason, you are someone who is restless and is making decisions quickly, which causes more problems. It is time to seek professional help or a helping hand.

Worms in the mouth

To dream of worms in the mouth you must abandon hypocrisy, false testimonies and gossip. You are someone who has already begun to exceed the limits of trust and you will soon end up betraying those who trusted you. During the following days, they may claim you for things you made up and you will end up as a hypocrite.

Now, if you dream of worms in the mouth of another person, it means that this damage is being done to you and that it is someone you trust. Dreaming of chewing or biting worms in your mouth means that you are overcoming all the hypocrisy that they did and did to you. In this last interpretation of dreams, it is advisable to apologize to the people who deserve it.

In general, dreaming of worms in the mouth leaves a bad experience and a very unpleasant memory, this would indicate that we are accumulating too many negative feelings or stress that are harming us, we have accumulated them and at some point, everything will come out without any warning causing a problem.

Worms in the feet

A dreamlike vision with worms in the feet warns of new problems, especially those related to the financial world. Your professional life runs the risk of falling too deep if you play along with your enemies. Avoid hypocrisy, do not participate in conversations where they speak badly of other people and always make excuses for not meeting with these types of people.

If you manage to get away from them properly, then a dream with these animals on your feet will be positive. The reason is because you understand that your private life and your professional career outweigh any false friendship. However, this new path can anger your now enemies, so pay attention to those who try to approach you with the aim of intoxicating you.

Worms in the legs

Dreaming of worms in your legs

A dreamlike vision with these on your legs warns you about your low motivation. You are someone who is limiting yourself, not allowing yourself to accept challenges and changes in your life. You are like a child who is constantly asking his parents for permission, but always feeling that they are denying him to leave home.

When you dream of worms in your legs ask yourself about the changes you want for your life. Do not think about your family, friends or friends, for a moment become selfish thinking about the best for you. This choice will allow you to evolve as a person and at this time your family and friends will applaud the great change. Even if you are not sure, ask for advice, accept challenges and transform your life.

Worms in the hands

A dreamlike vision with worms in hand augurs protection. Soon your enemies will present themselves with new problems and ways to cause you harm. However, this dream augurs that you are prepared to face any problem, especially because of the experience you have gained. You are someone who will not be easily fooled, but be prepared for any eventuality, as these enemies can be your own friends.

Worms in the nose

Dreams with worms in the nose indicate weakness in your body. Each person is able to identify that something is wrong. In the case of babies they cry to warn their parents and adults go to the doctor for tests. The above is to explain that when you dream of worms coming out of your nose, you understand that something is really wrong in your environment and that in addition to your health, you are worried about feeling vulnerable in the face of danger.

Worms in the face

When you dream of worms on your face, identify all the threats that you have on a daily basis. That is, the co-workers who always criticize you, the supervisor who never agrees with what you do or the friends who always think about your life. This dream is a clear sign that you are not coordinating your life with your emotions or your goals. You must start correcting from your ideas, to the people around you. If you don’t act soon, then these worms on your face will start to eat you little by little, resulting in a bad life episode.

Worms in the teeth

Although it seems grotesque and in bad taste, a dream with maggots in your teeth is a good sign. It indicates that the dreamer understands the dangers to which he is being subjected, the enemies and the problems that surround him. From now on, begin to solve one by one, although this requires losing people and sometimes patience. Of course, this is a process of growth and development. However, do not let your guard down, as many enemies will understand that you are defending yourself and it will be time for them to fight back.

Worms in the hair

Dreaming of worms in your hair means despair and anguish. It is a way of warning you that negative ideas are taking more and more strength and you begin to despair. This dream symbolizes when the dreamer scratches his head over and over again to try to find a solution that does not come. From now on, try to organize your life or you will end up freaking out very soon.

Dream of worms that leave the body.

Dream of worms that leave the body.

Dreaming that worms leave the body may seem contradictory, but it is a positive thing. It means the fact that we are leaving something negative and that we were harmed behind to overcome it or that we have already overcome it. As we can also dream that they enter us which indicates negative things or significant challenges that life will impose on us.

A real nightmare would be dreams with worms coming out of the body. It augurs the arrival of financial problems related to past investments that you did not study properly. It is a situation that will complicate you for several weeks, therefore, it is time to start making an action plan.

If during sleep, when they leave the body you felt chest pain , it means that your partner will end up abandoning very soon. In the case of being in a marriage, it predicts that family problems will come, related to lack of confidence and low motivation.

Dream of worms in food

Have you dreamed of worms in food? So you have friends very close to you who only feel envy and jealousy. It is an opportune moment to study those who only live criticizing your way of being, your successes and trying to correct you. You should stay away from these people, especially when their lives are not a role model.

A rivalry is growing when you dream of worms in food. These people understand that they must outdo you, but they will use any method to discredit you. The fight will not be fair, but you must not fall for these games. The best option at this time is to continue with your life, without inviting third parties to participate, but also not closing the doors to everyone in the face.

Lastly, try to separate yourself from fake friendships. It is likely that you feel who are those people who are only by your side for their own convenience, moving away from being a support and becoming a burden. One way to identify them is by their constant complaints about something and invitations to activities that only waste your time.

Dream of silkworms

If you dream of silkworms it is good luck. From now on your economy will begin to change, especially if you are out of work. New work, personal or entrepreneurship projects are yet to come, however, you must improve your personal motivation. That is, to be open and optimistic to the new proposals that are presented to you.

However, dreams with dead silkworms are bad luck, since they augur the loss of everything we discussed. In this case, it is ideal to take some time to evaluate and find a way to overcome the obstacles.

Dream about worms in bed

If you dreamed of worms in bed you are going to have problems with your partner. Arguments, economic lawsuits and perhaps infidelity are coming. It is time to approach the dialogue and try to remedy the situation, since this dream indicates that everything is rotten and finished. However, it is a warning that it will happen later, so you are in time to fix everything.

In the case of being single, dreams with worms in the bed portends that you will have problems with someone else as a result of misunderstandings. Usually, it will be in your hands to remedy the situation, trying not to blame the other and only accepting that everyone has mistakes. However, don’t hang your head when trying to understand the situation.

Dream of garbage worms

Dream of garbage worms

When you dream of garbage worms it portends financial problems. In the last few weeks you suspected that things were going wrong and the result is probably currently showing up. This is not the time to sit back and wait for a miracle to come, as changes begin when you act in the face of the problem.

One suggestion that makes you dream about garbage worms is that you pay attention to your friends. Someone who is close to you, even a family member, has a great responsibility in what is happening, and you should avoid this person in the solutions. You probably consider that it is too late to remedy, but it really is the right time to learn and correct.

Dreaming of garbage and worms means bad luck. In general, garbage will represent all the problems that a person can have, but worms indicate that everything can get worse. You are on the verge of losing your job, your partner or going crazy over the amount of pending resolution. The best alternative in this case, although it may seem irresponsible, is to get away from everything for a while. Think, analyze, exercise outdoors and then rethink, since right now you need to oxygenate your ideas.

Dream about Worms galore

Dreams with abundant worms are bad luck. They indicate that something really went wrong, and the consequences are yet to come. It is the opportune moment to get away from toxic people, from friends that only bring gossip and lies. Then, properly review your finances, stop a moment to think before investing your money. Also, in this cycle think three times before speaking.

Dreaming of meat with worms

Dreaming of worms in the meat manifests your own problems. That is to say, it is not about them arriving or that you will describe the problems you already have, on the contrary, it is about that all conflicts, illnesses and arguments have reached their limit. It is time to start solving one by one. Rotten meat is no longer used and cannot be fed to dogs with it. Eliminate all that from your life, disappear for an instant, but come back stronger.

Dream about Vomiting worms

Dreaming that you vomit worms is related to your behavior. It is a sign that you need to get rid of many misconceptions in your head, as well as escape from heartbreak and despair. It is an unpleasant dream, but it is the best way to understand that expelling everything bad from your life is the only way. However, this requires you to eliminate partners, toxic friends, or escape from your job. You must take the necessary actions to be free.

Dream of small worms

If they were small in the dream, they warn of growing problems. It is a way of warning you that your life will soon be mired in a lot of trouble. However, this dream invites you to solve everything soon, in this way, you will prevent problems from growing. It is an invitation to reflection, the solution and not leaving for tomorrow what you can do today.

Dream about big worms

Generally, dreams with big worms mean worries. The difference in this dream is that it is a negative thought that is constantly growing. An example is the idea of ​​separating from your partner, but every day you give him gifts and this person falls in love with you. If you continue feeding a negative thought, demonstrating the opposite in your life, you will end up exploding very soon. The worst thing is that innocent people will end up paying the consequences of something that you were not able to control.

Dreaming of big and fat worms you will soon end up betrayed by someone you considered special in your life. An episode is approaching where infidelity can appear at any time. This dream invites you to be prepared, since the situation will arrive without warning. Likewise, it is recommended to try to solve the small problems you have, as well as clarify the misunderstandings, to prevent a greater betrayal from spreading.

Dream of hairy worms

Hairy worms are generally poisonous and walk slowly. A dream with hairy worms warns of a bad streak that is coming, but that you have time to avoid it. It is a way to start generating an action plan such as reviewing debts, commitments, pending apologies and conversations to end. Do not let the consequences poison you, when you still have time to remedy everything.

Dream about Killing worms

Dreaming of killing these invertebrate animals augur’s self-improvement. Regardless of the emotional state you are in, very soon you will overcome the obstacles that you have in your mind. Any financial and health problems will soon be overcome. However, these are small changes that will trigger big things, therefore, you must remain calm and accept the new changes.

Dream about Fly Worms

A dreamlike vision with fly worms portends family problems. Currently the conservation is not the best, but surely you can solve the conflicts. You are in time to begin to remedy the situation, although you must accept your own mistake, as well as ask and accept apologies. It is a dream that warns that if you do not act soon, then you will face a major family crisis, which will end up leaving many people resentful and with emotional problems.

Dream about Eating worms

Dreaming of eating worms and that you dislike them means that some people are trying to sabotage your life, especially because of their envy. Dreams about eating nice or flavored worms, means that satisfying emotions and challenges will come to your life. It is time to be attentive to the invitations and opportunities that arise.

Dream about flies and worms

Dream about flies and worms

If you dreamed of flies and worms it means that problems, come through other people. It is a common dream when you are someone who is always willing to help, or you go overboard with your kindness. You are not someone’s garbage can to receive all their problems. You must start to stay away from toxic people, from the problems of others and not be an intermediary in lawsuits that are not your concern. In other words, don’t let anyone land in your life with the intention of getting you dirty.

Dream about Giant worms

It means that soon poverty will come into your life. It is a bad sign for you, so you must prepare for the end of a cycle that was never on the right track. Economic losses will be part of the day, but you will need the support of the people who trust you to keep you motivated with the change. If you lose the love of people, then poverty will quickly come into your life.

Dream about Worm Larvae

A dream with maggot larvae portends illness. The problems of your present time caused a breakdown in your body. You’re someone with high blood pressure, jittery nerves, sugar problems, and out-of-control stress. From this moment you will start to get sick, unless you take this interpretation as a serious warning. From now on you must dedicate time to your health, move away from responsibilities that are not yours and do not allow others to decide for you.

Dream of worms in the house

So you are neglecting your family and especially your children. You are spending too much time on other things, without spending time with your wife, your parents, your children and even people who consider you their brother or sister without being of your own blood. Remember that successes are to share as a family, therefore, you will not be able to get the people you love back if every day you move further away from them until you end up leaving your home.

Dream about lice and worms

Dreaming of lice and worms portends problems with other people, when you discover that they are only by your side out of interest or with the aim of destroying you. Generally, dreams with lice and worms relate that they are parasites feeding on your energies, seeking to destroy everything in their path. Remember that the best way to get rid of lice is to cut off all your hair, which suggests that to eliminate this threat, you must end any relationship you have with them.

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Dream about cockroaches and worms

Dreaming of cockroaches and worms represent all fears of the unknown. It is a way of being cautious, like one who walks next to an abyss. However, at a time where panic always invades you and problems seem to haunt you. It should be noted that many of these situations are provoked cars, so you can end up going crazy with something that has not happened and that probably will not happen.

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Dreams of dead worms

Dreams with dead worms portend bad news. If you are waiting for an answer about your health, work or perhaps your partner, you will soon receive negative news. It should be clarified that this news can also be about a family member’s illness. From this moment on, a bad streak will begin and very little luck for business. In general, dreaming about dead worms is a sign of bad luck and a bad omen.

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Dream about worms on the wall

Dream about worms on the wall

When you dream of worms on the wall, it portends bad planning of your projects. You left many details outside of your objectives, did not consider the dangers, or were very confident and now the problems will begin to arrive. From this moment you need to focus on solving personal and work conflicts, to rethink the strategy later.

Dreaming of defecating worms

A dream about defecating worms is a sign of the end of a troublesome cycle that was destroying you inside. Describing the end of what is approaching depends on the life of each dreamer, but this event is described as the end of a personal, work or sentimental conflict. It is time to get everything bad out of your life, even if it means using ways that are not pleasant for you.

Dream about fruit with worms

Dreaming of fruit with worms means that something is corrupt. You acknowledge that something is wrong in your environment, but you do not adequately identify the source of the problem. This corruption will begin to generate a bigger problem until you can find the person in charge of generating this damage. If you are the corrupt one, this dream warns that someone discovered your actions.

Dream of worms and worms

Dream of worms and worms

Dreams with worms and worms signify negative environments. You are probably surrounded by people who for one reason or another have various problems, but always want to unload on you. This is a negative, worrying and invasive sign, that is, at first you start with little advice, but then you end up invaded by negative energies. However, this dream warns you that you can eliminate any threat by being prudent and moving away little by little. You are not anyone’s garbage can, for others to unload their problems on you.

Dream about ants and worms

Dreaming of ants and worms means passivity. You are someone who is not taking life seriously or leaving everything to the last moment. This will begin to charge you a bill, presenting you with situations where you will not know the answer and worst of all, you could avoid it only by acting at the right time. From now on, you just have to start overcoming obstacles with hard work.

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Dream of rats and worms

Dreaming of rats and worms portends a strong betrayal of someone special in your life. You never believed that this episode would come into your life, but now you must have the patience and prudence to overcome it. If you have not yet been betrayed, the dream recommends that you start clearing up pending ideas and discussions. Try to analyze your life, your problems, your debts and the type of friends you have in your environment, since they can become your main enemy.

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Other Meanings of Dreams with Worms

  • A dream with bait worms augurs that you will discover your enemies and especially the plans they have against you. It is the opportune moment to plan a counterattack or to get away from these types of people.
  • Dreaming of a worm attack portends bad luck in games and business. In the next few weeks do not leave anything to chance, avoid gambling and do not invest your money in unprofitable businesses.
  • Dreaming of intestinal worms portends a disease that is coming. You should pay attention to health problems no matter how simple they may seem to you.
  • Dreaming that you fish with worms portends financial success and overcoming personal obstacles. It is a moment of vindication, and you should take the opportunity to improve your social status.
  • Dreaming that you squash worms means that you will change the way you act, especially in your social circle. You understand that the people around you are not to blame for your misfortunes, therefore, just lean on them, but do not pass your personal burdens on them.
  • If you have dreamed that your food turns into worms, suggest personal changes. You are in the wrong direction to what your life should be, and your bad habits will end up destroying you.
  • Dreaming of removing or eliminating the worm from the body means liberation from the material and problematic. You are someone who understood your own purposes, but even if it is too late for others, you consider that the change starts from now.
  • If you dream of worms coming out of your heart, it portends problems in your marriage. Generally related to the accumulation of small discussions.



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