Dream of A Bull

Dream of A Bull (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

To understand what it means to dream of a bull, it is important to know that t gold is a term from the Latin word Taurus; It is a quadruped animal, that is, it stands on four legs to walk. When describing it physically, the thick head crowned with two short, hollow horns, located on each side of its skull, is observed. These are symbols of power and are attributed the vital force concentrated in the head. Wide snout showing great strength.

His corpulent-looking body gives us energy, stamina, drive, power. The color of their fur can vary between white, brown, in various shades; even the most representative color, the color black. What come to be important symbols to interpret dreams with a bull .

Regarding its behavior, it exercises a kind of domination within the group, since it is an animal that tends to group together in herds. This power over a certain group is obtained after combat with other male specimens. The bull has very good peripheral vision and superior space to the rest of the group, as well as an excellent memory of its surroundings.

In general, the Bull is a docile animal, but there are breeds whose characteristics are more aggressive. When seeking a fight with another, he begins to dig the ground with great force while bellowing repeatedly, which could represent key elements to interpret dreams with a bull . Colloquially speaking, people who have a lot of strength are often referred to as bulls.

What Does It Mean to Dream of A Bull?

In dreams we are not certain what we are going to face, find or live with; let alone control it. The truth is that the vast majority of the elements that appear and see in our dreams, as well as our emotions, are a reflection of our reality. The Bull is an animal that, throughout history, is recognized as controversial. This is due to the symbolism that has sheltered it since ancient times but what, if we have to make it well established, is its verve, the energy that it transmits to us when we see it.

That is why dreaming of bulls  represents, in general terms, strength, rebellion, power. Everything will depend on the development of that dream, its context and the protagonist, and what the bulls represent in the dream stage.

Dreaming of a bull symbolizes virility, fertility, power. A man who dreams of a bull is because he feels able to control everything and is willing to achieve the goals that he sets for himself in his life project. It can be related to sentimental issues. Which would not be strange since the bull personifies the male. If it is a woman who dreams of a bull , it means that she needs or aspires to strengthen or establish bonds with a person and even more, to form her own family.

Dreaming of a black bull

Dreaming of a black bull

The dreams with a black bull , are interpreted relay, if you dreamed of a black bull, it’s time you start to see life positively and you face the problems you’re having in it. The black bull is an animal that represents authority . In the interpretation of dreams with a black bull , we have to be aware of everything the bull is doing at that moment in order to identify the different meanings.

This animal can be quite passive and will indicate peace, on the other hand, if it is aggressive, it will indicate stubbornness. Black bulls are animals that always represent our inner reflection, and depending on the mood of the black bull, we will know how we are and what we must face.

Discover the full meaning of dreaming about a black bull .

Dream of white bull

The white bulls in dreams have a positive representation for ourselves, it is an integral and pure reflection of us, that white bull in our dreams will always be representing the side that we reflect to the world. If you have dreamed that you see a white bull, it means that you are in total peace with the outside world and that the problems are over.

If you had a dream about an aggressive white bull, you may have to face problems with more aggressiveness and authority to achieve what has been achieved.

Dreaming of a brave bull

If the bull you dream of is quarrelsome and violent , it means that you tend to lose your direction in certain circumstances. That you could make mistakes that would turn your life upside down and could get out of control. The dream of a bull  does not mean that aggression is in this dream explicit in your behavior rather they serve to understand what you are failing and how to correct the mistake you’re making.

Dream of a brown bull

Dream of a brown bull

It is a symbolic representation of those who are close to you, the interpretation of a dream with a brown bull will depend on the behavior of the bull, and this will no longer be a version of you, but of how someone is affecting you both physically and emotionally. Brown bulls represent our friends or family, and we have to be attentive to their behavior towards us. If we dream of a brown bull that attacks us, it may be that a friend or relative is attacking us and we do not want to accept it, if it shows us it affects us, it is possible that we have a relative or friend looking for affection that we are not offering.

Dreaming of a dead bull

It is an allusion of weakness, dreaming of dead bulls . It can show a human being without strength, weak, dominated and without energy. It can reflect the lack of initiative, being subject to the point of not having decision-making power, being the object of manipulation or deception. It means that you allow others to decide for you, this can cover many aspects of your life. You must be determined to change and achieve that security that makes us achieve our goals.

Dreams of a bull that chases me

Fear is a sign of caution, but it can be the main obstacle that prevents the achievement of our goals. Dreaming of a bull chasing you  is because you fear the outbreak of conflicts in your work environment or in your business. Even though it is normal in certain life circumstances to be afraid, it is important to keep in mind that we should not get carried away.

Sometimes they are often unfounded by our insecurities. When you dream of a bull that chases you, it  is possible that problems occur in your work and completely transform the tranquility that you feel, but that can be disturbed by some of the people who share the professional space where, in general, you can wake up an atmosphere of rivalry. It can also mean that you feel like someone is betraying your trust.

Dreaming of a bull that attacks me

When dreaming of a bull that attacks you, it  means that someone close to you hurts you and that you do not perceive the degree of seriousness that it represents. There are many possibilities that that person, whom you trust, will give information about your personal life that you do not want to disclose, thus promoting damaging your reputation. Take care of your words and even more who you trust. When you know who she is, get away from her without waiting. It is an announcement of danger that you probably cannot overcome and that forces you to flee.

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