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Dream of Kiss (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dream of Kiss

Life has no reason to be without love. Human beings are tied to a society that encourages relationships as a couple or in a group. As a consequence, it makes the kiss play a representative role in human relationships .

Whether it is a kiss or kisses, they can be taken as a demonstration of genuine love , an act that connects and deepens between the one who gives it and the one who receives it. No matter the nature of the kiss: friendly, affectionate or passionate, kisses leave marks on the skin they touch. That is why we do not give a kiss to just anyone, as this is an act of an intimate nature, but being a show of natural affection, it is common for our subconscious to lead us to dream of a kiss . From dreaming that you kiss , that they kiss you, on the cheek, hand or mouth. It is a dreamlike experience that can take your breath away, or upset you.

However, the meaning of dreaming about a kiss can vary between positive, negative, exciting or as a sign of a latent problem. This interpretation will tend to vary depending on the person you kiss in the dream. Another very important element to find a correct interpretation is the sentimental situation in which you find yourself.

You may be in love, excited, you find yourself experiencing a lack of love or lack of love, you will always be in need of kisses. Dreaming of passionate kisses is, in general, an erotic dream of those that you enjoy as if you were really kissing that person.

What Does It Mean to Dream of A Kiss?

Depending on the situation you find yourself in, the meaning of dreaming about a kiss can be exciting or problematic, it all depends on who you are kissing. As we have said before, the sentimental situation in which you find yourself is a determining factor to find an accurate interpretation of your dream . If you dream that your partner is passionately kissing with another person , it means that your subconscious is alerting you to a possible future sentimental disappointment. On the other hand, dreaming of kissing that person that you like so much is a sign that you want that event to come true.

Almost always, dreaming of a kiss is more common in women than in men, as is also common in adolescents because at this stage the hormonal disorder leads you to need to explore new experiences and sensations in love. The dreams kisses on the mouth , neck, with strangers, depending on the context are synonymous with temptation. On the other hand, kisses on the hand are a sign of betrayal and a kiss on the forehead is an indication of a future indiscretion. Dreaming of wanting to kiss is a sign that you want to solve a misunderstanding with that person.

Dreaming of a kiss on the mouth

The kiss is a symbol of trust, the level of trust will depend on the place where the kiss is given. Dreaming of a kiss on the mouth is shown as an erotic dream, but it is also a sign that you need to encourage communication with that person you kiss in your dream.

Dreams that give you a kiss

Dreams that give you a kiss

It is not the same to give than to receive. To dream of being kissed is a sign that you expect that person to take the initiative in communication. It can also be a sign that you feel harassed by that person.

Dreaming of a passionate kiss

Dreaming of a passionate kiss , especially if it is with that person you love, is a clear sign that you strongly want that kiss to happen. You have feelings for that person, but are afraid to express your feelings to them. The best thing is that you arm yourself with courage and take a risk. The best is what happens.

Dream of kissing my ex

Dreaming of kissing my ex can disturb and confuse you a bit, but its meaning is simple: you miss your ex, you want to be with that person again. If you are single right now, you should try looking to get in one more time with that person. If not, you miss certain characteristics of your ex that your current partner does not have.

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Dreaming of a kiss on the cheek

Dreaming of a kiss on the cheek

One of the most tender kisses that exists is the kiss on the cheek. That is why dreaming of a kiss on the cheek , whether you give the kiss or receive it, is a sign that you want a sincere friendship with that person. Try to take care of that person and cultivate a healthy friendship that can be fruitful in the future.

Dream of giving a kiss

Dreaming of giving a kiss denotes initiative to try new things. It is a recurring dream in intrepid people who want to experience and meet people, this indicates that you are quite an outgoing person.

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Dreaming of a kiss on the neck

More than the passion of a kiss on the mouth, dreaming of a kiss on the neck is a clear sign that you feel very tempted by the other sex and no matter how hard you fight, it is difficult for you to resist that feeling of lust. Be careful.

Dreams that steal a kiss from you

Dreams that steal a kiss from you

Dreaming that a kiss is stolen can have several meanings, it all depends on the context in which it takes place. First of all, something is going to happen in your life that you didn’t expect at all. On the other hand, if the stolen kiss is to your liking, you are about to receive good news in the next few days. On the contrary, if the kiss displeases you, then the next future events may bring you inconvenience.

Other Meanings of Dreaming About a Kiss

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