Dream of Lightning

Dream of Lightning (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dreaming of lightning divides opinions about the meanings of this dream. It is a rare dream that is commonly associated with the weather seasons that we are going through in the city, so it can be easily represented in a dream at night after a heavy rain or listening to lightning.

If this is not the case and you dream of lightning, you will get successes or failures, luck or bad luck, problems or solutions. Why is there so much confusion? It turns out that it is a dream that depends on the circumstances where you were to determine the true meaning of dreaming about lightning.

However, it should be noted that there are people who are fascinated with this natural event. Therefore, if you like lightning and dream of lightning, all predictions will tend to be more positive for your life, leaving the negative aspects to easily solvable situations.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Lightning?

Dreaming of lightning predicts a major change. Next, we will analyze if it tends to become a positive or negative change, since sometimes we assimilate dreaming of rays with fear, while it can be an invitation to change everything. It should be noted that the stronger the storm, the stronger the meaning of the dream will have.

Another important aspect is when we dream of rays that are colored or even the sun. In this type of dreams the meanings are diverse, depending on the color, how close the lightning is or if we can even touch it.

Dreaming of sunbeams

Dreaming of sunbeams predicts positivity and hope. It is the beginning of a new day or the light after a storm, this dream with sun rays indicates the horizon to look for new projects, solve problems and even think about reconciliation in case there are pending accounts with other people.

Also, dreaming of sunbeams bodes well for business, as it indicates good luck in gaining customers or starting to bring in customers when the business is opened for the first time. However, if you dreamed of sun rays, it is likely that you are ending a bad stage in your life, therefore, you should take the next changes calmly.

Dreams of lightning and lightning

Dreaming of lightning bolts and lightning announces positive and negative changes. That is to say, some aspects of your life that are generally financial will improve, while other aspects that are generally health will have mishaps. It is a time of changes and new sensations but warns that you must behave with maturity, or the result will be averse to what you thought to achieve.

Dreaming of lightning and lightning warns of the luck that you will need the next few days to make good decisions, therefore, it would be appropriate for you to read, inform and educate yourself about your future business, in order to make wise and good decisions and not leave all to divine luck.

Dream of lightning and fire

Dream of lightning and fire

Dreaming of lightning and fire approaching a confrontation, business or upcoming event that will not last long and will end quickly. That is, an episode in your life is approaching that may even be a loved one that will last very little and that in the end the responsibility will be absolutely yours, that is, there will be a way to avoid even those moments of conformity or discomfort with the person. Dreaming of lightning and fire will give you the feeling that if you are living a current situation of disagreement, it will soon be solved.

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Dreams of lightning and storms

There are two interpretations for this dream. Dreaming of lightning and storms indicates that you are eliminating all the stress, worries and anger that you feel for some episode in your life that even bothers you in your daily routine and is causing you work problems. These episodes are usually caused by stress.

If the above is not your case and you dreamed of lightning and storms, it means that you will soon meet a person who will improve your life. However, remember that you are part of the change that is to come, and you need a change in behavior, availability and accepting the help of others. In general, dreaming of lightning warns that you are going through a stage of changes and that it is up to you to stay in the storm or escape to calm.

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Dreaming of lightning strikes

It is the most common dream. Dreaming that lightning strikes predicts changes but the feelings of fear during this dream indicate problems and bad luck, while those who enjoyed dreaming of seeing lightning strike, will have a stroke of good luck and excellent business.

If you dreamed that lightning strikes and you are ill, it means that soon your illness will end but you will need stronger treatment to solve your illness. If you have a dream that lightning strikes but you don’t see them, it portends sadness due to bad news that comes into your life.

Dreams with rays of light

Dreaming of rays of light indicates good luck, but also an individual and collective positivism. That is to say, you are approaching a stage where people with excellent ideas and all the positive initiative to execute the projects, also with beneficial news for your business, your work life or your family approach.

Dreaming of rays of light indicates self-evaluation, that is, if you find yourself in a few days that are very negative for you, this dream with rays invites you to self-analyze and begin to really value yourself for who you are.

Dreaming of lightning in the sea

Dreaming of lightning in the sea

Dreaming of lightning in the sea will depend on the state in which the waters were to predict this dream. If you dreamed of lightning in the rough and cloudy sea, it predicts that health and economic problems will arrive, and false testimonies will be raised against you. However, remember that calm comes after storms, therefore, you will find a way out of these problems.

If you have a dream with lightning in the calm and crystalline sea, it predicts that fortunes and blessings will come for you in the coming days, but you must be aware of the signs that may affect your life, such as pending discussions or hypocrisy.

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Dreams of lightning in the distance

Dreaming of lightning in the distance augurs’ good luck, but the results will depend on how you act when it arrives. That is, you will go through a stage of making decisions and paths that will give you financial and personal gains, but you will be very close to making mistakes and reversing all these gains.

If you dreamed of lightning in the distance, announce an important event, for which you must be prepared. Generally, it is recommended that the dreamer remain calm and very willing to recognize the dangers that exist in their environment.

Dream of red rays

Dreaming of red rays portends sadness and loneliness. Although reversible, you must make sure of the actions you have in the present and how they can change your future. What testimonies do you find yourself giving about other people or what conflictive situations you have not solved. Dreaming of red rays means that you need other people and although loneliness allows self-knowledge, it is not recommended when it lasts for a long time.

Dreams with colored rays

Dreaming of colored rays portends new emotions, but they can be happiness or sadness. It is the right time to ask for forgiveness or accept the apologies of others. In addition, a path of positive emotions is forming for you, but you must stay away from negative thoughts that can divert these energies. If you dream of colored rays, pay attention to the details that surrounded you and to the quality of the people you were meeting. Remember that the older people you see in your dreams, the more social emphasis has its meaning.

Dream of blue rays

It is not a common dream, dreaming of blue rays is related to spirituality. In addition, it seeks that the dreamer understands that his passions depend on his spirit and that if he is overwhelmed it is for lack of feeding his spirituality and his mind.

If you constantly dream of blue rays, warn that you need to harmonize your life, seek your religious part or be at peace with you, regardless of the situation you are going through at the moment or the uncertain results.

Dreams with yellow rays

Dreaming of yellow rays is related to happiness. But this happiness demands that you become a person who is grateful to all those around you and looking for a way to help and protect you. If you dreamed of yellow rays, you are close to achieving something important, but you depend on the help of others to do it. This dream is common when you are a boss, supervisor or have a business where success depends on the behavior of your employees.

Dream of lightning and water

Dream of lightning and water

Dreaming of lightning and water mixes two meanings. The rays will signify changes to positive or negative, but the water will indicate where our immediate future leans. Dreaming of rays and calm waters will indicate good luck, health and love. Dreaming of lightning and uneasy waters will indicate bad luck, economic losses and separation. The state in which we find ourselves dreaming will determine the immediate future of our days.

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