Dreaming of poop is incredibly positive. For many it is unpleasant and a dream that leaves you with a bad experience. However, for many decades poop dreams are considered positive by attracting money in abundance to the dreamer. At some point, many believed that dreams with animal manure were the perfect signal to do business.

At present, these dreams are interpreted as an economic signal, but it is suggested to remain calm when making decisions. That is, dreams with poop can augur success, as long as the dreamer takes the trouble to properly investigate and analyze the project. Decisions made blind will get blind results.

When you understand this interpretation, you are ready to accept the good luck that comes. Now, if you are a person who does not tolerate smells or seeing excrement, the dream meaning changes a bit for you, but it does not mean that it is negative, but it does need a little more effort to achieve it.

Now, each dream varies according to the type or origin of the poop. To give you an idea of ​​this, it is not the same to dream of animal feces than of humans and if it is human, it will depend on whether it is from an adult, a child or a baby. Every detail influences the interpretation of this dream.


Dreaming about poop can have several meanings. Although most are positive, in some cases it can mean illness, fear, losing your partner or your peace of mind. Understanding this is part of the process of changing your life and understanding the circumstances that surround you as a person. In other words, it may be your own environment that is trying to destroy your goals.

To find the true meaning of dreams with poop you must keep in mind the different scenarios where they occur and the excrement belongs to a human, animal or perhaps it is unknown. Next, the different meanings of dreams with poop.

Dream About Dog Poop

Probably seeing dog poop in your dreams may seem normal to you. However, it represents all those problems that you currently have for having lost control of your life. That is, a situation where you did not take the correct precautions to solve the problems and now you only experience its consequences.

Since then, you were someone who only knew how to defend himself like a cornered dog in an alley. If you dream of dog poop, it is necessary to start finding solutions to your past so that it does not continue to muddy your present. One way to do this is to apologize for your actions and try to remedy the situation by giving others the space to act on their own.

Dreaming of dog excrement, especially stepping on it, can portend relationship problems associated with infidelity. In other cases, it can be a sign that you are someone really reckless and that you do not measure your problems. In some very special and rare cases, a dream with dog poop portends positive surprises or very hopeful news.

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Dream of human poop

A dream with human poop for many is positive and portends success, but it depends on the circumstances where it occurs. The only way for it to be a positive dream is that the excrement that you see does not really bother you for any reason. The above will mean that you are really on your way to success, but in many dreams you will need a little more detail to find the correct interpretation.

Dreaming of seeing human poop portends problems in your personal financial situation, especially when you are the partner or owner of a company. Due to your actions or not correcting mistakes, a stage of unproductivity is approaching associated with new adversities with customers. Before this happens and if you dreamed of human poop, it is important to generate an action plan against possible family mishaps.

If you dream of strange human poop or someone else’s, it means that someone will need your financial help. However, these businesses that they will offer you are illegal and will be for the purpose of deceiving third parties. Dreaming of someone else’s human excrement is a clear sign that the most negative of other people want to end up muddying you.

Dream About Pooping

Pooping in dreams may seem uncomfortable, but it relates to successful business and fear in the relationship. There are variations of this dream, such as cleaning your poop, which really means good business with great profits. Dreaming of pooping in a public bathroom portends insecurities to close a business.

A dream pooping on your partner’s bed suggests serious problems with your partner, especially when they are going through a bad stage. In these cases, dialogue is suggested to solve problems and not allow things to get out of control. This dream portends moments of discomfort when both of you want to clarify the problems.

Dreaming of pooping in a hidden or very private way means that you are hiding something important, especially related to your mental health. However, if you dream of looking for someone who relies in the bathroom, it means that they are keeping a dark secret and you may end up involved in negative situations.

Dream of baby poop

A dream with baby poop, when you have your child, signifies all the fears about diseases that can put his life at risk. It should be clarified that new mothers constantly have this type of dream, but the meaning ceases to apply to them, since it is only an impact of the work they must do on a daily basis. However, if you have not just had a child, the meaning of this dream varies.

Dreaming of baby poop portends obstacles and new challenges trying to find the right path for your own success. It is a sign that things are far from going well, especially when your enemies take advantage of any moment to attack you. If you constantly dream of baby feces it means that every time the danger is closer to you and you do nothing to control it.

Another interpretation of dreams with baby poop relates to your social circles. That is, very soon you will begin to make a kind of filter in your friends to find who are those people who are really only an obstacle. Some advice you get from them only slows your way, that is, you’ve already started to identify those hidden enemies.

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Dream about poop on your hands

A dream with poop on your hands portends low self-esteem at work. You consider that your professional life is in a remarkable stagnation and very few things are positive for you. It is a way of interpreting that your work in your environment is unnecessary and that without you they would survive in the same way. Although this is a negative sign, it is a way of understanding the low motivation in the last days.

If you dream of poo on your hands to throw it to another person, it means that you will soon start a conflict with another person. However, it will be your wrongdoing and injustice that end up punishing you socially. It is time to begin to relax the ideas and lower the pulsations that cause you to make mistakes.

Dreams that you poop

Did you dream of pooping? You are probably full of problems and negative situations in your life. Dreaming that you poop in the house of your in-laws portends problems in the family and your personal relationship. It is probably due to pending conversations and situations that were not adequately clarified with those involved.

A dream pooping your pants portends a terrible public humiliation, especially for your own actions. It is advisable to remain silent, especially when no one has asked for your opinion on an argument. To dream that doing poop you fall into the bathroom or toilet, means that your mind is restless and on the verge of madness.

Dream About Cat Poop

Some studies claim that the cat hides its excrement out of shame and sanity. If you dream of cat poop, it portends a moment of shame and the need to hide something that is important to you, but you think they can hurt you if others know about it. In general, a dream with cat excrement portends situations where silence or silence are the best alternatives for you.

However, constantly dreaming about cat poop suggests that the dreamer is not good at keeping secrets and will soon need to vent. In reality, something is bothering you, and although you recognize the risks of telling others about it, you desperately search for a sign.

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Dream of stepping on poop

Stepping on poop in your dreams is likely to spell good luck. This is due to an old belief that stepping on poop means business success. Today, the interpretation of stepping on poop in dreams has preserved this omen, but warns that the path to achieving such financial success is not easy. In the following days you will have to overcome some obstacles, especially when investing in a new project depends on your financial future.

A variation of this dream is to have a dream vision with stepping on feces and cleaning yourself immediately. In this sense, it means that some problems in your financial life begin to gradually disappear. You should not rush the process and you should allow each act to have its own reaction, as toil in this cycle would be a setback for you.

Dream of a lot of poop

A dream with abundant poop can represent several things and depends on the emotions during your dream vision to understand it. Emotions of disgust, upset and being disgusting mean that the next few days will be troublesome and very erratic. So much so, that the inconveniences that arise in your life will be caused by your bad actions.

When you dream of a lot of poop, but you do not care or you do not pay interest, it is because you understand that your goal is greater than what surrounds you. That is, you relate all that excrement as something that does not bother you and that success is more important to you. However, it is a way of remembering that the circumstances around you

Dream that you eat poop

Dreams about eating poop are negative. They predict financial problems, illnesses, fears, depressions, stress and everything that may bother you in the coming weeks. It is a clear warning that something is very wrong in your life and the results will be devastating. Although it warns about the danger to your finances, it usually tries to point out the mistakes you make every day and puts other people in danger.

A dream eating poop augurs economic gains by illicit means, that is, through deception or businesses outside the law. This will cause problems in the future, especially with the authorities when you try to respond to the accusations. Another meaning of dreams consuming poop is about managing your money, drawing attention to your lack of seriousness and commitment.

Dream About Mouse Poop

A dream with mouse poop augurs luck and multiplication in your goals. That is, if you are looking to grow in clients, money, representations or profits, you will find the answers very soon. In general, it augurs a prosperous success for the dreamer, although it does not mean that it will be a path with all the facilities, since great things require great commitments.

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Dreams with the smell of poop

Dreaming of the smell of poop portends an upcoming physical and mental problem. If it is a pregnant woman who has this dream, it means that you will soon have complications in your pregnancy. If you are a man, it means that you will soon have legal problems that may even send you to jail. If you are a woman who is not pregnant and dreams of the smell of excrement, it means that you will be subject to legal problems and you will have to give many explanations.

Dream of poop in the mouth

A dream with poop in the mouth portends illness. You are completely intoxicated with problems, toxic relationships and professional stagnation, which will cause diseases in your life. You are someone who does not dedicate time to your own health, which will lead to some diseases. It is time to start taking care of yourself and not allow yourself to continue degrading your body. If you dream of feces in your mouth, warn about your poor diet.

Dream of cleaning poop

A dream cleaning poop is good luck. It does not mean that money and success will come as in previous interpretations, but it does mean that you will eliminate everything bad from your life. That is, all those circumstances where you always believe that bad luck is acting, will begin to change. One way to interpret this dream is when you do not meet again certain friendships and situations that only cause problems for you.

Dream About Rat Poop

Dreaming of rat droppings augurs triumph over adversity. Do not expect to fill yourself with a lot of money, but with an opportunity to advance in your life in a stable way and without worries. A variation of the meaning of dreaming about rat poop is having someone in mind, in this case, very soon this person will call or visit you.

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Dream of child poop

A dreamlike vision with a child’s poop augurs personal evolution. An example of this are the conflictive relationships that disappear and the new friends that arrive loaded with projects to share. You are part of a process of maturation and understanding, where you will stop blaming your environment and you will understand your life better.

Dream of seeing poop

Curiously dreaming of seeing poop everywhere is a good omen. It is a sign that a pleasant surprise will soon come into your life, especially to solve a need that you currently have. Now, if you are waiting for important news, it will come loaded with unexpected surprises. However, if you dream of seeing poop with disgust or it disgusts you, the concept of the dream changes totally to very negative, receiving that news with tragic results.

Dream of pigeon poop

You probably hope that the meaning of dreams with pigeon poop is good luck, but it is not. The culture has created a myth related to the good luck that pigeons generate, when it really means a lack of responsibility and always trying to blame other people for your mistakes. That is, if you dream of pigeon droppings that fall on you or that you see on the ground, you must begin to assume responsibilities and own the problems. Once you understand your commitment, situations will prosper if they show up.

Dream About Chicken Poop

Dreams with chicken poop portend prosperity. Chickens are the animals that produce the most on a farm by giving you eggs, meat and young. This translates as a sign that regardless of the current circumstances in your life you need a clear objectivity to be very successful. It should be clarified that if you are not objective or you think you always have problems, this dream with chicken poop indicates that your goals will align very soon.

Dream about cow poop

A dream vision with cow poop portends a lot of money. Cow manure is used for many production and livestock processes, improving soil conditions and saving money. Precisely, this dream with cow poop augurs that a lot of money will come to your life through different means. Now, if your economic situation is not the best, but you dream of cow manure, you will soon begin to find the solution, especially with a low-interest loan.

Dream About Animal Poop

In general, animal poop dreams are good luck. Its meaning invites the association of people, small companies among other work groups, in order to strongly associate as a team. In other words, if you dream of animal excrement, new businesses will probably arrive, which of course you will have to analyze slowly. From now on, the term “step on an animal’s shit ” should be an omen of luck for you.

Dream of water with poop

A dream with pooped water is not good luck, but it does not represent a serious ending either. This dream symbolizes the actions that you should take to improve your own life. That is, not trying to solve the emotional state of others, but trying to be aware of the actions you do and solve your own life. You are someone capable of achieving success, but you are stuck in this water with excrement that you see in your dreams.

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Dream About Green Poop

A dream with green poop represents the lack of productivity in your life. Your environment is demanding you to be productive and very competitive, but you keep yourself very dull and always bored. This starts to annoy everything around you, especially when you vulgarly believe “that everything is shit.” These terms that you use are what generate action in your life and only attract negative energies.

Dream of black poop

A dream vision with black poop portends health problems. It is the clear representation that you are literally intoxicated on the inside. You will need some medical tests, lose weight, improve your diet and everything related to your health. Dreaming of black stools is bad luck if you do not take the actions that I described above, especially when you are one of those people who believe that “the food they eat is shit”.

Dream of touching poop

Dreaming of touching poop means discomfort and uselessness in your work. You are someone tired of the routine and everything bothers you when you get to work. Acting badly and doing something you don’t like to survive is a form of torture. You are not calm with your things, especially when you feel that money is not enough to please you. In general, a dream about touching feces augurs personal nonconformity, due to the lack of motivation in your work.


  • Dreaming about pooping in an unfamiliar place portends financial problems, especially due to lack of motivation in your work. Whatever you do, you will not be rewarded in your work and you will still be a zero left to your bosses.
  • A dream pooping in a weird and ugly bathroom portends financial problems, especially due to other people’s debts and unexpected charges. It is the ideal time to review your finances.
  • Dreaming of seeing poop in your room means romantic problems related to sexual problems. I mean, you probably have trouble satisfying your partner sexually and this keeps you both upset.

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