In most dreams, it is normal to observe objects that we use daily and many times we do not pay attention to their presence in context. One of the most common cases is  dreaming of knives . Through this dream vision, you can discover many personal aspects that you did not know, in the past, present and future.

The dreams where razors appear can be  very revealing . The interpretation associated with this dream refers to your attitude and prospects for the future and how you live in the present. But the meaning will depend on the context created in the dream. For that reason, you should pay attention to the size of the knife, who had it, what you did with it and the feelings that appeared at the time of its appearance.

Maybe when dreaming of razors you want to break your ties with something that ties you to the past . It is necessary to try to recover some moment in the present to stop feeling like a slave to the memories. A dream with razors could also suggest changes in certain harmful habits or some transformation of attitudes that harm your physical and emotional health. Remember that the function of these sharp objects is to cut, be it personal ties, memories or relationships.


The dream of knives symbolizes the emotional wounds and real in the present moment. To know the message that the dream wants to convey, we must be aware of the depth of what happened within it. The knives if they are used by ourselves, denote the inability to end something that bothers us. It may be a relationship or personal relationship.

This dream can represent your living today. If you find yourself inside a violent environment in your dream with knives, it represents contained anger . The knives reflect the memories of a moment in the past that we have experienced and also, it can teach us what our life will be like in the future. You can interpret this dream as the way to cut moments from yesterday and appreciate what we have to live in the present.

Dream of razors and blood

If you have dreamed of razors and blood , it means that you are feeling great remorse. Either because of some discomfort that you have caused to a known person, a family member or a friend. You may be afraid deep down inside of facing the consequences of your words or actions. But the reality is that you should do it for your emotional well-being and that of the other person.

Dreaming of a knife and blood  can also reflect feelings of regret for a person . You may have recently learned that he or she is going through a difficult event and you want to offer your help. Also, it may be because you worry a lot or because of the negative things that have been happening to him lately in any aspect of his life. The important thing is, that you feel it is your duty to do something about it.

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Dream of razors and knives

The meaning of dreaming of razors and knives is the announcement of a future enmity and rivalry between our work or social environment. Sharp objects are a clear sign that there are serious conflicts between your co-workers and / or your closest friends. This dream wants to make you reflect and prevent you from losing more than you can perceive at the moment. It can also be a warning to prevent future accidents or losses within your financial level.

Having a dreamlike vision of knives and knives denotes the possibility of possible love breaks or tense situations in this regard. Analyze which aspects of your relationship need to be improved, before reaching those terms. The sharpness of a razor, before cutting can hurt enormously. For that reason, you should be aware of those actions or words that you use that may be causing pain.

Dream of sharp razors

If you have dreamed of sharp knives this can lead to two meanings. The first, that you are going to receive destructive criticism from important people in your life. Also, it can symbolize that you will experience great conflicts with people from your family or social environment. Regardless of either interpretation, sharp razors cause intense emotional wounds.

So if you have dreamed of sharp knives, it is advisable to meet the people who are in your social circle . You must analyze what would be the possible problems that could arise from an action carried out on your part. It can be something insignificant, like borrowing a piece of clothing without permission for example. Evaluate your actions and assume that it could unleash even the very fury of Hades.

Dream of razors that cut you

If you have been through a consecutive series of mistakes as well as problems, you have probably dreamed of razors that cut you. This dream means that you could currently be living a stage in your life with several unfortunate events . Therefore, it will be essential to pay close attention to avoid a major problem, this problem could cover the personal aspect as well as that of a couple.

Something to limit is that in love relationships you could feel certain doubts and consequently make several mistakes. For that reason, the subconscious evokes those feelings and presents you with dreams with razors that cut you . Wounds inflicted for this purpose are also open to analysis. Since it depends on its depth, it will be the intensity of those doubts that you are feeling.

Dreaming of razors in your mouth

Dreaming of razors in your mouth is a sign of the end of a cycle that will bring peace and tranquility to your life . Finally, all your problems will be solved see in the field of business and finance. Contrary to what many think, this dream at first has a very positive meaning. Since seeing or having several knives in the mouth, it symbolizes success and the courage to challenge people and obstacles.

If you dreamed of razors in your mouth, it denotes that everything that you have not been able to complete will finally be achieved. The incomplete circle in your life will finally be completely closed . You will feel calm. You will be able to overcome all those difficulties and you will feel satisfaction with the flow of your life. A good rest is necessary this time. So take a vacation and don’t be afraid to let go of your everyday worries a bit.

Dream of new razors

Dreaming of new knives  has the meaning of hiding your intentions. You will be forced to defend a certain permanent choice made recently. However, you are afraid that your true intentions will be discovered for fear of what other people will say about your actions. Trust the process of life and keep your position clear on it. You will be successful.

In a positive light, this dream vision can reflect a preparation to stand firm in the face of a problem or challenge that you have recently proposed to yourself. Negatively, it can represent a problem to make your true feelings known to a certain person in particular, be it from your family, friends or from a loving aspect.

Dreaming of razors on the tongue

Dreaming of razors on the tongue is an indicator of low self-esteem . Especially if you own too many and feel like you’re choking on them. Since this is representative, you need to defend yourself from a situation that is currently affecting you. Right now, it’s time to start caring about yourself.

To dream that you see some razors on your tongue represents everything you say or express . Perhaps you have talked about more or need to express yourself more often. Knives on the tongue are usually unspoken words or ideas that are “stuck” waiting to come out. At a general level, this dream has a neutral connotation, since it will depend on those things you need to say.

Dream of white razors

Dreaming of white knives represents the possibility of facing a challenge soon . Soon you will start a fight that can turn into a tense and strong threat. White symbolizes a violent person or action. If you dream of white razors, it is advisable to reinforce the security of your house and nearby areas to avoid intruders. This dream portends a possible threat against you unexpectedly.

The dream with white knives attends to the security or detailed observation of your goods perfectly. An oversight regarding this aspect could cost you dearly or cause irrecoverable damage to you and your family. In other contexts, white knives are a symbol of struggle. However, it should not be a violent fight to achieve something. Rather, it is the fight to defend your rights or those of other people.

Dream of finding razors

If you dream that you find razors, predict dangers that will present themselves to you in the near future . You must be on the lookout for fights, accidents, and losses. Always with very little odds in your favor. When we find objects in dreams, we must analyze what type they are and under what circumstances we find them. This additional information may provide us with certain details to supplement our interpretation.

Dreams fighting with knives

Dreaming of fighting with knives predicts disappointing deals . In this regard, someone will keep you harassed almost beyond resistance. It is a double-sided dream, since that person who offers you a juicy economic opportunity may seem “very interested” in making that business. However, his only interest is to do it and then bring out his true personality. Move carefully.

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Dream of buying razors

Dreams where you buy a razor can indicate austerity times. It is time to reduce your expenses and learn to make wise decisions in your economy. Reduce unnecessary costs, and everything will be fine. This dream vision also denotes that in the near future you will want the help of a relative for a job that you did not know how to manage yourself.

Dream of two razors

When we dream of two razors, we refer to feelings that are out of control . Sometimes in the emotional aspect, but the most common case is in terms of behavior. It is important to learn to manage anger, because possibly our actions are hurting others around us. Hurtful words and actions are symbolized in dreaming of two knives.

Dream of three razors

Dreaming of three knives has as meaning the resentment you feel towards a person. This is because he has expressed himself aggressively towards you. The fury contained by that act is the cause of a dream like this and it is advisable to let go of all that negative feeling. Since this is the omen of an enmity produced by a problem.


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