Dream about Graves

Dream about Graves (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dreaming of graves indicates the end of a cycle. Tombs are the place where the body of a living being (animals or people) rests, so it indicates that its cycle or era on planet earth has come to an end. In general, a grave is the clearest sign of the meaning of death, but in the case of dreaming about graves, death is not premonitory.

However, when you dream of tombs, you are likely to feel anguish and fear for their meaning. Although many believe that it is a negative dream, others consider that it is the end of a cycle and therefore, it only remains to start from scratch until success is achieved. The above will depend on your relationship to cycle ends. That is, how much do you think that when something dies, it is reborn again.

Dreaming of graves for some is a nightmare, especially if they are afraid of cemeteries. But this fear is translated into internal conflicts that help to identify the meaning of dreaming of graves, especially when one is seeing one or even when the dead themselves are seen.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Graves?

The meaning of dreaming about tombs varies according to the scene where the tomb is being observed. Although there are several types of tombs, they will always be distinguished by their color, size, if it is for adults or children and especially if we see the dead during sleep. Also, sometimes graves are not seen in cemeteries, but in your own home. Dreaming of graves has a meaning of the end of a cycle, but it will be up to you to take this end as the opportunity to start again or stay buried for life. Next, the different meanings of dreaming about tombs.

Dream of open graves

Dreaming of open graves is the most frequent dream. Predict that the time has come to totally change your life and get out of your comfort zone. You go through a stage where everything is full of problems, but you do not make an effort to solve them or you simply think that they will solve themselves, which makes you a conformist person.

If you dreamed of open graves, it means that it is time to take a step facing the problems and ending this cycle at the root. Some even recommend changing cities, jobs or ending the relationship. Whatever the problem, it is time to make a complete change.

If the change does not come, then the dream with open tombs means that there is a place in death for you and that you simply will not be an important person for anyone. That is, you will die mentally, and they will only see you as a person loaded with problems and lonely.

Dreams of cemetery and graves

Remember that if you attended a funeral recently, you probably have a dream about cemetery and graves because of the impression of that day. If this is not your case and you are sad and restless during sleep, it means that diseases will come into your life.

If you dreamed of peace in a cemetery and graves, it means that you are going through a positive stage in your life and that you recently solved or soon you will solve various problems that were plaguing you from the past and you will even receive news from family members who have recovered their health.

If your dream is walking among cemeteries and graves then you seek to overcome fears, but you do not find the ideal way to do so, believing that you can fall into the abyss at any moment or end up worsening your current situation. This dream indicates that you should take all the time that is necessary to act with logic and common sense.

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Dream of white graves

Dreaming of white tombs indicates the search for peace, tranquility and enriching your life. However, the problems that you have every day grow and are sucking up important time from your life. Bad decisions are influenced by bad advice, so you should initially stay away from false friends.

If you dreamed of a white grave, it means that you are surrounded by controlling people, but who also provide advice that does not benefit you at all. From this moment, you must stop listening to them, make your own decisions and study each step you are going to take. You are close to achieving the peace and tranquility that dreaming of white tombs tells you, but you must detach yourself from your present.

Dreams of children’s graves

Dreams of children's graves

Dreaming of children’s graves portends problems, especially an increase in worries about problems that you currently have not been able to overcome. In the dream you are representing that a project that you started, will not manage to mature or develop, so it will die in its attempt to grow.

Although dreaming of children’s graves is bad luck, it warns you that new problems are approaching as a result of the current ones. Therefore, the actions that you are currently taking are not giving the expected results and you must change your way of acting to definitively solve the situation.

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Dream of pantheon and tombs

Dreaming of pantheon and tombs means that you left everything in the past and it is time to return only for the good things. Although it may seem that you are trying to dig into your past, what you really want is to communicate with old friends, live positive experiences or go back to when everything was better, since you are mature enough not to repeat the same mistakes.

However, if you dreamed of pantheon and tombs, you should be calm for wanting to see in your past. If you feel restless, then it means that your path is turning you into a person who lives only in memories and does not find a way to advance in his present.

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Dreams of graves and the dead

Dreaming of graves and the dead is bad luck. Two moments are combined that indicate changes and problems, which means that your current actions are only attracting more problems than possible solutions. If during the dream you felt calm it means that little by little you will overcome these problems, but if you were restless, it means that the problems will grow more than you imagine.

Although dreaming of graves and the dead does not mean death in itself, it refers to bad luck in all business, games, romantic relationships and even health problems. So, you must prepare for the bad stage and take fair actions, that do not involve third parties and that the responsibility is absolutely yours.

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Dream About Baby Graves

Dreaming of baby graves portends sadness. There are problems that are affecting your life and that simply take away the smile from your day to day. Although these problems seem to grow, when you dream of baby graves it means that they are about to end, so after a period of reflection, you will begin to live a more pleasant life.

However, if you have a newborn child and you dream of baby graves, it means that you are concerned about the emotional stability of your family and especially of your wife. This dream does not augur illnesses for your child, but the demotivation of the mother.

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Dreams of graves in a house

Dreaming of graves in a house portends family problems, especially if the house where the grave is located is known. However, if everyone is calm, you see flowers and good vibes, it means that a family, health or financial problem is about to come to an end. In the case of dreaming of graves in a house and that the environment is heavy and restless, it means that a disease is approaching that can put the life of a loved one at risk.

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Dreaming of graves of dead relatives

Dreaming of graves of dead relatives portends problems and concerns in your social circles, especially if the dead relative is actually alive. In the next few days, false testimonies, gossip and signs of envy will arrive. At this point, you must act rationally, not reply to these types of messages and play deaf. This, in order to avoid that they use your words as testimony of what is happening. Dreaming of graves of dead relatives is a warning sign, but the next steps to take will be up to us.

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Dream of earth tombs

Dreaming of earth graves means a bad time to invest, especially if you recognize the dead person or if their name appears on the tombstone. This dream does not portend that problems will come, as long as you continue your life normally without investing money, without talking about others or without opening new businesses. Even dreaming of earth tombs warns that they will ask you for help, but you must know how to help, or you will end up in someone else’s problem.

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Dream about graves and flowers

Dream about graves and flowers

Dreaming of graves and flowers indicates that a bad stage in your life has come to an end. You are likely going through illnesses, financial problems and heartaches, but this dream with graves and flowers means that help will come soon, and you will finally get out of this stage. However, if the flowers are wilted or looking bad, it means that the problems continue, and you should remain calm to try to fix them.

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Dream of Egyptian tombs

Dreaming of Egyptian tombs means successes, but that they will come very late in your life. Although this dream seems negative, it warns the dreamer that he must find a different way of acting in front of his reality, since his life goes at a very slow pace and the results of his efforts will end up being seen very late in life. Therefore, dreaming of Egyptian tombs indicates that your achievements cannot be taken any longer and it is time to take actions to make them an absolute reality and not a dream about tombs.

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