Dream About Mattress (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dreaming of a mattress can go unnoticed, since it is an everyday object in the life of any person. The mattress represents a resting place, which has undergone transformations during the last decade, but its function has remained the same and is to rest comfortably.

When you dream of a mattress, it is precisely related to being in a safe area for you. It should be noted that over the years man has striven to create an ideal comfort zone, but has become so used to this comfort that it can become a threat to people.

Negative comfort zones are those where you settle for little. Oddly enough, if you dream of a mattress it will be directly related to your conformity or, on the contrary, your desire to start a new path. However, it will depend on the situation in which you dream about the mattress, to determine the meaning of the dream vision.

What does it mean to dream of a mattress?

As we mentioned, dreaming of a mattress can involve your conformity with a situation you are experiencing. It is a stage in your life that you feel really comfortable and do not want major changes, however, it may be that laziness, low self-esteem and loneliness are giving you the wrong signals and moving you away from your personal goals.

Now, not all the time is about conformity, sometimes it is related to your own security, emotional stability and evolution as a person. To understand this, we will describe the most common mattress dreams and thus you will discover what happens in your near future.

Dream of an old mattress

Dream of an old mattress

If you dream of an old mattress, your life must begin to change radically. You are getting used to the material, but you are still unhappy. This is a sign that you should start to detach yourself from money and focus on starting a family or having important people in your life.

If you are about to invest or create your own business and you dream of an old mattress, it means that your greed is above the goal, which can lead to failure or betray the people who trusted you.

Another meaning of dreaming of an old mattress is the lack of care you have in your life, relating everything that you think matters to you, but that your family, partner or children warn that you have neglected. This is a sign of personal change for those who, during their relationship problems, warn about the distance they are taking from the family.

Dream of a new mattress

Contrary to the previous dream, a dream vision with a new mattress is positive, since it describes a pleasant family life, emotional and economic stability. It is a stage where family values ​​are above all, but you understand that you have responsibilities and that you will assume the commitment, without neglecting the love of your family.

Now, if you are in a bad stage and you dream of a new mattress, it means that someone will help you financially to overcome all your barriers. However, you will make a commitment to this person and they will become someone to guide you on your way. It is a good time to be thankful.

Dream of a wet mattress

Dream of a wet mattress

A dreamlike vision with a wet mattress can be negative, if not you change your ambition to achieve everything quickly and above others. It is someone who does not tolerate that others progress above you, so you will seek to crush the desires of others to impose your own rules.

If you dream of a wet mattress, you should question yourself about the goals you have set for yourself and the way you interpret your life today. It is a self-analysis of whether you prefer to continue feeling wet with problems or to start drying yourself out and valuing other things in your life.

Dream of a broken mattress

Did you dream of a broken mattress? So you have responsibilities and burdens that are not yours, but you continue to carry on your back. It is a way of warning you that the mistakes of others should not be yours and that you are someone capable of changing your own life, but not involving others. It is a sign of releasing yourself from pressure and living a slightly calmer life.

Dream of a mattress

Dreaming of a mattress means that you are really comfortable in your life, few things worry you and you do not need to solve anything urgently. You feel sure of yourself, you trust your financial stability and you want to take advantage of the quiet stage.

Dream of a dirty mattress

Dream of a dirty mattress

If you dream of a dirty mattress, it means regret either of your own action, of a decision you made or the path you are taking. It is a way to show you that the mistake is made, that you must repent, but also, you must begin to create the new path. It is time to detach from the routine, move away from the old and accept that you need a change in your life.

Dreaming of a 2-seater mattress

When you dream of a 2-seater mattress it means that you are looking to improve your environment, in order to have more control in your life. That is, you do not want to be depending on others to be happy and you may be planning to start your own business. This is a sign that you should think big, not stay in comfort and take on new challenges.

Dreams with a 1-seat mattress

If you dreamed of a 1-seat mattress, it means that you are ready to improve your life, but you recognize that you have limits and you must respect your abilities. It is a way of being visionary and responsible, as if it were someone trying to improve their income, but making wise investments. You are a responsible person, but you still need to mature, improve your life, and study your options.

Dreaming of a mattress on the floor

Dreaming of a mattress on the floor

Dreaming of a mattress on the floor means that you are projecting yourself to something big, but you know the dangers, challenges and challenges that lie ahead. It is a way of warning you that luck will be on your side when you start a new path, but that you remember that it will not be easy. If you dream of a mattress on the floor, it means that the decisions you made have been correct and that you will soon start receiving positive news.

Dream of carrying a mattress

Dreaming of carrying a mattress is a clear sign of change in your life, especially of changing cities. It is an omen of travel and determination, so if you have thought about changing cities, it is the best time to do it. In addition, it is warning that you are ready for the challenge, therefore, the fears must disappear.

Other meanings of dreams with mattress

  • Dreaming of buying a mattress means that your responsibilities will increase as a result of a new job promotion or a better salary. It is a new challenge for you, which brings great rewards.
  • Dreaming of a flying mattress means that you want to escape from your current situation and you cannot find a way, in these moments you must remain calm so as not to make irremediable mistakes.
  • Dreaming of breaking a mattress on purpose means that you cannot cope with your current stress. You are someone with too many burdens and this is already beginning to affect your mind and your emotions.
  • Dreaming of a burned mattress portends bad luck in business, so it is important to stop for a bit before acting.
  • Dreaming of a stranger on your mattress means that there are friendships that can betray you. It is important to be attentive to the behavior of your friends in the following days.

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