Dream Of Scissors

Dream Of Scissors (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dreaming of scissors will always represent the cut of an event in your life. Scissors are used to cut a fabric made of threads. The threads are representative symbols of life and there are even cultures that believe that a person’s life is turned off when someone cuts that thread. Which is the equivalent of blowing out a candle in Western culture.

Dreams with scissors are not common and even rarely dream of this object, since this implies holding them in the hands, making a precise cut and manipulating the scissors during sleep, which requires a high concentration of the dreamer. But, precisely because of the above, dreams with scissors are considered to be of high precision.

Now, if you were handling scissors during the day, it is likely that you dream about them at night. Since although it does not generate visual impact, like watching a horror movie, it does generate a prolonged concentration, so your brain associates the manipulation of cutting or fixing an object, as something of high importance.

What does it mean to dream of scissors?

Although the meaning of dreaming of scissors is related to cutting something, not all the time it refers to stages of life or problems. At times, it can warn you to close or finish a project, while in other dreams it warns you to be careful not to make a serious mistake.

In past times scissors were used in rituals to attract the attention of witches and even in some cultures they are considered totems or objects of spiritual invocation. Whether you believe in these practices or not, we detail the different dreams with scissors and their meaning .

Dream About Scissors Cutting Hair

Dream About Scissors Cutting Hair

Dreams with scissors cutting hair are related to important meetings to have or pending conversations. Generally, the dreamer will live an encounter with someone from the past that will bring good news, but they must be willing to listen and give their opinion from common sense without trying to judge others. Especially when it comes to a reunion.

However, you should be aware of those who ask for your help in the coming days. A dream with scissors cutting hair means that there are people who believe in you and trust your advice. If you don’t know the answer to the question, don’t lie or divert the conversation, just show yourself as unfamiliar on the topic and guide the person seeking help.

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Dream of big scissors

Have you dreamed of big scissors? Then you are giving an excess of confidence and the relationship will not end as you wish. In contrast, it does not mean that you will be betrayed and your trust will be taken advantage of. You are simply raising your intentions with someone who just wants to be friends with you, be an extra business partner, or support you without getting too involved.

Although this frustrates you, dreams with big scissors warn you that you should not give support to everyone you meet and you must first know what their true intentions are, before believing that they are your financial and loving soulmate. Do not get distracted from your goals, in general, you will always walk the roads alone.

Dream of closed scissors

Dream of big scissors

Contrary to our previous prediction, dreams with closed scissors signify excess distrust. You don’t want anyone to come into your life, make decisions for you, or give you bad advice. In principle, precautions should be taken when choosing your friends, but in this case, you are taking everything to extremes.

Although at the moment it is not generating problems for you, later you will find situations where you need extra help and it will be difficult to find someone to trust. Take this process little by little and give small spaces of trust to the people around you.

Dream of open scissors

Dreams where open scissors appear portends betrayals. Around you there are friends who just want to take advantage of your social status for some kind of personal gain. In other cases, they are only by your side because it is their job and not really because they consider you their leader. However, people you consider your friends may be involved in these situations.

Dreams with open scissors indicate dangers, the sharp points mean that the betrayal has already occurred while if you see these scissors as something normal, it is because the betrayal is just beginning. Hypocrisy, envy and false testimonies will be the most frequent tools used against you.

Dream of broken scissors

Dream of broken scissors

Although it may seem like a bad sign, dreams of broken scissors portend financial success. The reason is that you are no longer tied to a process and evolved to better ways of working and achieving personal success. Although success is not clear to you at the moment, the gains are already forming and you just have to wait for the right moment for good luck to come into your life.

Dream of small scissors

A dream vision with small scissors shows shows how socially remote you are from people. It is also a sign that you prefer to stay hidden for a while, before going back to being a socially active person. Remember that this stage must be short and not go to extremes, since in today’s society those who are active in their social nuclei and make decisions in favor of a community survive.

Dream of stuck scissors

If you had a dream with stuck scissors it means that you betrayed or were recently betrayed. If you are about to start a business, you should take other days to analyze it deeply and choose the right way to invest. If you have problems with your partner, it is the time to dialogue and not to deepen the discussions. Dreams with stuck scissors are a warning to change, especially if they are stuck on an object of value to you and you want to remove them from that place.

Dream about pruning shears

Dream about pruning shears

If you dreamed of pruning shears, it means that gossip is coming against you from a person you considered your friend. In these cases, it is essential to keep your distances and intimate secrets, telling only long-time friends any problems you have. Remember that your enemies are not always the ones who start the gossip, sometimes they are people very close to you that even involve the family.

Dreaming of scissors in bed

Dreams of scissors in bed portend indecisions and family problems. It is time to clarify the constant discussions since it can trigger a bigger problem if they do not become controlled. You should avoid remembering the past and living in the present. However, it is essential to be tolerable and open to dialogue, since there may come times when you need to understand and be understood.

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Dream of scissors that do not cut

A dreamlike vision of scissors that won’t cut means insecurities and low self-esteem. You are going through a period of personal confusion, it seems that everything bothers you and that everything goes a bit wrong for you. You must get away from these thoughts, turn your emotions into positive energies and not allow the routine to absorb you. A lot of outdoor exercise is recommended when these types of situations arise.

Dream About Rusty Scissors

Dream About Rusty Scissors

Dreams of rusty scissors do not bode well. This dream predicts the arrival of economic and social problems. You may find yourself in situations where you will not be guilty, but you will probably pay the consequences. Just as working with a rusty tool is a problem because it is useless, it is likely that your decisions are not being correct and every day you have new problems.

Dreams of scissors and blood

A dreamlike vision with scissors and blood warns the care to choose which way to go. If you are responsible and prudent in decisions, positive results will come, while if you stay away from common sense and are irrational, negative results will come. The blood only represents the passion that you can feel in the following days, but it will depend on how deep you make the cut or if you simply make a perfect cut.

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Dream About Golden Scissors

Dream About Golden Scissors

Have you dreamed of gold scissors? This means that the decisions of the past were the best ones and the paths you took have paid off. In the following days you will receive good news, unexpected money, a job invitation or a new sentimental experience. You are in a good stage of your life, but you must take care of envy. Stay humble and collaborative, without overconfidence.

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