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Dream About Eclipse (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dream About Eclipse

Never a natural phenomenon over the years has aroused so much mysticism as eclipses. This blocking of the stars, undoubtedly represents even for many cultures a secret symbol that predicts certain aspects in man. Dreaming of an eclipse unconsciously reminds us that we cannot hide a situation . Therefore, it is time to face it once and for all.

The Incas, for example, thought that dreaming of an eclipse was due to the fact that they would soon receive an attack . That was then the signal their gods sent to protect themselves. Such was his shock when the event occurred, that they tried to drive him away by making noise, even hitting their dogs to make them howl and bark, in an attempt to stop it.

Eclipse dreams are undoubtedly an early prediction of something in our life . In ancient times they were associated with demons, animals, and spirits that took over the dreamer. However, for other cultures the symbolism was not so fatal. Since, scientists already saw them as normal celestial events that could even predict when they would occur.

What Does It Mean to Dream of An Eclipse?

Traditional cultures linked what happened in heaven with circumstances on Earth. And because the kings represented the highest authority, when someone dreamed of an eclipse they interpreted it as an imminent attack . For that reason, they placed a surrogate person to suffer the devastating consequences of the event.

The interpretation of dreams with eclipse is associated with the dreamer’s tendency to believe too much in others . This quality of innocence makes it easy for you to be influenced by confident and persuasive personalities, or individuals who are close to you. Your subconscious, through this vision tells you to be a little more insightful, proactive and make your own judgments.

Dream about solar eclipse

The meaning of dreams with a solar eclipse symbolizes the passage of time and the enormous number of events that occur in a given period. You think your time is running out and you need to make a change in yourself. You can do it with more focus and determination. In another context, this dream also indicates that you must learn to choose your friends and allies carefully. Your mind could be telling you to be less trusting and a little more cautious in your relationships.

Eclipses of the sun in ancient times caused fear in the population if they were total, because they were totally dark. As such, our subconscious tells us that we will be blocking a situation and our mind will be clouded . We will be unable to make a decision based on our own judgment and will have to turn to other people for help.

However, not everything is negative in dreams with a solar eclipse . This dream vision also denotes that peace and harmony reign in your home, whether it be among your family members or the people you currently live with. Also, herald productivity and prosperity for you and your loved ones as a result of lucrative opportunities in the future.

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Dream of an eclipse

Dream of an eclipse

Dreaming of an eclipse of any kind reveals that unlimited opportunities will come into the dreamer’s life . These opportunities can come in real life in the form of job offers, or they can originate in your own mind as ideas and insights. Either way, you will have a lot to choose from, which means that you are lucky enough to make the most of what is presented to you.

The interpretation of dreams with eclipse, can also acquire another connotation if the blockage is total or partial. If it is total, it means that you will have a little difficulty trying to access great ideas or seek opportunities for your professional development and financial gain. They exist, but you have to work a little harder to find them and use your full potential.

On the other hand, if the dream with an eclipse is partial, it portends changes in the dreamer’s attitude and in his general vision of the world. The everyday details of life are preventing you from seeing further and you are missing the best. Fortunately, an event, situation, or encounter in the real world will open you up to new experiences and ideas.

Dream about lunar eclipse

The moon in esoteric and dream themes, represents secrets, darkness and things related to relationships and emotions. For that reason, dreaming of a lunar eclipse reveals your clairvoyant or psychic abilities . You have a sixth sense that can help you make the right decisions. Take advantage of it to take advantage and achieve your goals.

If you have dreamed of a lunar eclipse, you should take advantage of your abilities not only to help yourself, but also to help others . However, deep inside you are also afraid to listen to that intuition that you have because you do not know how to handle it. Relax and enjoy your gift. It is time to face that you are special and can change your destiny and that of others.

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Dream of a red moon eclipse

Dream of a red moon eclipseFor astrological subjects, the moon has to do with the subconscious and the mother or feminine aspect . So anyone who has dreamed of a red moon eclipse should try to promote this part of their personality. Perhaps the time has come to start a family or get pregnant. Also, it could mean that it is time to visit your mother or a special loved one.

Dreaming of a total eclipse

If you dreamed of a total eclipse it reveals a strong desire to explore your spirituality and the inner workings of your mind. You are probably ready to face your own demons and become the best version of yourself. The concealment of a star in its entirety provides a greater understanding of your current state of mind. For example, a partially blocked space indicates confusion while a totally hidden one indicates clarity and discipline.

Dream of a black moon eclipse

Having a dream vision with a black moon eclipse may be telling you to be more observant and discerning in your day-to-day life. Unfortunately, it seems that someone in your social group may be trying to betray you. Although their motives are not clear, it would be best if you do not disclose sensitive information that they can use against you.

Dreaming of an eclipse of planets

Dreaming of an eclipse of planets

The stars such as the Moon or the Sun are not the only ones that can suffer blockages. Also, dreaming of an eclipse of planets is quite common. For that reason, it often reveals the spontaneous personality and risky behavior of the dreamer . Perhaps you tend to act on your instincts and follow what your emotions tell you, and although it has worked for you in the past, this time it will be different.

Dream of a blue moon eclipse

Dreaming of a blue moon eclipse denotes that sooner or later, you will have to face the possible consequences of your lack of diligence and foresight. Sometimes when the odds are against you, you can always listen to those who are more experienced than you to avoid consequences for a bad decision. It is time to listen to advice from others .

Dreaming of a partial eclipse of the sun

If you dreamed of a partial solar eclipse it means that your subconscious is telling you to cut ties with a strong negative influence on your existence. Someone close to you could be a toxic presence at work or in your social circle, and this could cause conflicts or problems in your personal or professional relationships.

Dreams with an eclipse of two moons

Dreams with an eclipse of two moons

Two moons making an eclipse in your dreams reveal a strong sense of isolation and loneliness as a result of problems. Being isolated from loved ones can push you further into depression. It is time to make drastic changes in your lifestyle and in your relationships. Analyze who your friends really are and what contributions they are making to your life.

Dreaming of a white eclipse

White eclipses in dreams are a highly positive sign in our life . A heavenly force could be creating opportunities that will greatly benefit you. This force can be new emotions, good influences, or a general atmosphere of positivity. As such, your mind may be issuing a warning to help you manage those unexpected forces and prevent you from wasting opportunities.

Dream of purple eclipse

Dream of purple eclipse

Dreaming of a purple eclipse can be an indication of a possible illness or health conditions affecting a member of your family in the near future. The color purple means that this particular health problem may be more serious than you initially thought. This person will need a lot of time for your care and recovery.

Dreaming of an eclipse at sea

If you have dreamed of an eclipse in the sea, it symbolizes that you will achieve success and prosperity by putting into practice the value of ethics in your work. In addition, strong social skills and high motivation. The sea represents the challenges and dilemmas that you must overcome to achieve your dreams and aspirations. But the eclipse benefits you by granting you internal and spiritual strength.

Other Meanings of Dreams with Eclipse

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