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Dream about Marijuana (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dream about Marijuana

Regardless of whether you use drugs in real life or not, dreaming about marijuana should not be a sign of alarm. This does not mean that you will be addicted or that you want to consume it, the real meaning of the dream suggests that you are experiencing a positive spiritual experience. The key message of this dream is that you must make sure you have the inner strength to survive in the future.

Being in the company of others who use marijuana within your dream shows that it is time to think about your health as you could present some problems in the future. If you use any kind of drug in real life, then the dream indicates that you should consider quitting. The message that you should take from this dream is that you must have a vision of a new life because the current one will begin to take its toll on you. The dream can also mean that you need to be aware of your inner strength, rather than depending on external forces.

Dreams with marijuana or cannabis tell you to put your feet on the ground and be more realistic , because your head has been lost in the world of fantasy. Smoking marijuana in a dream vision indicates that you have a lot to accomplish. Selling marijuana in your dream indicates that you will be silent about some bad comments about someone, even though you know that it is not true.

Lastly, this dream reveals the influential power you have over those around you . This may be due to your physique or your personality influence. It may depend more on your charm, charisma, and intellectual prowess. In any case, only your ability to form opinion and affect the behavior of others is clear in this symbol. Whether you use your abilities for good or bad is up to you.

What Does it Mean to Dream about Marijuana?

Dreaming of marijuana means deception, fear of facing reality and difficulties . In addition, to seek refuge in an imaginary world, the loss of contact with reality, responsibility and the avoidance of them. It also represents isolation, cowardice, loss of self-confidence and a seemingly calm risk situation. Marijuana in dreams symbolizes the total impotence of the dreamer who no longer knows how to deal with the problem, and which is accompanied by great anxiety.

If in your dream you see marijuana, it means that you want to forget the pain that a recent situation has caused in your life . Because of this, the lack of self-confidence and the lack of love are something that you have lost and need to recover little by little. However, this interpretation may vary if other elements of the dream are taken into account. Like for example, if you used the drug or only saw it, in addition to its color.

Dreaming of marijuana in your hands

Dreaming of marijuana in your hands

If you have dreamed that you have marijuana in your hands, it suggests that you need urgent advice . Ask yourself why you need the drug. What do you think it will help remedy? This dream means that currently, you are facing a dilemma and you need to find a solution. We are good at trying to bury the positives, and let the negatives out in our life. It is time to seek help.

Those who have seen drugs in their hands will have a happy but stressful couple of months. If you dream that you are at a party with marijuana in your hands, this shows that things have gotten boring in real life . You warn a young person having this dream to resist any hasty decision and to consider things well before making a decision.

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Dream of green marijuana

Seeing green marijuana in the dream world symbolizes gossip and cheating. If you have decided to smoke green marijuana in your dream, it indicates that it will be unfair to your friends or loved ones. You will even forget those people who need you to maintain your own comfort.

It also symbolizes being selfish , this could cause some friends to separate from you. So it is recommended, be empathetic with people and try to help those who once helped you. Seeing someone smoking green marijuana in a dream symbolizes a partner who will benefit from you.

Dream about marijuana and silver

Having a dream vision with marijuana and silver means that you should take a break . You’ve been thinking too much lately. This means that you stopped working on a project or goal, and decided to relax or participate in activities that required less work.

If you have a negative personal view of what marijuana is, this dream can symbolize an aspect of something in your life that is affecting you . This will make you lose control and explode with anger. You must be careful because if you do not take action on the matter, it can bring you serious problems.

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Dreams of growing marijuana

Dreams of growing marijuana

This view is indicative of rebelling against authority, especially authority that you perceive as unfair. However, it is also a reflection of your kind, friendly and generous personality. Your friends appreciate that you always give them a helping hand when they are in trouble.

Other Meanings of Dreams with Marijuana

Dreams related to dreaming about marijuana.

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