Dream of Monsters

Dream of Monsters (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

For some an adventure, for others a nightmare. Dreaming of monsters involves emotions, especially the attempt to get out of the situation we are experiencing alive. It is not a common dream, but it is quite influenced when you have watched horror and suspense movies during the day or before going to bed.

If this is your case, this dream with monsters is simply a visual impact, so it has no greater meaning in your life. But, if you did not see anything that shocked you, you are probably facing a dream that has a lot to say about your life.

But before explaining the meaning of dreaming about monsters, it should be clarified that there is a wide variety of situations where it can occur. In some they will attack only you, in other dreams they will attack each other or perhaps you will just try to flee from this threat.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Monsters?

The meaning of dreaming about monsters is related to your personality. It is the descriptive way of your relationship with other people, who can sometimes come to believe that the real monster is you.

However, it can mean the beginning of a new stage in your life, sacrificing or putting aside things that previously seemed important to you. Imagine your surroundings as a field of conflict, at this point good things may seem like a danger, while the ruins seem like a good refuge. Trying to get away from negative thoughts and live positively is the first stage in escaping from these monsters.

Dream about sea monsters

Dreams with sea monsters indicate unreality. That is, your life revolves around a supposed reality that you have created as a way to defend yourself from real problems. You must wake up and review the aspects of your life, since following this path will only lead you to adverse situations.

If during the following days you receive new proposals to change your life, it is time to accept them. Since dreaming of sea monsters means all those lost opportunities, which will surely take time to reappear.

Dream of monsters that are chasing you.

It is perhaps the most common dream to have. If you dream of monsters that are chasing you, it is because throughout these weeks you have had problems and conflictive situations that seem to follow you everywhere. The more you try to get out of these setbacks, new problems appear.

In this case, if you dreamed of monsters chasing you, don’t try to run away in your real life. Find a way to solve the problems that afflict you and uproot them. The more you try to escape, new things will arrive and cause you problems that you cannot solve.

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Dreaming of monsters fighting

Have you dreamed of monsters fighting? Then you debate between the decisions that you must make for yourself and how this affects your environment. You must keep feelings for other people away from this decision, since it is your future that is at stake. If during the week you had discussions and you dream of monsters fighting, it is because you consider that your words were excessive and perhaps you offended the other person without intention. If this is the case for you, simply offer your sincere apologies.

Dream of Monsters

Dream of giant monsters

When you dream of giant monsters it describes you as a person. The way you are treating other people can start to get results. That is, if you are mistreating someone, they may forget about you and prefer to continue their path alone. If, on the other hand, you are favoring other people, then you will begin to have rewards for your behaviors. It will depend on the actions experienced when dreaming of giant monsters, since this determines the meaning of the dream.

Dream of small monsters

Dreaming of some small monsters represents your fears. You recognize that you are a being full of problems, like any other human. But you are not trying to solve them, you simply live in fear that something may happen, and you base yourself on believing that it will always be that way. You do not try to solve anything on your own, believing that if you escape at some point everything will be better. However, this behavior is not healthy and generally only brings more problems.

Dream of monsters under the bed

If you dreamed of a monster under the bed it means immaturity. It seems that you continue to act according to your emotions and not to reality. It is time to grow up and start accepting life as a challenge that needs to be taken care of by you. However, remember that you are a being capable of change in a minute, so you can show maturity from now on.

In the case of children who dream of monsters under the bed, they are fears for the responsibilities they are taking on, which cause them to behave in a reckless way, but they only seek the attention of their parents to feel protected.

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Dream of green monsters

If you dream of green monsters, it means that you are demanding too much from your children and they may consider you as an absolute ogre. Your children begin to recognize you as a person without feelings, who only seeks to punish them, which suggests that your presence in front of them is not pleasant. In the case of not having children, it means that you are a person who does not measure his words, and this has already started to bother others.

Dream of human monsters

When you dream of human monsters you recognize the dangers. You are exposed to threats, betrayals or work problems. In addition, you identified who are those people who are part of your relationship and how they approach the problems in front of you. It should be noted that sometimes these people only enlarge your conflict and contribute bad ideas in order to see you fall further under the well.

Dream about killer monsters

Again, this dream with a killer monster describes your personality. You are tired of the environment that surrounds you and it is your wish that everything ends in the bud. However, the situation you live with certain people bothers you, as well as the dangers they pose to your life. It is time to eliminate the problems, even if this leaves you without “friends”, who are truly traitors waiting for their opportunity. Dreaming of murderous monsters is not common, but when a dream vision of this appears, it is better to be attentive to your surroundings, since the danger is eminent.

Dream of monster friends

Dreaming of monster friends is described as a tempting dream. That is, you have stages in your life where you will be tempted to perform certain actions, even if you know that doing them will only attract new problems. Many people claim to dream of monster friends when they are sexually tempted, especially when both parties in the relationship know the problems that will arise if a sexual encounter occurs. For others, dreams with friendly monsters means overcoming problems, but I must warn you that this is not proven and instead, if it can point to possible betrayals.

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Dream about water monsters

Dream about water monsters

You seem to be trying to escape your reality, not by solving problems, but by ignoring them. When you dream of water monsters, you are someone who is aware of the problems you have, but you do nothing to solve them. At this rate, you are going to allow them to accumulate one after the other, trying to miraculously change everything, but this will only generate a negative feeling and confusion in your mind.

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