Dreams have always caused us a lot of curiosity since in it we can discover many aspects of our lives. Dreaming of witchcraft may have to do with good luck , since its meaning is related to positive aspects in your life. In the realm of love, relationships are strengthened so it is time to take the next step. You must be very careful with the people who are in your environment, remember that there are malicious people who only seek to do harm.

This dream also indicates that you should not be so complacent in the different aspects of your life. That can do forbidden things to you that you can regret later, for this reason you must do things right. Dreams with witchcraft tell you that you must eliminate vices with which you feel identified. Achieved personal goals make you feel very pleased, because after so much effort you can finally see a dream materialize.

A dream vision with witchcraft or spells, also means that you are spending a lot of time on activities that really have nothing of importance . And you should try harder to improve personal relationships. These people are usually very hardworking, so it is important to put everything you know into a project of great importance that can open the doors to success.


As we know, in dreams you can find different ideas that can make us have a very pleasant and unforgettable day. In the case of dreams with witchcraft, they indicate that you should treat yourself or relax . This type of relaxation is not necessarily in the form of a vacation, but with something that makes you smile and with which you can recover your moments of happiness.

When you dream of witchcraft it is directly related to your childhood . To games with your friends where you used to share horror stories, but that doesn’t mean you should stay stuck in the past. When this dream manifestation occurs, it is important to first be able to see the context in order to later understand it more precisely. You will then be able to decipher the various related interpretations.

Dreaming that they make you witchcraft

This type of dream means that your soul asks you to make big changes, which will make life much more pleasant. Like business, they will be on track in a positive way. Spells in dreams tell you that you are going to have a great time, so you should focus on doing the things that can bring great benefits to you. You have to have a lot of patience and be persistent since the effort generates great results.

Dream about witchcraft and demons

Dreaming of witchcraft and demons means that sudden changes are about to come to your life . Great ideas are revealed that will be unconventional to other people. Great proposals in the workplace and promotions are also connotations that are glimpsed if you dreamed you had this dream.

Dreaming of a witchcraft altar

The witchcraft altars in your dreams predict that moments of great passion in your life are approaching . Relationships are going through moments of great tension, you must clarify things so that everything flows in a positive way. A very close friend needs help to be able to solve an economic problem that he is going through, you must give him all your support so that he can overcome that difficult situation and move forward.

Dream About Witchcraft Doll

You feel that you have to refresh your life, related to your social environment if you dreamed of a witchcraft doll. The time has come when you have to grow up and do what really satisfies you. In the workplace new opportunities will present themselves, and you will feel capable of taking on any challenge. Be very careful with distractions, which can make you lose your way at a time of great uncertainty.

Dreaming of witchcraft to my husband

Having a dream vision where you see that your husband is being witchcraft is a bad sign. It is time to accept that your relationship has failed and seek new horizons . Things do not always go the way we want, in general there are always barriers and this, although it is not an impediment to achieving our objectives, is unpleasant.

Dream About Witchcraft Symbols

There are hundreds of symbols of witchcraft in the world and its different cultures. This dream is not always negative, because white magic also exists. If you see one of them, it is because you must be prepared for sudden success or failure . It is important to pay close attention to this dream, since inattention can generate conflicts at all levels.

Dreaming of witchcraft and santeria

Many times we think that witchcraft and Santeria are religions that should not be taken because they are considered heretical. However, this vision reveals the opposite because you will have very good luck and the good vibes will be on your side . Always try to find people in your environment who are optimistic like you , that way you can put all the trust you need to be able to count on them.

Dream of witchcraft and blood

Civilizations have long used witchcraft and blood to offer it to the gods. And in some cases, as rituals to achieve certain powers. For that reason, if you had this dream it is because everything you have planned you will achieve without major complications. It is time to take on challenges .

Dreaming about my ex doing witchcraft to me

It is common if you ended a relationship on bad terms, to dream that your ex is doing witchcraft to you. This vision predicts that you will be caught up in misunderstandings. And this is because you always want to be right even when you know that it is a wrong way of thinking. You need to see things from another point of view. Not everyone wants to hurt or hurt you.

Dream About Voodoo Witchcraft

Voodoo witchcraft is perhaps one of the most dangerous in the world. They use dolls or personal garments of the victims, to carry out their rituals. For that reason, having such a vision symbolizes that deep down you have resentments and grudges towards a person who hurt you in the past. You must overcome this situation and move on.

Dream of clean witchcraft

If you have dreamed of being clean from witchcraft it is because your soul needs to be detoxified from negative behaviors. Analyze how you have been acting lately and you will be able to find that defect that bothers or hurts others so much. The clean ones are necessary to restore balance in our life. In this case, you must bring harmony to your heart.

Dream of witchcraft and fire

Fire is one of the elements of nature with more purifying power, even more than water. Whoever is involved in rituals of witchcraft and fire can be sure that they have overcome a problem. You will emerge victorious from a problem and you will feel like new. Without a doubt this vision has a symbolism of spiritual growth and liberation.

Dream About Witchcraft and Eggs

Eggs in dreams denote the procreative capacity of the universe. Let us remember that a life is born from them. The same happens on the plane of the subconscious. Well, on a dream level, this soil refers to the fact that we are sowing a fertile ground that will give a prosperous harvest in the future. Well be in love, health or work.

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