Dream of Possession

Dream of Possession (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

The word nightmare derives from its English translation ” Nightmare ” and at the same time from the Anglo-Saxon word “Marc” which means demon. And that in turn, is related to the Sanskrit words “Mara”, which means destroyer, and “sea”, which means to crush. For that reason, dreaming of possession is perhaps one of the most overwhelming and ominous visions out there.

In this particular type of dream, the dreamer often feels powerless in the face of danger and experiences impressive fear and anxiety. Originally, this was thought to be caused by an actual visit from a night demon. But later, dream experts determined that it was associated with extremely deep and deeply rooted fears in the subconscious.

Dreams of being possessed by a demon can alarm you as a person. They can even represent stress and anxiety about life. They can also mean that you lack confidence and need to develop self-confidence and courage to feel more comfortable with yourself.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Possession?

What Does It Mean to Dream of Possession

Interpreting a dream with possession has the meaning of being an angry, bitter, frustrated and narcissistic person. It is difficult to think of our own personality in that way, but we must do a self analysis. The demons are not literal, they are blockages, fears and fears that lie in your mind and you are isolating in life. The advice of the experts in dreams is that you try to spend some time alone.

For a negative entity to possess us in real life, we must be weak in thought and sometimes depressed. However, each situation that the dreamer experiences with this event will also depend on other factors. But what we can determine is that dreaming of possessions at a general level speaks about the neglect we have had with ourselves and our personal relationships.

Dream of demonic possession

The meaning of dreams with demonic possession can be quite scary . If this dream occurs frequently it would be described as the invasion of demonic forces. But if it happens occasionally, talk about your bad habits when sleeping so you should pay more attention to this aspect

If you have this dream regularly, it is recommended to sleep with a bible under the mattress. The Christian tradition has generally taken an adverse attitude towards the interpretation of dreams. But, sometimes it is not the subconscious giving a warning, but our self in another dimension living an experience.

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Dreams of a possession

If you have dreamed of a possession where negative forces take you, talk about how there is power or person that is sabotaging your life. This situation begins and has begun to affect your day to day, preventing you from advancing in your personal and work relationships. It’s time to take a look at the people around you and how you let this influence you.

Dream of possession of a relative

Dream of possession of a relative

If you dreamed of possession of a relative is a positive omen . Since it means that you will easily overcome the problems that you are currently going through and that, at any moment, you will have a refuge. That a relative is possessed in the dream is an indicator that you are feeling unhappy. The symbol of love and stability is your familiar. It is an indicator that right now life is hard and therefore your inner demons are at work.

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Dreams of a satanic possession

The dreams where we see a satanic possession symbolize that you feel vital and alive in this period of your life . If the demon you see in possession is a red demon it can mean a depressed mind. Also, it may mean that you are facing certain frustrations at this time. A possession of demons can give rise to certain feelings or emotions that are difficult for you to express.

Dream of devilish possession

A devilish possession in dreams is a sign that your addictions are taking over you . If you don’t put a brake on, you will soon need to seek help from a professional. Beware of excesses of alcohol, drugs, hallucinogenic substances and even furtive sexual encounters with several people. This manifestation clearly speaks of indulging in worldly pleasures.

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Dreams of someone else’s possession

Dreams of someone else's possession

Seeing in a dream the possession of another person could denote that you are going to be deceived or someone will take advantage of you . This will be through meeting a dishonest or immoral person. Sometimes these types of dreams arise when there is a criminal gang near you. Use this dream as a precaution, and be sure to be careful what is happening around you to minimize the chances of such events. In other contexts, the dream could imply that you are going to have a long and prosperous life.

Dream of possession and exorcism

A dream vision with possessions and exorcism represents an attempt to force a huge positive change, where you and another person are consumed by a powerful negative influence. Also, it may reflect extraordinary measures being taken to control an addiction or dangerous manipulative influence. A powerful need for purity or cleanliness in your life.

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