Dreaming of Skulls

Dreaming of Skulls (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dreaming of skulls can represent everything that you are afraid of. The images of skulls have been used for many centuries as a symbol of warning, danger or poison. Nowadays, it is common to see them at points of electricity, fire, or warning of a poison. In general, they are a sign of danger.

However, when you dream of skulls it is interpreted differently, since it involves other types of situations related to everything that generates fear in you. An example of this dream is the feeling that you will soon fall ill or may end up involved in an episode of death.

For some dreamers, it is a clear sign that someone is trying to poison you. However, it depends on each scenario to be able to interpret a dream with skulls. It does not mean the same thing in all circumstances, and they depend on the emotional situation of the dreamer.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Skulls?

Of course a dream with skulls portends dangers. These dangers are related to all levels of your daily life such as economic, personal and family well-being and the relationships you maintain in your social circles. In general, if you dream of skulls it will be a bad omen, but it depends on other circumstances to determine this dream.

Sometimes they are positive dreams. It allows you to interpret the dangers that threaten you and how you can take advantage of the situation in your own way. Now, there are cultures and religions that have another perspective on skulls, therefore, it is necessary to describe each dream to find the correct interpretation.

Dream of white skulls

If you dream of white skulls, bad times are coming, but they are related to the problems you have in the family. Generally they are dreams that invite reflection and act with wisdom, since from negative thoughts and constant unresolved crises, there have been problems from the past that now arrive a little stronger than before.

In general, when you dream of white skulls, prepare for the discussion, but they will count on your support, your ability to solve the problems and mentality so as not to enlarge the situation. In some cultures, dreams with white skulls indicate positive changes in the face of a bad streak.

Dreams of human skulls

Did you dream of human skulls? Then worries will come and you will feel too weak to face the problems. It is a stage where each solution brings a new problem and luck is not on your side when solving them.

If you dreamed of human skulls, stay away from gambling and investments, as it means that it is not a good time to put your money at risk, since you will surely end up losing everything invested.

Dream about skulls and bones

A dream with skulls and bones is a bad omen. It is a scenario that describes all the possible breakdowns in your life, especially those related to your feelings. That is to say, a stage of worries, emotional separation and a possible illness would be yet to come.

When you dream of skulls and bones, leave everything in order in your life. An episode where you die is not approaching, but something important will depart from your life. If you think this is the right time to apologize or remedy a conflict, it will be a good sign to begin to reduce your concerns. If you recently lost a relative, this dream means that you are concerned about the spiritual destiny of that person who died.

Dreams with black skulls

Have you dreamed of black skulls? Moments of uncertainty are approaching at the sentimental and work level. You have unresolved situations that have accumulated into a big problem for you. It is time to begin to remedy the situation you live in order not to end up involved in a love breakup or perhaps losing your job.

Dream of giant skulls

If you had a dream with giant skulls it means that you lose control of your life as a result of not accepting the help that others have wanted to give you. Right now you can’t control your worries and problems, in other words, you don’t know what to do. It is time to reach out to trusted people who you think can help you and ask them for advice. By asking for help and accepting it, the solutions to your current problems will emerge.

Dreams of living skulls

If you dream of living skulls it means bad news, especially related to the loss of a relative. Probably a person you did not see for many years has recently died or will die in the next few days and it bothers you that you do not talk to this person a little more than you expected. If this death event has not happened, try to call your loved ones constantly.

Dreaming of dancing skulls

A dream vision with dancing skulls means that you are someone who understands all the problems you have today and has started to take the necessary steps to remedy the situation. If you dreamed of skulls dancing and making fun of you, it means that some people that you considered your friends really are the ones who most propose to destroy you.

Dreams of buried skulls

Dreams of buried skulls

When you dream of buried skulls you should worry about your health, since you are not attentive to your diet, your lifestyle and the little exercise you do. This dream is an omen of illness due to your own carelessness and selfish way of treating your own body. It is time to remedy the situation, as you are setting the stage for your own death to occur.

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Dreaming of skulls in the water

A dream with skulls in the water means that you need an urgent change, especially the elimination of people from your life. This dream indicates that your life needs to be washed by something bigger than you, that is, take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you, even if other people are against it. This dream is common when you want to become independent and it is not possible for you, but also, you lost important opportunities by continuing to hide.

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Dreams of skulls in the sky

A dream with skulls in the sky has several meanings, but usually it refers to the hope of change. It is a time to wish for things to evolve in a better way in your life, so you hope that a change comes loaded with positive energy and new hopes. It is a way of describing that you are worried, but accept the challenge to move on.

Other Meanings of Dreams with Skulls

  • If you dreamed of seeing yourself as a skull, it means full of concerns that are not yours, that is, that you are full of a conflictive social or family circle that only causes headaches.
  • If you dream of skulls of a relative, it means that you are not accepting the advice that other people give you and you make mistakes that could be avoided.
  • A dream with porcelain skulls means that a stage of prosperity and a lot of happiness in your environment is approaching.
  • A dream with dirty or old skulls means that you are about to suffer a significant material loss in your life.
  • If you dream of skulls and blood it means that you are very prone to suffering a serious illness as a result of a contagion. Take precautions.
  • If you dreamed of small skulls, it means that you have an idea that can generate problems later, but you are still on time to correctly plan the future of your life.

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