Dream of Bruises

Dream of Bruises (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Some dreams can be so painful that they can seem real. Such is the case of dreaming of bruises, which reminds us that blows to any part of the body can be fatal . These injuries arise from accidents and are sometimes also caused by third parties. However, at the subconscious level the message can be totally opposite to its meaning in real life.

Dreams with these types of blows reflect that the things that you are currently busy or worried about have turned out to be matters of great success and satisfaction for you. There is no reason to worry, the events that were waiting for an outcome will soon give a result . It is time to see the harvest of your fruits.

However, in a negative context, those who dream of bruises will experience unpleasant moments. Perhaps you will go through a path full of obstacles, with the probability of encountering exponential problems and difficulties, or you will not feel prepared to face the challenges that are likely to arise in your life.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Bruises?

Wounds on the skin with green or purple tones are a positive sign that suggests that those around you will give you their help and support when you need it. This dream speaks of your ability to get rewards from them when you need it. At work level, your future projects, activities or relationships will be successful, satisfactory and meaningful.

However, not all bruised dreams have a positive connotation in all respects. Because there are certain variations in dream visions, you have to analyze all the aspects that occur in them. For that reason, here are some interpretations of this dream with the most frequent elements.

Dream of bruises on the legs

Dream of bruises on the legs

If you have dreamed of bruises on your legs, it is associated with unexpected and unwanted news, most likely about health and well-being. The legs represent mobility and advancement in life , and having this type of injury symbolizes that you should check this part of your body. You need to go to the doctor soon.

Having a dream vision is a harbinger of an upcoming cycle of sickness and exhaustion . It may be wise to seek a timely evaluation of some health problems that may run in your family and that have been worrying you recently. By making early diagnosis and treatment, you can avoid the worst of these possible conditions.

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Dream of bruises on the body

If you dreamed of bruises on the body, it is because you should review issues related to various aspects of your life. In the workplace, for example, you need to put your creativity and imagination to the test. A project is coming and you will be the one chosen to start it. Leave bad thoughts behind, and embark on an adventure that will bring you many awards.

In terms of love, the visions with blows to the body are emotional wounds unhealed . You’ve experienced a lot of pain in the past from a breakup, and you haven’t gotten over it yet. Certain actions have caused you to begin to feel resentment and remorse. It is time to remove the pains from the soul to free yourself and restore your internal balance.

Dream of bruises on the face

Having a dream vision with bruises on your face indicates that you are being negatively influenced by the people around you . They can be friends, co-workers, or people you interact with regularly, who are affecting your behavior and thoughts in an unwanted way. If you continue in this trend, you could be pushed to self-destruction.

The face at the dream level, symbolizes the way the world sees you. The image you give to the outside and the perception of who you are. Bruises or bumps should be considered as a warning. It means that your enemies and adversaries will try to prevent or interfere with your plans. This, in turn, will only serve to put you at a disadvantage.

Dream of a person with bruises

When we see a person with bruises in dreams it is because there is a certain situation in the past in which you acted rudely or have disrespected someone, with the intention of doing so or not. Your actions may not have had an immediate effect, but that doesn’t mean you are blameless. The result of your thoughtless behavior or harsh words is likely to have significant consequences, mainly negative in nature, in the near future.

Those who have this type of visions are usually very impetuous people who are easily irritated by minor matters. Hence, the dream suggests calm, objective thinking, tranquility, and anger management. If we know who has the bruises, we must analyze our relationship, and the way in which we relate to him or her. On the contrary, if it is a stranger, it indicates our strong character.

Dream about bruises on your back

The interpretation of dreaming of bruises on the back predicts that trials and tribulations await you . You will have to solve these problems yourself and you would not get help from anyone else. However, by trying to solve these problems on your own, you can ultimately succeed by turning the negative in your favor.

If the bruises on the back are very large it is a very positive symbol . Basically, it reveals the stability and security of your financial affairs and material possessions. Also, everyone who knows you will respect and admire you. They will cling to your every word or take your advice into consideration without any hesitation or hesitation.

Dream of bruises on the arms

Dream of bruises on the arms

The meaning of dreams with bruises on your arms refers to your influence and social power. In general, the dream suggests that no one but you is in control of your own life. You are also in a position to show authority and control over your personal, social and professional treatment.

Dream of bruises on the chest

This dream of bruises on the chest indicates possible problems at work. The blows to this part of the body are often interpreted as possible obstacles or impediments, so seeing this symbol is indicative of conflicts with superiors, colleagues, team members or other employees. Dreams of this type can also reflect existing problems in the home, be they financial or character.

Dreams of bruises on the hands

Dreaming of bruises on the hands indicates the end of a personal cycle for a close friend or relative . This vision, beyond representing physical death, can reflect the death of innocence or the breakdown of an important relationship in human life. Your sudden understanding of the matter could lead to a slight depression about it.

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Dream of bruised feet

Having such a dream vision can predict an upcoming trip, vacation, or outing . You may soon have to take a trip abroad for business reasons or plan a trip to relax and get away from the daily routine. This time away from your comfort zone is likely to mark your life, as you will learn new things, come into contact with interesting people and ideas, and possibly come back as a very different person from when you left.

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Dream of bruised knees

Dreams with bruised knees mean that you are a confident person . More specifically, it means that you find yourself attractive and comfortable in social settings. In this context, the knees represent your ability to achieve your dreams through the impression you make, as well as your personal qualities.

Dream of bruises on the neck

If you have dreamed of bruises on the neck, it is associated with adventures and romantic encounters . Specifically, if the bumps are on the back of the neck. Then predict that a romantic encounter will turn out to be an affair, eventually fading. Whereas if the bruises are on the front of the neck, it means that a supposed short-term affair will turn into something serious, possibly a marriage in the future.

Dreams with bruises on the eyes

Dreams with bruises on the eyes

Dreams where we see blows to the eyes refer to an upcoming illness or physical discomfort. In many cases, it predicts that you will get sick from not heeding the warning signs in a timely manner. For example, not drinking enough water or getting enough sleep over time can make you susceptible. Also, not paying attention to a cough that won’t go away or a strange lump on the body enters this view.

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Dream about bruises and wounds

A dream vision with bruises and wounds tells you that you have realized that you have made a big mistake. You may have neglected something important, like paying a bill or going to an appointment. On the other hand, you may have misunderstood something and made a poor decision regarding your financial planning. The source of your problems may be your own immaturity and lack of attention to detail.

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